1. The other day I noticed a bag of hersheys in my back seat that I totally missed when delivering an order. I felt bad but then I was like, i didn’t mean to do it and customer can get a refund. My bad though for sure

  2. I went home. Waited an hour and a half after my last batch and got tired. Got out at 7 am and went home at 3:30. Made $58 all day. Didn't see a single batch over $30. I usually get at least one $50 batch a day. Literally saw only $8-14 batches with 7+ miles one way all day. Like 30 of those. And nothing over $25.

  3. Great tip. Now be sure to screenshot it and show everyone on Reddit. Don’t forget to brag about your generosity. After that, enjoy the great and lavish comments you received.

  4. You know, I was really just hoping to make people feel a little more optimistic, and get a sense of people’s feedback. I am planning to publish some content on tipping culture in the United States, so I’ll make sure to keep your thoughts in mind!

  5. If you’re broke, then what are you doing ordering luxury services like instacart and throwing a tip that is probably over the amount of the order? People who are appreciative of services and tip well generally don’t feel the need to show it off. Of course it’s a great tip, you already knew that right? Yep I really don’t care how you spend your money though.

  6. Either a customer scam or you mistakenly dropped at wrong place. Happens to everyone. Now it’s out of your control as it already happened, so it’s whatever.

  7. My goal is $200 a day. Sometimes you have to take what is available to keep the ball rolling. The way I saw it was it’s 45 min worth of work for $25. That’s worth it to me over sitting in the parking lot praying for a unicorn, and knowing my zone sitting and praying leaves you with nothing.

  8. I usually don’t see a lot of action in the middle of the day in my area. Mini drop starts popping at 4-430 again for those 5-530 scheduled drop offs.

  9. Wait, so they’re admitting people actually did vote for Biden. Isn’t that off narrative ? Yep

  10. If it’s water I’ll just replace with Kirkland or whatever. It’s just water. If they wanna bitch about it then they can get refunded on app

  11. If IC sees you on chat suggesting to the customer to cancel then they really do t like that.

  12. Yeah I know I didn't get a soft 24-hour ban I got deactivated talkin about full of s*** know the facts

  13. You yourself say in your post: “they banned my account for 24 hours while they research”.

  14. Mine don't even roll off at a 100. I got one sitting there from Feb and one from March.

  15. Happened to at least two of my friends I know and it ended up worse than me. It’s the slightest mistake that could cost you.

  16. This happened to your friends and then you let it happen to you? Didn’t you take notice when this scam hit your friends? Be careful with this and all other tech related stuff in your life.

  17. No. Seems like a ridiculous price for an old car. Yeah, looks to be in good shape but you don’t provide any information.

  18. Well you pissed a few customers off somehow. Could be anything. It’s hard to read minds. Sometimes it’s from how the order was staged at the door. Could be stale produce as well. Everyone makes mistakes.

  19. Texas shouldn’t be allowed to come back if it leaves. Good riddance. I thought those guys labeled themselves as patriotic.

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