1. Please read this. This tweet/post is somewhat inaccurate and misleading.

  2. And how will the IRS know if it’s commercial or just paying back a friend?

  3. Ok, but then I have to pay all the fees with setting up an LLC, which still erodes my returns. On top of that, now I have two opportunities to get audited that also increase my chances for being audited.


  5. lmao, you mean that she VIOLATED their bodily autonomy by ignoring their desire to get the vaccine and instead gave them a fake vaccine and having them mistakenly believe that they were vaccinated?

  6. What vax mandates are you on about? 76% of germant has 1 shot.

  7. Oh hey look, holdovers! That means there was no mandate after all!

  8. You think 50 years ago this woman was involved In the Tuskegee experiments and that she’s still running them today?

  9. Let me guess. Boosted, had Covid later anyways, but thankful you were boosted. Correct?

  10. You’re suggesting the CDC is apologizing. There was no such apology. Walensky is committing her own Tuskegee with the mRNA.


  12. Is this a real tweet by her? Lol

  13. Community notes is amazing because it’s not the fake news writing the fact check. The truth can now get out

  14. In the old Twitter, Pfizer was the one who (indirectly) got to fact check the vax claims. Pure corruption at its worst.

  15. That’s a parody account “literally a feline”

  16. Sure, but it’s still a statement leftists use every single time, so the fact check still holds.

  17. It wasn't a mistake. It was deliberate control of the narrative.

  18. It was a “mistake” in that it started the ripple effect that led to Elon buying his company.

  19. Do they honestly believe, that after four decades of doing business deals at his level, that the IRS hasn’t audited him? Do they think that Trump sits down at his kitChen table every April and does his own taxes, and that he doesn’t have an army of lawyers and accountants? They’re just hoping for something embarassing like insufficient charitable contributions. It’s a rerun of the whole Maddow fiasco.

  20. Trump is basically at the income level where he’s near guaranteed to be audited every time.

  21. If only folks could see Nancy and Paul’s actual returns. Someone should subpoena them.


  23. Let me guess. OP also thanks Biden whenever gas prices dips a bit.

  24. Let them block Twitter and then explain why they allow TikTok and WeChat.

  25. Wrongthink is a greater national security risk than Chinese surveillance, apparently…

  26. So Europeans won’t be able to comment non stop on AMERICAN politics?!?!? AWESOME!!!!!!! When can we start???? Never again having to read what a bunch of idiots think because they read it on line or watched on TV will be absolutely phenomenal for 99.99999999 percent of America. Maybe they will start to fix their own backyards. You know like Ukraine.


  28. Who in their god damn mind looks at the government welding peoples doors shut in apartments and actively building camps to send people and says "they are doing this right, why cant my country do the same?"....

  29. If you read the article, he’s not talking about lowering the population. He’s saying society has progressed to the point where technology has removed the need for a lot of jobs and a lot of people feel useless.

  30. If you listen to all the other shit Harari has said, the depopulation agenda does not seem far off.

  31. I love when leftists act like twitter is a public utility(??). They really need to go touch grass😭

  32. Public utilities aren’t allowed to engage in censorship. The phone company can’t cut off your phone for supporting Trump. The water company can’t shut off your water for criticizing Pfizer.

  33. Imagine calling a billionaire with multiple massively successful enterprises a 'loser' while you're free lance writing an article for salon hoping for enough clicks to afford dinner lol


  35. Democrat activist groups bought out and took over the major news and politics subs here. Ghislaine Maxwell was a top mod for years there, then her account went dark after the FBI arrested her.


  37. I thought George Floyd was literally the only guy in 2020 with the virus, but not counted as a Covid death

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