1. "Tourner en" for "shot in" or "recorded in" ... never would have guessed that. Thanks for teaching me something. So I've done this with some French language movies and series on Netflix. Can agree that it generally is closer if not word for word. Good point.

  2. Ha, also the only word in that sentence I did not understand.

  3. I feel like it’s 2 hours of cheesy fan service but I’m kinda OK with that. I wasn’t exactly expecting Tar level acting or Avatar level special effects. I just wanted to see the old gang back together and that’s what they gave us.

  4. Mean the acting in the original series is always good and and as for the original gang we never see them all in interact like the use to like Jackson never has a single conversation with Derrick or Alyson Peter only talks to Scott’s mom and Alyson’s dad he never talks to the rest actually him and Derrick hardly talked at all in the movie and ofc we never see styles we get a throw away line on him and that’s it and it arguably deals with the 1 villain that had the most effect on him yet they say his name 1 time and we never learn what happened after the end of the series where all the hunters were still hunting super naturals and beacon hills feels completely different like it doesn’t feel like the same place at all but honestly despite all this I like the movie I enjoyed watching it just wish they took a different route

  5. I wondered why Jackson spent the whole movie hanging out with Lydia. Then I discovered that Colton and Holland are friends irl so I’m guessing that had something to do with it.

  6. Is he saving the money to pay the fines by cutting his own hair?

  7. Well, to be fair, Jeff Bridges literally has no power to fix this situation.

  8. For sure. He's a soulful actor. Definitely the best of the wrester-turned-actor group, and I'm a big fan of Rock and his charm but Rock can't do serious in the meaningful way that Dave can.

  9. He had a very small role in a previous Denis Villeneuve film, Bladerunner 2049. When I saw him in that role, that’s when I realized he aspired to something more than being an action star.

  10. Yeah, super impactful sequence and screen presense there and the exact thing I'm thinking of when I call him soulful.

  11. This sub was also jerking itself off when Biden got elected.

  12. Although, to be fair, Joe Biden’s Irish connections are quite a bit more extensive and recent than the stereotypical American with an Irish ancestor from 1850 and an 8.7% Irish DNA test.

  13. Why put so much pressure on the child? Why not just call him Alexander the adequate

  14. Boys: Eino, Kai, Toivo, Onni, Elias, Emil

  15. Elias would definitely work as it’s an English name too, though not a common one. Emilia and Ella both work as well for the same reason.

  16. There’s a book by a Columbia linguist, John McWhorter, that suggests that the Celtic languages (not Scottish Gaelic specifically) may have had quite a bit more impact on English than is commonly believed. As to those 100 words, he says there are a lot of words in English of unknown origin, and no one has bothered to do the research that might indicate a Celtic origin. So the actual number may be much larger than that.

  17. Mortel is a supernatural show about high school kids, pretty dark tone, low budget, but fun. But I'm guessing the French is slang spoken quickly, because I can barely understand a word of it.

  18. This varies widely from one US state to the next. Some states are very strict and require a law degree from an ABA accredited law school to take their bar exam. Other states are more open to a foreign legal education. New York is a relatively open state. Last I heard you had to submit your foreign law degree to some review body and if they judged it sufficiently equivalent to an American legal education then you could sit for the NY bar exam. An LLB from the UK would very likely meet this standard as it’s (obviously) a common law jurisdiction. But I haven’t looked at this in years so you’ll have to check for the current rules. California is even more open. Both states makes up for lax rules about who can sit for the bar exam by having notoriously difficult bar exams. I don’t know anything about the rules in Texas.

  19. Also just researched Texas and apparently they've made it more open to foreign lawyers.

  20. Generally, the bigger and more dynamic the state’s economy, the more open they will be to foreign law degrees but of course that’s just a generalization. You still have to check the specific rules of each state.

  21. Hi, so what's your take in their nibs? I'm eyeballing 3776 with soft fine nib. Did you try it?

  22. I gravitate to the fine nibs because I write left-handed so soft nibs tend not to work very well for me.

  23. If you have three degrees and he never went to college, then what he is saying to you is probably a product of his own insecurity. He feels inferior for his lack of education and he’s trying to make up for that by denigrating the significance of your “book smarts.” It’s not a good look for him but some people lack self awareness.

  24. I think she is driven in large part by her rage at the fact that Benjamin Sisko is the prophet, and she is not, whether or not she can admit that fact to herself. From her point of view she has done all the work, but he gets the reward,and the glory, for free. That must be infuriating.

  25. Take the LSAT after preparing for it like you’ve never prepared for any test in your life. It costs almost nothing compared to the cost of going to law school. If you get a very high score, you can think about going to law school. If you bomb the LSAT you should probably reconsider. Average grades and a bad LSAT score will not get you into any law school likely to get you a return on your tuition investment.

  26. I'm no expert but that looks like a suuuper high angle to hold a fountain pen..

  27. I don’t think he holds it at that angle all the time. It just happens to be at that angle at that moment because he’s drawing a horizontal line.

  28. I suspect it’s partly because the place is a somewhat idealized environment, partly because social status can go a long way towards protecting you from that sort of behavior and most of the people there are high social status, and partly because youth culture today is dramatically less hostile towards LGBTQ people than it would have been 30 or even 20 years ago.

  29. Just seven years behind the oldest person in recorded history who, according to the article, made it to 122 years and 164 days.

  30. Everyone’s assuming you’re asking about fiction. But if you’re looking for non-fiction, I really liked “Why We Sleep.”

  31. Haha, grabbed the last pocket size copy of the Core Rulebook off the shelf at my local B&N last weekend.

  32. Besides a seven-season arc, Gul Dukat also had the advantage of operating in a world full of ambiguous, three-dimensional characters like Quark, Garak, and even the female Shapeshifter. He wasn't just interacting with a bunch of saintly Starfleet crew members.

  33. There are 10 kids. I'm sure at least in two cases the apple fell far from the tree and they are watching this all and cringing. They just have their degrees, holding down a job, not trying to rock the boat and don't look forward to Christmasses.

  34. Lucky for them they have such a common surname they can tell everyone they’re not related to this guy.

  35. The biblical first names before Burke would be a major red flag

  36. If my parents had named me “Ezekiel” or “Zachariah” or some other Old Testament name, I’d change it or use my middle name. Give me plain old “John” or “David” any day.

  37. She’s a good girl! How dare you accuse her of such a heinous crime!

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