1. The regular 5-20 I think is what it uses I’m not sure but definitely used the oil that’s supposed to be in there

  2. You have an oiling issue. Needs to be professionally diagnosed

  3. That’s what I thought it is a jy motor so maybe just a bad pick it’s still under warranty so

  4. You’re not describing anything cheap. What’s your budget, and do you need it for one vehicle or brand, or something universal for general shop use?

  5. Thats why I said as cheap as possible I know of the typical autel and snap on but is there anything else

  6. Reread my answer and please reply to my question if you’re serious.

  7. Q-tips are pretty cheap.. and id guess youll have to take the solenoid off anyway. Id try to clean out those tubes and see if you get something that looks like the culprit.

  8. The 2.4 solenoid bolts directly to the head with no tubes I visually inspected the passages the solenoid utilizes on the head and they look to be clear

  9. Yeah its the same on the 3.5.. and when i said tubes i meant passages. They didnt look dirty on the outside so a visual inspection was pretty useless.. but you stick a qtip in there and youll find something. On this same vehicle i had done a valve adjustment and the inside of the crankcase was pretty blackened. New oil and seafoam must have knocked it loose and not all of it could possibly have gone through the filter before it made it into those passages. Being that they are on the top of the engine there shouldnt be much oil in there when its not running but being that they are fairly narrow they must have gummed up on mine.. otherwise i wouldnt have gotten anything out of them. In my case i dont think an oil change would have helped because the oil was brand new already.. as is yours.

  10. Oh ok I understand now I’ll give it a shot with q tips and brake clean but from what I’m hearing is the pigtail on the sensor and solenoid have a tendency to be damaged or corroded I’m gonna give it another look tomorrow morning thanks for the tip

  11. The pigtail that connects the wires to the vtec solenoid is often the problem.

  12. I’ve heard that as a possible fix but which pigtail should be replaced the pressure switch or solenoid or both and I’ve visually inspected them and look fine.

  13. No I never get communications detailing changes seems like every week I dash something has changed and even then sometimes the change is temporary good ol DD tho so probably a terrible thing

  14. I call DD support and ask to be unassigned because the store is also under a time limit and if they go over you have every right to be unassigned with half pay done this many times

  15. In my experience it’s been connection related when this happens to me I know the places that get good connection while being near busy stores and restaurants. I just sit there till I get an order it’ll feel slow but I didn’t notice any difference between just sitting still and driving around to hotspots.

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