MOASS incoming (Speculation). Fidelity just gave me a "Courtesy" call.

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

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Fucking Christ, Apes. I am utterly disappointed how easily and widely and RAPIDLY y’all have misconstrued this CS order limit adjustment. Within a half a day the misconstrued understanding of the truth has pretty much already become accepted “fact”. Listen.

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  1. Yeah yeah, nice cherry picking. Here's the section about Germany, verbatim.

  2. Cool. Fidelity isn't a German broker. This is a post about Fidelity. Get it right. Stay with the subject of the post you comment on.

  3. Did you take the IBKR road?

  4. Yeah, sent from Postbank to IBKR in under 48h, then directly DRSed

  5. Oh, so it seems my last summon didn't even get through, but it's now rectified. Nice, thank you

  6. I write audio plugins and audio software. Got a nice, little business going with it. No real alternatives for that kind of software yet, it's all C++

  7. This is the correct answer, shitty floating point number processing

  8. Bei mir ging DRSen nachdem ich zuvor die Stöcke in GME hab umwandeln lassen für eine geringe Gebühr. So hab ich mir den Umweg über ibkr gespart

  9. Was zum fick... Hätte ich das Mal gewusst bevor ich meinen PFOF zu ibkr heute beauftragt hab... Gibt's dazu einen Post hier? Hätte ich nicht gedacht dass die Postbank das macht, mich haben sie damals abgelehnt, aber ich hab auch nicht erst Lagerstellenwechsel gemacht...

  10. Ibkr nimmt (zumindest bei mir) keine GS2C mehr an (und auch kein popcorn das in € rumliegt…)

  11. Postbank, Samstag morgen der Bafin gemeldet

  12. Same, hab meine Postbank Shares zurück. Auf zu ibkr und dann zu CS. 100% DRS war wohl schon immer der richtige Weg

  13. Postbank Germany, 75% of shares missing from my account, account value dropped by 75%. Hotline just tells me there's a letter in the mail explaining... It's fucking bonkers

  14. Is it possible that the German brokerages are having these splivvy issues first - because they didn’t just make up fake shares (split shares not divvy shares) like their U.S. counterparts?

  15. I think it's because it's all IOUs from the DTCC at the end of the day and the DTCC just didn't distribute any splivy shares to German brokers, and instead tells them it's just a split... That's just my wild guess of course, but sure smells like it

  16. Bei der Postbank ist ein Papierweg da :)

  17. Grad Postbank gecheckt... Wurde 3x ein und ausgebucht....

  18. Hast du bei dem IBKR Formular die Depotnummer der Comdirect(7 Stellig) angegeben oder die gesamte Kontonummer. Manche sagen, dass es nur mit der ganzen Kontonummer klappt manche hingegen sagten, dass die Depotnummer ausreichend ist.

  19. Depot nummer reicht vollkommen. Ich hab sogar Mal was ganz falsches hingeschrieben und ibkr hat dafür im Support ein automatisiertes Formular, wo man dann ne PDF von der sendenden Bank hochladen kann und selbst dann landet alles bei dir.


  21. Yes, why is OP even suggesting that? That's the best way to not get your ask in case of moass. Limit order is the only way that guarantees YOUR price!

  22. Dein perso und reisepass sollte eigentlich englische Beschriftung haben (nebst der deutschen)... Das sollte genügen

  23. Pretty much. The audio callback setup will be a bit different, since you're setting that up yourself in an app (or checkout Juce::AudioAppComponent) - as opposed to the plugin, where the host is calling your audio callback for you through the AudioProcessor interface.

  24. I’ve been wondering about this for a very long time. How would you handle parameters for a standalone app, when you don’t have an AudioProcessor?

  25. Well you can make your own AudioProcessor subclass, which your audio App is hosting. That way you can use APVTS and it's what i would recommend, because of all the functionality it offers oob.

  26. Override the Juce::Component's virtual mouse functions, like Component::mouseMove(...)

  27. Yes. Check out Juce::InterProcessConnection

  28. Sounds hard yeah. Would you create a read copy and write copy of the audio stream to avoid threading issues? Would you somehow use atomic floats for your buffer and use that to communicate? Sounds pretty complex nonetheless.

  29. It would definitely need to be a ring buffer solution going from audio thread to IPC thread and on the receiving end for the other way round. There's a bunch of handy Juce classes that help with designing that, like ReadWriteLock

  30. It’s not hiding it, it’s the granularity of the date axis. As you zoom out the chart get less and less detailed. This is common and it’s not purposefully hidden.

  31. This is the one. 100% it's code that just draws averages, when presented with more data points than pixels on the horizontal axis... No grand conspiracy here

  32. New corrected open $130.22 at 07:13 (13:13 European) and 226 shares available to short from two lenders

  33. Can confirm this too... My IBKR now also shows 130.22. Glad they fixed the glitch 🌝

  34. Can confirm, seeing the same price there.... But what does it mean? glitches back on the menu 🌝?

  35. Not sure if there's an oob solution, but you can certainly build something like it.

  36. I'm not sure a forum full of programmers is the right place to get ideas, because we're not your broad, representable pool of users (apart from tools made FOR developers).

  37. Nice! What software do you use on macOS for C++ Software Development?

  38. Personally I'm mostly on a mix of Visual Studio Code and cmake. Very occasionally Xcode, but I try to avoid it

  39. Nothing wrong with it, just too bloated for me, a ton of features and options I don't need. Plus build times are a lot quicker with cmake because of the way cmake works (or maybe I just don't know how to make xcode behave efficiently... Which brings me back to the bloat issue)

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