1. As a short defender, he's an inspiration, his aggression

  2. DDG hasn’t got man of the match / player of the month since Maguire been left out to dry. Says it all doesn’t it ?

  3. He's made far less mistakes aswell, Maguire needed a different keeper and de gea needed a different cb, I hope maguire gets transferred to a club that suits him better

  4. Let's get maguire lifting a treble this season lol, that'd be hilarious

  5. take away City and the rest is weak. Spurs had 3 key injuries when we played them (4 if you include a muzzled Son). these are games we are expected to win. I'm sorry. if this gets you excited and screams "growth and progress" I dunno what to tell you...

  6. We were losing 4-0 to Everton a few years ago Losing 4-1 to city aswell Dunno what to tell you

  7. You never feel more American as an Irish American than when you're actually in Ireland talking to Irish born citizens.

  8. We know, but you can only be 'immagrants' for so long. You aren't immagrants anymore, Americans have a culture, the thin excuse of needing to connect with a culture does not wiek anymore

  9. I’d say second generation immigrants are still kind of part of their parents’ culture, after that it rapidly disappears. My father is from Ireland, I consider myself Irish through family connections and frequently visiting, my children will most likely not be as Irish as I am (given that I wouldn’t move back) and my grandchildren definitely won’t be Irish

  10. Thank you for finding the perfect balance of graphic images here, I'm glad you didn't just throw a dismembered baby directly there, although that'd probs get banned anyway

  11. It’s none of your business to get involved in people private affairs and tell them what to do. Especially with adults. Let people choose what they want. Sorry that the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Deal with it.

  12. You all say that as if we stalk people, why are you so offended?

  13. The thing is its obvious they are commies because of the hammer and sircle lol, my comment "wow rly" was satire

  14. Nah but the star, America has stars and America ain't commie, so idk 🤷

  15. But if a flag had 50 starts in the order like the United States of America’s, it would look like something to do with the USA

  16. Yeah, but the USA has stars, so I'm not sure what's going on, I'm starting to think it's not communist

  17. I'm more of an amalgamation guy, Irish fry + ulster fry is best, full English overrated, fucking toast?

  18. I don't know what you want me to do about it, in not from the US but maybe get better politicians in both parties? Idk

  19. Ok well i understand you, but this person seems to be from the US, or at least is very invested in the American political system. I'm not trying to trash all pro- lifers around the world, just this guy and the American "pro- life" movement that he represents.

  20. America is a shambles of a country, as a European you're all very entertaining to watch

  21. The only reason killing after birth is wrong to them is because you can see a person

  22. I think we should have 'Find our Friday' or something, cuz identify posts make up like 75% of this sub at this point and it's mostly people who 'make a quick mockup version' or who aren't regular to the sub

  23. Only started watching football after the 2018 fa cup final, where he gave away the pen that won it for Chelsea, so as a player I have a small piece of hatred for him, but as a person he seems quite nice

  24. Lee Dixon made the call on commentary because in is words "it's the best game he's played for United". I would definitely have given it to Casemiro, 2 goals and his usual control in midfield.

  25. Yeah but case doesn't need more confidence, Anthony does

  26. Yeah, only people who aren't dumb children know how good they are

  27. He was great for a time when shot stopping was the only thing keepers did. The role requires more than that now and his style is just outdated.

  28. Outdated has us at 3rd highest clean sheets in the league?

  29. Flags, went down south in summer, had like 4 flags? Tricolour, 4 provinces, EU and vatican (it was a church) Meanwhile we have flags for obscure Paramilitary that 4 people were in in Lurgan flag

  30. What even is this person trying to say?! Trans rights and abortion are two totally different ballparks. How is one even against trans rights while being trans?

  31. The Latin speakers invented lits of words, does not make us all wrong

  32. You're absolutely right, they deserve freedom over their own body.

  33. Without having to murder a baby? I don't know why indirectly forcing some women to abort is a good thing, can't financially support your kid? Kill it

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