1. I've been working on ancient world building for the past year, so recently it's become my favorite with how many possibilities it has, although the main issue is that it is not relatable to the modern world at all.

  2. Just write it and don't care about what your inner editor is saying. Go with your flow and get it out. You can't do anything until you know what you're capable of.

  3. Ah so you realized I'm making a valid point that you can't obfuscate and now you cry fowl and run away. But go ahead and project your own bad faith question begging onto me as if you never did it. That should make sense of your illogical drivel.

  4. Kiwi farms has some in off topic but with how the site was attacked, it's hard to enjoy simple conversations without all of that interference.

  5. Passion and dedication can only go so far for the art aspect to bleed into the craft half of the equation.

  6. lmao buddy, I've really tried here. Oh well.

  7. Bud, I can't sort those questions out for you. It just took me too many replies to realize you were talking to yourself the whole time though and my words were wasted. This was me trying to explain something I saw and hope for a meeting of minds, but you wanted it to be a competition debate with an enemy. Sorry, it's not interesting trying to endure your conversations anymore

  8. I think one of them had some of the lowest views of his videos. So he stopped doing them.

  9. Really? Seems strange that a channel like his, which was created thanks to the wheel of time, would have the actual books being read as the lowest views.

  10. I remember a video about book 6, and he mentioned his frustration in the comments and some people didn't like that.

  11. I can understand that kind of frustration, it sucks to be told one thing and then little interest is found. But then again, I can't help but to think he might have seen comments that equal about 40k people and then gets surprised only 40k show up. I know there aren't that many comments begging for WoT read alongs, but that's the problem with comments. The volume is deceiving.

  12. Prosperity causes children of rich people to grow up with no idea of what the value of a dollar is. This combined with the Marxist narrative that super production caused by intense capitalism would cause communism to come into effect, meaning every Marxist generation says "right now we're ready because we have a lot of stuff."

  13. I say instead of a cyborg human, maybe have them more like a Frankenstein monster, unless you're going for something where cyberpunk elements would be touched. But I guess something like a robot arm is fine even if it's meant to be old fashion, like a robot metal glove like in Army of Darkness.

  14. About the Cyborg, him and Martin would represent the science side while Vythis and Aldrin represent the Magic side but I could try and make Andrei a Frankenstein like Pinocchio

  15. I guess it depends on the tech level. It's just hard to say alchemy and cyborg at the same time lol but I know magical cyberpunk stuff is out there like that shadowrun game and it's not hard to make something like a magically powered robot arm or a sci-fi robot arm.

  16. I remember seeing posts about drivers taking food from restaurants and never delivering them by just canceling after taking the food from the restaurant. I guess the scumbags have upgraded where now they go to your door, take a picture, say it's delivered, then eat it on their way to the next restaurant.

  17. I would say the 70s was where that was already in a decline. The hippie movement really knocked society into a spiral.

  18. When I was a kid, I thought it was boring as hell. I couldn't understand half of it, especially in moments like when that bat symbolism was being done. Then at the end when riddler said he was batman, it made it more confusing.

  19. The idea of a reshaped Earth appeals to me because it makes sense the Earth plates would move around and be different after a major event.

  20. I hate that schools have banned assault outfits with high capacity bras.

  21. How the hell is that fucker verified? He traffics drugs to minors.

  22. Keffals is free to make as many enemies under the sun in the name of leftism. However, let's see how long it takes for this plan to backfire since it always does.

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