1. Yea and I think I came away with the understanding that the gender dysphoria condition itself is real. But that doesn't really change my underlying position on "trans" identity.

  2. What credentials do you have to say that transition isn’t the appropriate treatment. I don’t go around saying chemotherapy isn’t the right treatment for cancer because no other disease is treated by injecting arsenic.

  3. Come on dude. That's not honest engagement with my post and that example isn't analogous. Try again.

  4. How the fuck am I supposed to engage with someone who says “I think the scientific consensus is wrong and my evidence is vibes”

  5. Hello fellow Duval neolib, Donna Deegan actually has relaxing zoning laws as part of her platform on her website!

  6. Bro do you even play on console, aim assist cranked up? What are you talking about you cannot turn aim assist high as if it were your sensitivity setting. Weird ass mf also aim assist doesn’t work from that range either

  7. Yes it’s terrifying, I’ll be running away from the storm getting gunned down and then wake up when I die.

  8. He isn't equating them morally. He's just made the observation that in both cases, friend-zoning and rape typically rely on the exploitation of someone else's lack of personal boundaries for the benefit of the dominant partner. For rape, a man would push and push through a woman's inability to establish boundaries and eventually rape her. For friend-zoning, the girl (as the safe-guarder of sex) leverages the promise of sex or a relationship and strings along the man, utilizing the other for all the girl's needs but never taking care of the man's needs. He doesn't think they are morally equal. He thinks there is a surprising functional symmetry between the sexes with regard to how they might exploit the other.

  9. Equating* I stg so many people in this community don’t know what equivocating means.

  10. I loved that the Obama campaign turned it into a fake endorsement by just quoting the “Barack Obama knows what he’s doing.”

  11. I was mutuals with her on Twitter and she was in my group chat. She was hilarious, rest in power Eden.

  12. I mean their infant mortality rate is legitimately lower than ours. Given the wealth disparity between the two countries that should rightly raise some eyebrows.

  13. Yeah that’s because those numbers are bullshit. 9 babies have died in the past week at the maternity hospital in Havana. Their healthcare is absolute dog shit with filthy hospitals, like most authoritarian regimes they fudge their numbers.

  14. Salo, or the 120 days of sodom and Green Inferno are probably the worst. Only films that made me almost throw up

  15. Neolibs should support consumption tax + UBI, just this bill uses a retail sales tax instead of a VAT and the rate is too low.

  16. Worst candidate that could have won, APC are macroeconomic populists 🤮

  17. Joe Biden is revealing himself as a rat president. Just as bad as buttiegieg with the quietly reinforcing the status quo and maintaining Republican passed cruelty.

  18. Dude wtf are you talking about, he passed a MASSIVE climate bill that puts us on target for net zero by 2050

  19. Brittany creating a “level system of introspection” and claiming she is a “5”(the highest level) is pure narcissism. She often comes off as a 1.

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