1. I feel like that would be Federation Force at that point.

  2. I'd like it if King 1 and Armor King 1 came back just to see how they would handle the naming convention.

  3. I have an idea for Karl being Mission Control but all the others got blackout drunk at his promotion party and when they couldn't find him the next day assumed the worst possible thing, that they left him behind.

  4. Clearly the Nemesis is an AI copy of Karl that was made to lure in more Dwarves after the Elves captured him

  5. I thought they were goblins or orks.

  6. TL;DR on the topic of dark matter, basically all the math we've ever done says that the gravity of all the galaxies near us shouldn't be enough to keep them close together, but it does. The only explanation so far being that most of the mass in the universe is in a form of matter which does not interact with any other particle and can't be observed. Hence, "dark matter."

  7. I thought this was a programming joke where the means to gather the desired results was to put in a second invisible bullet.

  8. I started a few days ago and I mine everything... Granted it did bite me in the ass when I tried to play H3 for the first time (by giving me a meteor shower AND a Dreadnought right after... on an ice level). But I can't help it. I'm a dwarf, I see shiny, I mine.

  9. The jump from 2 to 3 seems to be rather large. The different missions have their own Hazzard levels too so keep that in mind too.

  10. Not as bad as when you actually catch a leech coming for you.

  11. This is very nice, much better then having a Bulk Detonator spawn on top of you during a Rockpox swarm.

  12. I thought this was Federation Force from the thumbnail.

  13. I can understand if someone want to get in and out of a mission but there's no need to be nasty about it.

  14. Where is the proof that she is thawks daughter?

  15. I'd think datamined audio has a lot more backing then a clearly fake leak about Ken.

  16. The last two pages made me think of Junji Ito.

  17. Liu Kang was able to survive character assassination by his company.

  18. I mean he can see Yoru and intentionally hooked her up with CSM. I feel like he wanted Denji to kill her.

  19. They almost gave Eveline closer in Shadow of Rose, almost. I wonder if there's any chance that the character will be used again in the future.

  20. Remember, the author made a new ending to this where everyone was actually shooting a porno.

  21. Is this that new AI thing that mimics people's voices?

  22. The original creator stated what they used.


  24. That voice work was impressive. I'm surprised how close in tone and pitch he got.


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