1. Can you get a better pic of the pedipalps?

  2. ill try he molted about a month ago ill have to get the picture tomorrow though

  3. sold as hamorii but people say he looks more like a smithi

  4. Interesting! I would tell her to get it for me but I'm poor at the moment and the enclosure I'm preparing for my first spider is still far from ready 😅

  5. Usually behavior changes and sometimes you can tell by color fading. And I definitely recommend getting one someday I bought mine for the same price which actually feels kinda cheap with slings being almost 100 when I come across them

  6. Thank you for all the information I really appreciate it! I tried googling the common name earlier but all I got was a ton of G.pulchra pictures and information. So knowing the scientific name is extremely helpful :)

  7. OOPPS I MADE A MISTAKE its a grammastola actaeon not iheringi everything else i said is still kinda the same they are very similar species i think

  8. yeah it can take up to 10 days to fully harden sometimes

  9. depends what i find i go for feeders and come back with another friend

  10. after drowning on land a lot i bought a pc and switched to java

  11. Not sure. She likes to climb up on the rocks I have in there to get on the glass but she can't pull herself onto it. So my guess is she fell. So I moved things to away from there.

  12. if there is any clear liquid coming out you want to apply corn starch to it but it will grow back within 1 or 2 molts

  13. i have some stuff for him to climb on and he spent 10 minutes trying to jump from one branch to the other every time he fell he would land in its water dish run back to the first branch and try again even though he could just go climb on the other one and every time i laughed he looked at me with anger

  14. why are you taking naked pictures in a bathroom with a pokie

  15. and going with a pokie being one of the most venomous old worlds too

  16. What in your opinion is the your best and worst experience throughout your life?

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  18. Its a D pentaloris but does actually look oddly like a gbb sling

  19. probably not because i notice the wild tarantulas can be a little more defensive but i might let one walk across my hand if is calm enough

  20. Man all you guys here with your mondo collections and I’m just sitting here with my T Albo thinking she’s just the bees knees

  21. T albos are awesome they're like the teddy bears of tarantulas they are soo fluffy and docile

  22. Wow definitely some of the coolest collections and prettiest tarantulas

  23. i think you meant the legs are how you tell. a t on its back can very well be dead, but the difference is that the legs will curl up as the t dies, and when its molting then the legs are spread like this.

  24. I've seen tarantulas even curl their legs during molt and it can be confusing for new keepers i seen alot of confusion with stress and death curl yes they can die upside but ive only seen that once ever some people have seen it more but they almost never die on their back so if there upside down its almost definitely molting unless its a mm

  25. im fine just hurts alot right now they were white cheddar which is my favorite

  26. Will u eat that flavour again soon or u gonna wait a while to eat em again?

  27. I live in the US, totally forgot to mention that!

  28. I have both and they are 2 of my favs get the redknee for a slower more docile T and a gbb for a bit more attitude but will be faster growing heavy webber and of course a amazing blue color They both seem to spend a lot of time out in the open aswell

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