1. How much is your time worth? We talking less then $200… yes, you can go down the lawyer route… but I promise you you will never be compensated for the time that you’re gonna spend doing this.

  2. And it worked and now he's a huge philanthropist. He can be annoying all he wants if it helps people.

  3. I genuinely feel bad for you. You are so blind to this world you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Lol.. sad.

  4. I've bet you practiced that in the mirror many times thinking it sounded cool before you sent lol.

  5. Wow… next time think about your comment before typing it. You sound like a fucking idiot

  6. Don’t worry she’s trying to get her self arrested right now for her next photo op!

  7. This is my 7th Mac desktop computer and the first one with seemingly temporary key lettering, that came with the $3,600 computer. Would a wired keyboard by another maker work on my iMac?

  8. Holy hell your keyboard is disgusting.. hate to tell you this.. ain’t no manufacturer that can protect you from being a filthy person

  9. Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that (and wear patches so they are easily identifiable)

  10. I agree with OP.. half these pics don’t have solely Ubi equipment anyway. This sub is listed as a sub to discuss Ubi equipment… Not validate your setup with a UDM, maybe a Ubi switch,, then like 6 other non Ubi appliances.

  11. Just imagine if people actually did what they are told when stopped by the police.. imagine! BuT I aM a CitIZeN

  12. We also have rights. He asked why he was pulled over, which was supposed to be stated as soon as the cop engages —Why don’t cops have to follow the rules? STFU

  13. When you get older you will realize just because you saw it on YouTube … doesn’t mean that’s how it is ;)

  14. Travis Scott … lol. I avoid anything to do with that idiot… he’s 15 is up anyhow…. Haha they be letting anyone “design” shoes now a days

  15. Y’all out here making Ryan Reynolds out to be some genius… dude just sold you out for a couple million.

  16. Literally says 1.5B… idk where you’re getting millions lol

  17. Imagine being such a lifeless troll. This is what gets you off … acting like a fucking idiot and wasting people’s time.

  18. As someone who used to work in Hollywood, I’ve got a real short amount of patience for anyone who thinks being a successful creative means they get to treat everyone who works for them like shit. Dude puts together funny/weird art installations and occasionally designs some sneakers; it’s not that deep. If you can’t do that kind of job without harassing/terrorizing your employees and taking your clothes off in the office, gtfo.

  19. Please join us while we inflate the egos of already overinflated people by telling them how great they are. Signed- The Oscars

  20. That’s to make sure they can walk to their grandmas, grab her phone and like his shit ass videos… this clown screams at the kids .. “grab your moms phone, your sisters phone and your dad phone and like my video”

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