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  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t use the drive-thru when I place a mobile order? If I’m going to place an order on the app, I place it for walk-in so I know I won’t be stuck in a drive-thru line and can place it well ahead of time if I need it ready right when I’m there.

  2. Large campus, tons of clubs, dorms aren’t bad, usually (although understaffed at the moment) good dining hall, TONS of class options, a huge variety of majors and minors to pick from, good study abroad program, the list goes on. But there’s very limited parking and it’s very expensive imho, you really need to figure out financial aid on your own, if you get unlucky with dorms you may not have a ton of friends in your building, THEY DONT SALT OR SHOVEL WHEN IT SNOWS, the buses aren’t running very late or often this year, if you don’t like large classes you may be in trouble, the bars aren’t great, the campus is in the middle of no where and if you don’t have a car you’re basically stuck here

  3. I wouldn't say it's in the "middle of nowhere", but I guess that's up to personal experience. To me, this place is close to most things I ever want to do. My old town had maybe 10% of the stuff to do within the same distance as Durham does.

  4. For those that got canceled, do you have Prime?

  5. I have prime, and for the 3 pre orders I placed 2 of them have sent me emails about if I want to keep the order and wait for stock, like what happened to you

  6. Amazon wpnt dp anything, and i messgaed the seller and he keeps telling me, when it come in, i will ship it out asap. Im not sure what to do at this point, besides shutting off my card and report it as fraud.

  7. I guess if he follows through with what he’s saying you may still get it? But yea that’s fishy and I’m doubting he’s gonna do that... definitely a frustrating situation that’s for sure

  8. Maybe it’s cuz I’m in a small dorm, but I’ve never had an issue with the WiFi.

  9. FYI these are also available online at BJ’s for $14.99, but I’m pretty sure shipping is quite wxpensive

  10. Yea, for me it was a Google home mini I was trying to set up. I registered it on the website, reset the device, etc. with no luck

  11. Actually these tins just come with four 1999 base set packs

  12. Got work from 8:30-1 that day, planning on going to the store after that but hopes are exceptionally low.

  13. I bet if a bunch of us sent the same message to chase on different occasions we would see some action, especially since this can reflect badly on their company, it makes sense that if a ton of people complained/brought it to their attention that they would do something about it

  14. I don't like preordering, but it seems like you gotta nowadays, so thanks for posting! I got one.

  15. Just started a new semester at college, and so far one of my teachers have done 2 things that made me have respect for him.

  16. I’ll keep that in mind if something like this happens again, thanks

  17. Are people really that hyped over these and the McD's cards? These come out every couple of years and I've never seen this much attention for them. What am I missing?

  18. It’s cuz of all the hype around Pokémon right now, and also probably because it’s the 25th anniversary so the cards are a bit more special than the other random cereal sets


  20. Can I ask if you've been unblocked yet? I don't usually order directly from the pokemon center but I was just blocked trying to get some Shining Fates ETBs and am kinda pissed that me refreshing the page a few times resulted in this. I just don't want to be unable to ever access the site in the future because of this one time

  21. Yes, a few days later I think. However, it asks me to verify I'm human and do captchas every time I'm on the website now. And if you're wanting the Shining Legends stuff that just went on preorders, don't bother; same situation as the skateboards and it'll block you out after so many tries.

  22. I did manage to get pikachu boxes earlier today, and I was just about to check out with the ETBs in stock, that's right about when I got blocked. Good to know it's not permanent, and honestly if they started doing captchas for everyone I wouldn't even mind that, it would help deter actual bots a bit

  23. Damn, what does it mean that I have been blocked? I ordered 2 pikachu boxes earlier and now when I try to order ETBs it says I'm blocked.

  24. Just grabbed two pikachu boxes, hopefully I’ll end up receiving them!

  25. Cash app is doing the same thing. Everytime I try to buy amc or even Nokia it says “connection error”

  26. I bought AMC this morning on cashapp. Can't find GME or BB tho

  27. Interesting, it’s still telling me that I can’t complete any amc trades at the moment

  28. Thank you for this! I’m a college student hoping to be a ranger one day, and the information you provided was very useful

  29. I really wish I didn't have to buy trash McDonald's for these...

  30. The article does say you can buy them separate from the meals... but that will surely just lead to scalpers buying them in bulk

  31. Whoever made these needs to make a business selling them, I’d buy them in a heartbeat

  32. Omg that sableye tyranitar tag team is amazing. Is there a full art or rainbow rare for that one?

  33. He has the full art alt art card. There is a full art and an full art rainbow as well. Two of my favorite moms in one card. I pulled the standard full art earlier this week.

  34. Oh man I’m gonna have to find out where I can some unified minds! Thanks for the info

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