1. My first reaction : I can't believe ( in Jongdae's voice)

  2. if you got one D.O photocard you've got 'em all, that man has a single pose- the infamous thumbs up 👍🏼 and he STICKS to it. We love a consistent reliable man but what's the point of collecting his PC's when all of them are the exact same format of "😄👍🏼"'s quite endearing though :)

  3. I'm sure all of us had a meltdown yesterday when baekhyun concluded the live with We are one

  4. I would throw KSoo in there too; we’d basically just watch ChanBaek annoy KSoo to death, and he would either hit them or throw an absolutely savage one liner. I have no idea how they would work musically, but I just want the chaos this trio would bring.

  5. Chanbaeksoo - The mandatory fanfiction trio !!

  6. I can see the 41 albums thing happening

  7. Exo : First noticed : Chanyeol. He is way too tall and somehow stood out from the rest

  8. Chanyeol's solo debut (Likely to happen in 2023)

  9. I say 아이고/ 아이구 (aigoo) and 아이시 (aish-) at least 20 times each in a day now

  10. I feel like KSoo is actually the dark horse to win in an Exo fight, despite his size. The story on Knowing Bros about the can in a sock to hit one of the members and the story on Radio Star about the one time he almost choked out Chanyeol makes me think he’s pretty scrappy, and we know he has no qualms about punching the other Exos 😂

  11. Exo - It's either Call me baby or Love shot

  12. This is an avg flick in Tamil and flop in Telugu

  13. Just found out that it's the remake of katamarayudu

  14. EXO Lab’s hiatus coincided way too closely to Chen’s marriage announcement for me to ever think of them the same way. So if they ever come back, they’d better be clear in their support for him. Otherwise I’m fine with them staying gone.

  15. Twt says Exolab is chen anti ? Is that true ? If yes we don't need such fanbases back again

  16. Why are we forgetting Xiumin ? He had his solo debut last year too

  17. Agreeing with KJo for the first time. SRK and Bhoi sequence is my favorite too

  18. Most of the top critics (blue tick wale) are giving it 4.5 out of 5 🤔🤨

  19. SRK fan here and I'll give it 3.5/5

  20. I just don't want to see that man on big screen but I love srk too much to ignore this.

  21. It's funny how insta feed is somehow full of "suho being 6th member of RV" reels these days

  22. Baekhyun is coming back in 2 weeks and Exo mentioned so many times that they are waiting for his discharge

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