Qatar Bans Beer Sales at World Cup Stadiums

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  • By - za19

  1. Nice goal, but still just a discount brand Blind to RvP.

  2. Blind to RvP was just a discount brand de Boer to Bergkamp.

  3. Not watching but how is Vincent Janssen starting over Luuk De Jong and Depay

  4. Depay is injured. That's why there is no attack.

  5. I'm from the Netherlands. I found a job in Switzerland and now I'm in the mountains every weekend.

  6. Thank you! I googled them and I'm pretty sure you mean nkvb? I've actually planned on getting my vacation insurance from them since my boyfriend recommended them. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Yea was a typo. I'm used to hearing the football federation too much. Good luck on your adventures!

  8. I get that the worker's in question signed up for the job but no ligit company in the west takes the passports of their workers and the working/living conditions are a lot worse than you find in the west. These workers couldn't just leave their job so calling it slavery isn't that crazy.

  9. Lifting in general is very safe. In fact a 13yr old who's into lifting even with extremely bad form is still going to be way healthier than a 13yr old who plays games instead.

  10. It's normal to have the lowest accuracy in the midgame as that is where the game is most complex and the best move usually not very obvious.

  11. By vision you mean how the pieces and pawns see each others all over the board? So my rook doesn't get taken because I didn't see the bishop attacking it, as an example. Right?

  12. Correct, basically awareness of what pieces see which squares. Any single move blunder is either a failure of vision or basic calculation.

  13. 700 is all about not blundering and knowing how to not lose to basic gambits. Work on board vision and calculating moves. If you are good at puzzles you probably just need to take a bit more time to go through your moves. If you play basic principled chess without one move blunders you'll improve.

  14. Yes, I supplement with steaks. Works great. It's got creatine, collagen, bcaa's, zink, iron, protein, fat sulable vitamins, etc. Also tastes really good.

  15. not so sure about sugar, probably not a problem, but for the seed oils I can see how they may cause inflammation if consumed in high amounts. And it's pretty hard not to consume in high amounts as they are present în so many processed foods, well it's in fries too.

  16. Sugar and carb intake in general elevates blood glucose which causes

  17. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you but I believe some great studies are yet to be organized to show that peocess is doing what you claim.

  18. I'm not worried about some carbs from good sources. In my opinion the average carb intake of endurance athletes is way too high.

  19. bro the least he could've done is put something on the similar lines and then put this thumbnail later, how can you be outraged about something that isn't even out yet?

  20. How can you not be outraged about all possibilities in 2022? I'm already outraged by your reply and lack of reply!

  21. Thank you all for the replies! Will head there tomorrow to see what I can find :)

  22. I hope you at least take a look at the official swiss topo map. The coordinates are directly on the north face (Fiescherwand). It's a wall. Probably best to hike to Bäregg south of grindelwald to take a look at the wall and verify that there isn't a massive hole in it (maybe also consider a google image search). A lot safer than doing early season glacier travel or an ~AD route in likely not great conditions. Obviously if you just want to climb Grosses Fiescherhorn and it's within your capabilities have fun and let us now how that north face looks from above!

  23. Depends on use case. Purely from a performance perspective you want one of the new 2L permanent beading fabrics (Goretex Shakedry and Columbia Outdry Extreme).

  24. Ultra Tour de Monte Rosa, Swiss Peaks, Matterhorn Ultraks, Trofeo Kima, etc.

  25. Thanks for the response! I’ll have to look into these.

  26. Yea it's hard to find the local races. If you're looking for races in Switzerland or Holland let me know.

  27. No skin is perfect. Those Pomoca's as good as it gets though.

  28. I don't know, mine work fine. Have worn out at least 3 pairs of Salomon SLab Sense shoes and have three in rotation at the moment one of which has 600 miles. Maybe you're overtightening them?

  29. In my experience it's not strength loss but a lack of energy which results in subpar training. As such it improves as you get more fat adapted. You'll see most improvement in the first month. It might keep improving for a year or more but likely not at a noticeable pace. Obviously nobody can put an exact number on it as we're talking about a highly complex and chaotic biological system of systems so this is all just what anecdotal experience points towards as a reasonable timeframe to expect a fairly normal training performance.

  30. You're the one commenting three times on a 3 week old thread with no actual arguments only to come tell me I'm wrong and "unpleasant"?

  31. Sorry, we don't like stock, as we both are not gambler nor like to take risk.

  32. You can invest in the stock market without gambling. A well diversified and low cost ETF will follow the market. Having your money grow with the market is mandatory. If not it gets eaten up by inflation. Using the historical average that's a ~10% recurring increase. Any money you are certain won't be needed on a short timescale should be invested. The only discussion is how large of an emergency fund you want and how conservative you are with the ratio bonds vs stocks. Keeping 500k in cash is just a waste of money.

  33. The amount of gear talk here in comparison to discussion of the actual effing beans is insane, yep.

  34. It's natural. Beans are more personal preference and local. There isn't that much use in discussing beans besides mentioning the importance of freshness, the light vs dark roasting spectrum and understanding taste notes. All of which is well covered in a single youtube video. People also don't generally feel the need to seek advice before grabbing a new bag of beans.

  35. No disrespect but what's the point of these speed records? Who has the most funding, logistics and gets the fastest permit wins? Probably publicity is the end goal. Wouldn't attempting a new line be true mountain glory?

  36. At the end of the day all climbing records and climbing in general is pointless. There doesn't have to be a sensible reason for someone to go for one goal over another.

  37. Well I am 20 (basically a toddler according to Hans supporters) and spend a long time on Reddit myself. Still I can't fathom doing this every single day. Going to comments has been a nightmare. Just checked the recent 960 standing post and saw this -

  38. If these are your nightmares you have a good life.

  39. That's my point. We're talking about reddit comments here...

  40. I didn’t think they were the only way. But they were a good starting to point to get healthy and start over with my foot/leg health. Weaning off them now. But it was a matter of having a job vs no job when workers comp wasn’t an option anymore. I think orthotics can be very helpful. I guess it depends how desperate you are.

  41. Orthotics are fine for symptom relief. Your original post is way overboard imo. The root cause solution is improving movement quality and capacity. Orthotics can be helpful for symptom relief and aren't a "GET THEM AND ALWAYS WEAR THEM" necessity.

  42. Do u know about free fluids around the tendons meaning in MRI ? Also the burning sensation, any idea?

  43. The extra fluid is usually just part of the healing process.

  44. Can still be a flaw to choose a misleading or confusing way of representing data. The way it's done right now makes it really hard to draw any meaningful conclusion out of it

  45. It's not really due to the presentation. It's just the nature of the data.

  46. Sounds easy but any action I can take to really do this?

  47. If you want a more formal pracice you could consider metta (loving kindness) meditation.

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