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  1. Wasnt aware abortion rights were under threat in Australia?

  2. I`m sure we can overtake the christians by next census. This truly gives me hope for the future of our country.

  3. Hate it when people generalise like this. You will find dickhead drivers everywhere.

  4. Doesnt matter what we think. If you need petrol, you need petrol no matter the price.

  5. Fucking whiny little bitches. Ooh the big bad policemen hurt me, waaaa.

  6. The Gap series by Stephen Donaldson is very dark and very good.

  7. Salt and Smoke in the Strand shopping centre at Coolangatta have their own dry aging room. Their dry aged steaks are awesome.

  8. Space-Valkyrie-Goddess Bobby-fucking-Draper shooting at a laconian destroyer in her last stand. She saved the resistance.

  9. Maybe we have to let it expand naturally, and wait for a few decades.

  10. What a great job! Do you know anything about the screens on the Roci and other ships? Are they real or cgi? Figure the hand helds are cgi.

  11. I use Uber Eats to find restaurants around me then I just order direct. Fuck Uber (And all the rideshare/food delivery apps).

  12. Yeah, fuck them. In my area the drivers take multiple orders, somehow I am always last on the list. Cold food, no good, no uber.

  13. Well, I watched the show, read all the books, then rewatched the show. Enjoyed the series much more the second time. I would read at least the first 6 books before the series.

  14. Thats bullshit. People used to tow boats, horses and caravans with 6 cylinder sedans.

  15. For what its worth, as regular smokers, both my wife and I, we have managed to raise four beautiful and healthy children.

  16. This is awesome. Nice work. Has anyone done any ideas on the Heart of the Tempest?

  17. If you dont want to piss off your neighbours, have a bit of consideration. You dont know their situation. As along time night shift worker, I would have a real problem with you starting at 8am. Leave it till at least 10, or do it in the afternoon.

  18. The show is very good. It was always going to vary from the story a little, but I think they kept it fairly close to the books. Most of our favourite characters are there, great casting I thought. They combined Michio Pa and Drummer into a single character, which I thought worked really well. Production wise, sets and effects are excellent. Just talking about it makes me want to rewatch.

  19. All the shit going on in Australia and the world, and this is what they think is important?

  20. Maybe you go the wrong parties. Ones I go to are all about eating, getting pissed and talking shit.

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