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  1. This was in the Austin area on I-10 right? Like two days ago? A friend told me he drove by a scene exactly like this.

  2. "It's your life bro. We all gotta make our own choices. And I gotta eat"

  3. This. Just because he is being honest about being a poison dealer doesn't make him a good guy. It makes him better than poison dealers that mislabel their poisons. But not good.

  4. My former best friend recently moved back into town from New York. Apparently while he was out there he developed an opioid dependency/addiction. I hadn't seen him in years and I went to hang out. He's already dead even though his vital functions haven't ceased. The bag he had was similar: the fentanyl was blue and the rest was a kind of light brown chalk color. I was surprised to see that the dealer hadn't made any effort to make some together... Apparently they don't really mix well. I mean they were in the bag together but if you wanted to remove the fentanyl and it was very easy because the consistency of it was totally different and much harder to break down. He didn't remove the fentanyl from it though. He did one and a half of those bags in a single shot. He told me he does like four of them a day. I never called him back after that. I feel kind of bad about it but I can't stay involved with anyone that's actively committing suicide.

  5. Anyone who enjoys the feeling of elation they got from helping people should consider working in healthcare.

  6. Is it too late for an engineer in his late 20s to have a career shift?

  7. I remember hearing if you tripped more than 7 times you would be clinically insane. I am perfectly sane I swear

  8. I went to pull a 100 ml bag of NS from the pyxis for reconstitution and it gave me a D5W instead. I'd be lying if I said I noticed it before the scanner caught it. I can't even figure out how the pharm tech managed to get it in there because.

  9. This is why scanning before administration is so important. There are so many holes in the swiss cheese that things can fall through, scanning is one way to plug up the hole.

  10. Yeah the policies felt like a waste of time but I've become a True believer

  11. They tried to throw me straight into the trauma ICU just because I was valedictorian of the premier nursing school and fluent in multiple languages and had multiple prior degrees or whatever. Well truthfully they succeeded for a few months

  12. No no no no no no no no no. Feeling happy and loving is not arousal. What the woman is describing is child abuse. No one should be getting aroused by a baby.

  13. Nah but as a teenager I had a 16 year old gf with an infant child and, while breastfeeding did not add to her thirstiness, it certainly didn't seem to subtract from it either

  14. Kind of reminds me of the female reproductive system, too. Look up Judy Chicago if you're not familiar with her.

  15. That was the first thing my girlfriend remarked on. I wonder if there is a way I can expand on that

  16. So obviously we have a staff of Hermes/ Caduceus. Instead of being two snakes though it morphs into an ouroboros who is hangry since it cannot eat its own tail (which is how ouroboros regenerates itself/ the universe), which is being blocked by a dollar sign (which will itself be painted to resemble a rod of a Asclepius) is in its way. The caduceus is holding up the Earth. The way the snakes intersect along the shape of the staff are intended to connote a face, with "All-Seeing" eyes situated 'inside of infinity', and a brain, depicted as a simple node Network, on top. The face is supposed to be having a stroke, as reflected in the eye gazing the wrong way and drooping on the right, the mouth drooping down on the right, and breaks in the lower part of the "right hemisphere".

  17. Is the regenerative power of our healing institutions stroking because its healers are striking, or are or its healers striking because the institutions are stroking- and consequently losing whatever regenerative power they had?

  18. Hate is a strong word. There's a certain segment of society that questions its own behaviors much more strongly than every other segment. There's another segment that does the opposite.

  19. Less slowly than it used to be. See you on the street I guess?

  20. Your is possessive. You're is a contraction (abbreviated form of) you are. The person wants to say "You are the perfect person." But that isn't what the card says. When you say it out loud the sound is exactly the same and the meaning is inferred from the context. But writing is a way of transmitting ideas in the future, and future contexts may be very different. This makes people who want to convey their thoughts with writing hang on to formality moreso than they do with speech.

  21. No I do the required classes. What I don’t do, is check my email. Ever. If they want to tell me something important, they can hang a flyer up in the bathroom. 🙄

  22. Fascinating that the original reply got 13 up votes but my reply saying I do the same exact thing got six downvotes. carry on

  23. Wanting spaghetti for breakfast doesn't make you seem poor to me

  24. Killing yourself in a totally convenient way also costs money so tough shit?

  25. I have never understood the purpose behind glass doors. Any other translucent material is way more durable. At this point, it seems like companies use glass as a ploy against people.

  26. Do you mean to say that those companies don't realize other translucent materials are available to them at comparable cost?

  27. You just knows that he is gonna lay in bed and cringe about this 30 years later.

  28. Hard to hear anyone say something like that without cringing, irrespective of my capacity to simultaneously sympathize at some level. I do whatever I can to save the lives of those under my care, including those with handcuffs on and a reported history of homicidal and/or suicidal ideation. I am not equipped with a gun to defend myself. This individual could have been apprehended with a tranquilizer if the cop had had backup. This is how we buy time to think about how to handle such people in the hospital.

  29. Masks became virtually irrelevant to COVID related damage within the last few months. I am a big city municipal hospital nurse and I can readily admit that COVID was a serious problem previously but has recently- within the last 75 days or so- moved far down the list of important problems humanity faces

  30. I medicate per provider orders and patient assessment.

  31. There's another element though. Sometimes my assessment leads me to believe that a patient is not really in very much pain. But my mode of operation is benefit of the doubt. As long as the patient's vital signs are stable, of course

  32. Until you agree to become exclusive, you are allowed to talk to many people. A guy strongarming you from talking to other men in that early stage is a gigantic red flag.

  33. There's more that you can know about this phenomenon that brings it into a much more neutral relief.

  34. Black seed oil compounds only hit peripheral opioid receptors which can calm down the gastric issues and restless leg issues associated with withdrawal, but it won't reduce your craving to use kratom at all in my experience.

  35. It's not talked about much outside of the medical community, but we have practices that amount to euthanasia already in place. Patients in hospice care can request as many pain medications as they want. Figure out the rest.

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