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  1. I didn’t play back when ROA was in the game, but from the sound of it it’ll be a lot more utility based than damage. I imagine it being good on champs that scale with mana, such as Ryze or kassadin, and champs that aren’t intended to be damage dealers. I don’t think it’ll be better than any of the items Azir currently builds, but we’ll have to see

  2. You say there’s no meme and yet it says made with MEMEatic. Curious 🧐. Just another elitist liberal conspiracy.

  3. A guilty pleasure of mine is finding someone online who says pronouns don’t exist, agreeing with them, then talking to them without using any at all. Usually I get blocked after correcting their use of one though ;-;.

  4. Tbh it’s almost always a preference thing. You should know LT doesn’t actually give bonus range on your sand soldiers, and even if it did you’d need to stack it up, so I wouldn’t recommend using it just because you want to outrange your opponents. I prefer conqueror because it stacks from your q as well, meaning you get max dps quicker, but at the end of the day neither is objectively better than the other. I will say this, however - lethal tempo feels a lot better during early skirmishes than conqueror, thanks to how much more damage you can get off, and is often good in 1v1s.

  5. are you sure its just preference? Im questioning it because Conq has like 3/4% more winrate than LT, but maybe people that chose LT are worse players, Idk, im genuine confuse

  6. Well… yes and no. There are situations in which one is objectively better than the other, but it’s impossible to know in champ select. The times where one would’ve won you the game and the other not are maybe 1/1000 matches at most. Instead of worrying about trying to min/max there, it’s better to focus on other things. Go with the one that makes you more comfortable.

  7. I went Amumu. Maybe should have gone Naut just due to the pick volume lol.

  8. I went amumu, I’m just holding out hope that better teams will prioritize him over naut.

  9. It’s kinda stretching it, but I think Orianna could work, at least using the in game description of her passive. It never actually specifies her having a ball as part of her passive, so in theory you could give any champion ori q but not p and they’d get a ball.

  10. Holy shit y’all gotta stfu with the complaining. Azir got nerfed, and it’s noticeable, but he’s by no means bad. In case you didn’t notice, Azir’s strength comes not from having more damage than anyone else, but his incredibly versatile kit, which remains intact.

  11. Based purely off who deserves it more, I’d say it’s about equal, but might give it to Casca. She spent her entire life worshipping the man who’d go on to rape her and literally destroy her spirit. That being said, from a narrative standpoint, if someone were to, it should be Guts. We’ve been following his struggles for so long, seeing him being an end to them himself is the only fitting way for Berserk to end.

  12. But…. Why is the water cold? Is he afraid of cold or the water?

  13. I have mild autism and ADHD, and have seen multiple professionals about it. A common theme for exercises is using something mildly painful/uncomfortable. Usually this is cold water, as it’s safe. It helps you concentrate on that one thing, and makes your thoughts more clear. I can’t explain why exactly, but it’s a lot easier to open up and think straight when you’re in pain.

  14. I’m 100% a biased Chovy fanboy, so feel free to tell me I’m wrong, but I’d consider him at least a contender for elite Azir, and Ahri. I’d throw in Sylas as well, but I don’t play the champion enough to tell.

  15. Another tier is needed for him, Elite is not enough.

  16. Chovy should just be his own tier. Anyone who can win against Chovy when he’s on a Chovy champion gets Chovy

  17. Man we might as well just post the entire series here, it’s the embodiment of anime_irl

  18. Can I take a moment to appreciate whoever wrote this article? There was no possible better way to write this.

  19. Oh boy oh boy I finally found a suitable post to share this fun fact on.

  20. He’s fine honestly. As usual, he’s difficult to operate and very punishing to play, but still very strong. Everyone freaking out over the recent nerfs don’t seem to realize he’s still significantly stronger than pre 12.10.

  21. So relatable! I’m also a bald man with the power to destroy planets.

  22. Had this problem when I was first starting too. You likely turned on ‘target champions only’. It’s esspecially annoying on Azir because he can’t spawn his tower. Just make sure you know the keybind so you can switch it back, or disable altogether.

  23. I started playing league around 6 months ago. I’d only heard how shitty of a game it was, and didn’t believe I’d actually enjoy it, but my friends convinced me to give it a go. After completing the tutorial, I asked them who the hardest champion in the game was, just to fuck around.

  24. It would be more advantageous than what you’re doing at the current moment to contact/summon the man known as Saul

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