1. California recently passed a similar law thanks to Newsome. It's being challenged in court.

  2. Reddit is the same as yahoo, google, Twitter and FB and you can see they all tow the same talking points.

  3. I have a bowden style but my E-jerk is at 16.0 for LA. It lt tends to like a higher value for LA to work right. I believe LA uses jerk to control the filament.. I can probably run 18 or 20 I just don't want the motor to get too hot.

  4. No and yes, its high, but that means Jerk is changing directions faster. Jerk is how fast the motor will change direction, acceleration is how fast the machine will ramp up to your speed after changing direction. The warning in Marlin is telling you that for Linear Advance to work you cant use a Jerk setting lower than 10.0.

  5. so the sn550 performs better? sn850 sounds better spec wise but I know very little in the storage department of things

  6. Not that it performs better, or worse, it just doesn't matter. 7000 or 3000 mbps you wont see a difference in what you do.

  7. yeah i was going to just get another gen3 one with 2tb and save some money, its fast enough for me

  8. Sounds reasonable bro... I do have a question on how you much you like the 5700X? I have a SFFPC and use the 3700X for power and heat reasons but I would go to the 5700X if the benefits are there.

  9. Yes, this was a feature of society back in the 19th century for sure. I wonder if people tried to not get too attached to their babies before they got past a certain age so as to minimize the emotional turmoil of losing them to infant mortality?

  10. If you look in old BW period photos all the kids are dresses. They didn't bother buying clothes for a child until they were anywhere from 2-8 years old. The practice of breeching was very popular.

  11. Just a suggestion. In the future try doing it by hand instead of using a powered driver.

  12. I take it out by hand I was using the drill to show it was spinning and spinning

  13. That's fair. I was going off what I saw.

  14. Where is the line where you are expected to stop? In California, as long as you are beyond the limit line, it is not running a red if you are in the intersection when the light turns red. Perhaps you can argue that you were already in the intersection when the light turned red?

  15. I can't find it. I tried. He was still in front of the little island though when the light turned red.

  16. Yeah, I agree. They changed the UI a little but its functionally the same as W10. The lack of ability to do a local account from install of W11 is a little concerning.

  17. U can also do Shift+F10 and type oobe/bypassnro or use a .iso that bypasses it. Not cool for the end user tho without enterprise experience.

  18. I like the UART mod for the 4.2.2 \ 4.2.7 from people around here. I did it mainly for linear advance, I still use Marlin 2.0.1, I've been told linear advance was fixed for latter versions of Marlin and I'm confident that's accurate.

  19. Buy a cheap set of screw extractors.

  20. I think it's just the nature of the beast. Delrin and v-slot motion systems introduce a lot of play. Changing the tension on the Y-axis belt can affect the position of the carriage.

  21. Try a bimetal heatbreak. You can get cheap ones from Amazon.

  22. Ye... Son. Phonetically it's like I'm wrestling a turd falling to porcelain gods. I could think of more attractive things to say but 'YE' seems fittings.

  23. Try just the TV and PC, or monitors and PC.

  24. resolution of my tv is 4k 3840x2160 so wdym by match the native resolution of my pc in nvidia control panel it is already set to the native resolution

  25. That's cool. Most people know a 3060 isn't great for 4k. I use a 3060ti for 1080p and it works great. Good luck!

  26. If the motor is overheating it could be a few things. The motor is bad, the vref is too high, or it's running too fast.

  27. the last time i looked into it ( a year ago ) i got the explanation i mentioned.

  28. I think it was a issue with spread cycle. When the drivers are in UART it's easier to force spread cycle.

  29. I throw mine in the washing machine and let it air dry.

  30. They do sell special esd safe vacuums. They are fully grounded and are made from conductive plastic.

  31. Even Reddit. Stuff usually isn't free to the end user unless the end user is the product. FYI.

  32. It will work but only at USB 2 speeds.

  33. No worries. From what I can see the ID pin signals if the device is SuperSpeed or not. If the pin isn't there all that will happen is the device can't go into SS.

  34. I thought all you needed to play Blu-Ray on Windows is a Blu-Ray capable drive, which shouldn't be difficult to find used.

  35. Not true. Microsoft doesn't have a license for the codec necessary to support playback of Blu-ray discs.

  36. So... what's the point in selling a Windows PC with a Blu-Rqy drive if it doesn't play Blu-Ray? Something's not adding up here.

  37. If you bought a new windows laptop or something advertised as being capable of watching Blu-rays it probably came with a trial version of PowerDVD included with the bloatware.

  38. Its some sort of HP tower, I forget the specs, we got it refurbished off Amazon. Are there any specific specs I need?

  39. I saw the pics. You could use a ATX power supply and that would fix the GPU, but the motherboard looks proprietary and won't work with store bought ATX.

  40. Nobody makes adapters or anything? is there a secondary power supply I can add that would just power the GPU?

  41. No. You would have to adapt it yourself, it's possible. Don't buy OEM PCs. Has nothing to do with Mac vs other OEMs. Apple is also a OEM.

  42. Gotcha, maybe if I drop the retraction distance? Output quality is good otherwise (other variables are driving reduced quality). I will check the gearing inside the extruder to make sure there is nothing odd, though.

  43. If noise is your concern drop the speed, but leave the distance alone. I run 15mm/s with my BMG on a printer in my living space. The faster I run it the louder it gets.

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