1. 5-10 watts, 3.7 volts. I generally stay around 7 watts, and don't go above 9, as you can burn up the atomizer, and ruin the cart. I agree that it will work, especially if you already have the Aegis, however I also agree that you should look into something geared more towards carts. Check out the Yocan UniPro 2.0.

  2. The Yocan Uni Pro looks like my Aegis.

  3. Check out the Yocan Uni Pro. I hit mine at 2.0v-2.2v and it makes my carts taste much better and prolongs them. Has a preheat function on there too which is great for thicker rosin carts.

  4. The Yocan Uni Pro looks like my Aegis.

  5. Nice that they stack discounts. In Cincy Sunnyside gives 30% to vets & indigents every day. Zenleaf gives vets 30% and indigent 25%.

  6. Would they accept a pic of my DD214 to get the 30% off at Zen?

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