1. Depends on how long they've been expired for hahaha

  2. not rlly? for collectors the worth is more the older/more rare it is

  3. Thought you meant its gustative worth. How good it tastes

  4. Nah, the sexbots will definitely have a mouth

  5. I'm an engineer and I suck balls at basic math. I have a large calculator I use more than my keyboard at work lol

  6. stop sucking balls and do more maths, engine boy

  7. Me with 4GB RAM and integrated graphics on my laptop rather than a GPU: see you when a frame loads, in a couple years :)

  8. Been using a noggin, I can level it up to 50~70 a week but my shard farms are still growing :) sure I'll join

  9. ITS 75k!?! I’m only level 17 and I was planning on getting one the moment I unlocked it but DANG.

  10. sometimes it's half-price, but yeah, it's expensive

  11. Actually bought my first right before the sale, I was livid lol

  12. you got hyhehe because it takes 1day and 4hours enchanted I think is 23 hours

  13. the three rare toe jammers are good, 'cause then you can keep one, put one in a rare wubbox on the island, and put one on a rare wubbox on Gold island

  14. pladdie completely flattens so that would be quite incredible for intra-species differences lol

  15. Volume of water on earth: 1.386 billion km³ = 1.386*109 km³

  16. You couldn't be. Your essence is weak. Begone.

  17. Gotta hand it to ya, you hit the nail on the head on this one. Everyone should give you a hand, you're an index of resilience.

  18. A board, a stone, a fan, a magazine... he could be haunting whatever really.

  19. "lesbian friend sent me one of the most romantic gifts on the day of romance, is she into me" girl you should not be using your tongue to ask questions like this you should be using your tongue to arm-wrestle her tongue. Now go feed each other the chocolate strawberries.

  20. Well "needs to be stopped" is different from "needs to die"

  21. The quote technically is "No, she's crazy and she needs to go down." Which is still not "needs to die," but, yeesh.

  22. It's the closest they could get to "die" with censors in that moment I think

  23. Pretty sure nepocide would be frowned upon yeah

  24. Transphobia. Some people see it as an argument, some think of "culture wars", but have you ever seen their forums? This is blood-chilling cult thinking, they hate everyone but themselves with passion, and then they come back and hate themselves for not having more hate for others. Graham Linehan lost wife and kids to a vendetta that included sexually harassing teenagers and invading lesbian spaces "to make a point". "Gender critical feminists" are now quoting Hitler openly, and citing their source with pride. There is nothing left of their personalities before they started doing this.

  25. Knock knock motherfuckers, it's rank deflation

  26. Kind of yes? Not incredibly naive, but still somewhat IMO. No one who drinks alcohol or does drugs, frequently or not, started out life fixing to do it. And many had express wishes to not do it. But people's lives get messy. Sometimes you just don't care any more. Or sometimes you're forced - someone could spike your soft drink, your boss could put pressure on you to partake of the hard seltzer with everyone else (both are absolute dick moves but happen anyway). Sometimes you get chronic pain and eventually feel the need to self-medicate.

  27. If you don't want to place them around for aesthetics, you should put them into a storage shed since they will make monsters who like them happy and produce more coins (except for the collosingum trophy, those are just cool and aesthetic only)

  28. even from the storage shed? never bought a storage shed because I only get the decorations that make my monsters happy lol

  29. Yeah I just learned that recently, with a unity tree, the decorations will still make monsters happy while in the shed! It Made making my shard farms much more simple

  30. Oh hell yeah! That'll take so much less space

  31. I got only the rare one, (only one of it let's not be crazy now)

  32. Love this. In fact, you made me realize that the premise of OP’s request means that a lightning rod would only work once, unless moved.

  33. Let's pinpoint with extreme accuracy the exact position of an electron to just move one electron's length/one minimal distance to the side like the Planck scale or something

  34. We don’t need to know. We just assume that lightning bolts somehow know their own center to the dimension of an electron, to somehow ensure they don’t strike the same center more than once. We just do the math, and assumptions make everything better!

  35. It's not only that we can't know where an electron is, it's also that as long as we don't know, its presence is literally distributed over a number of places, possibly as a vague cloud of probabilities. That becomes hard to describe.

  36. Whoa there can only be so much game here, Rizzard of Oz ❤️

  37. I like this reinterpretation but then it still needs to be edited to have a more current pic of Elliot :p

  38. But it could just be the Japanese word ichigo. Is there a difference?

  39. Not a difference of meaning, but a big difference in vibes haha

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