1. So when you take into account the running game Tua goes to 3rd? Or did he go down because he doesn’t run at all other than just moving out of the pocket to buy some time lol. It doesn’t look right seeing hi my hat high tbh.

  2. He isn’t wrong. Rush could go for 300 2TDs every game and when Dak comes back he’s “the” guy. No team is sitting 50mil per lol.

  3. Thursday night football, Let’s Go! The Dolphins had another recovery day on Tuesday. So we’re probably gonna get light practice Wednesday and play on Thursday. Idk why there aren’t just 2 bye weeks, one before every team’s Thursday night game and another in whatever ideal break spot makes sense for every schedule. Should be some great football on TNF, /s

  4. To be fair, we do it so much that if you’re an elite QB you’re probably gonna feast. It’s just preventing red zone scores that this defense is elite at and the Ravens had two 80 yard plays and a kickoff return TD.

  5. Nah. He’ll play and he should. If his back allowed him to play the entire 2nd half, he “should” be ready to go on Thursday. I’m worried about the roster after the war against the Bills and traveling up to Cincinnati to play on Thursday, but I expect most of our guys to play come game time.

  6. Cant wait to hear dolphins fans excuses when the 2nd matchup happens.

  7. Excuses LMFAO? We won. Your own guy just made a list of excuses that aren’t true. Watch the replay of the field goal again. Link to image of it being blocked.

  8. Literally only the skipped pass is true. Did you forget the Bills were 1st and goal on the 2 yard line and got them to 4th down before Allen skipped the last pass? Blocked field goal and the corner stripped the TD out, not dropped. Genius

  9. I’ll trade just about anyone/anything for Suckin Robinson

  10. Played ok with us. All of our best defensive lineups featured him. Struggled to find his shot from 3 though. Could be good vet presence for OKC while giving them solid minutes at the 3.

  11. He was probably one of our worst signings ever just as a player. Then he leaves and plays decent lol. He always seemed upset from day 1 tho so maybe something was up, idk.

  12. Why’d you edit the title to make it look like something it’s not?

  13. Literally useless. And if we’re caring about point differential we have to mention strength of schedule.

  14. Nose tackle is pretty important though for the run game.

  15. He’s not amazing but he’s definitely better than people here treat him.

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