1. its likely bugged and should be fixed soon fingers crossed

  2. That unob turret skin, Forbidden Tome unob, collectibles: cloth, meat, bone, teeth; maybe something else

  3. A very small chance to get from Flesh Colossal zombie. Probably the same as getting an unob from a spin if not smaller.

  4. season 6 has a suspicious amount of things to do with teddy bears...

  5. There's some confusion in the thread

  6. That's the thing, OP doesn't. I think OP thinks that if someone reports a hacker to KPD, they will go on about it on chat. Besides, it's literally impossible to get a cheater banned in that short of a time frame. Believe me, it was someone else.

  7. You have to wait exactly 24hrs before claiming the next tier, so even if you get bp faster, ull still have to wait.

  8. yea, but then afterwards, it put me back down to half way through lvl 5 of the BP

  9. omg this is literally undeniable proof that the zapper is the best secondary! omg ur a genius! i will totally start using zapper now! thank you so much for the inspiration

  10. maybe cuz of all the items on the floor, they count as entities and it makes the game laggier the more there are

  11. november 23rd in a certain country? cuz for me its november 23rd in australia and it still hasnt come out yet

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