Been trying for over a year. We were just about to try IVF. Had to take 3 different pregnancy tests because we couldn’t believe it. Doesn’t feel real and can’t tell anyone yet.

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  1. What we don't see (maybe a game warden looking who knows so smart of OP) is bottom of that gravity wagon still got 200 lbs of corn. They let a small trail roll out then shut the hatch and lock it up. They kill a deer and cook it up and spend 3 days hunting over the gut pile killing all coyotes.

  2. I have a Mr. Buddy heater and the 1 time I took it into the blind, I forgot matches. It didn't have a spark ignitor.

  3. It's considered unfair, it can also lead to a higher overall survival rate since the deer may not immediately take the bait and eat it farther down the road.

  4. In Missouri, we have CWD so they worry that feed sites might bring infected deer into contact with healthy deer. That said, nice blind. I would add cloth window coverings so deer don't see your silhouette moving thru the blind. This is more of a factor for bow or crossbow hunting.

  5. I'm a PE and LS. I grew up on a drafting table, spent countless days staking storm and sanitary sewers, curbs, etc. Saw a lot of precast and pipes installed, talked to a ton of contractors. I think my two licences complement each other. Wouldn't want it any other way. I remember staking large pressure pipes at a water treatment facility. The intake was way down at the river, the treatment plant was on top of the hill. Two huge pipes crossed at the top of the hill. Nobody believed 16 year old me and my 17 year old brother when we said they conflicted. Can you guess how it turned out?

  6. My record was 8 in one day in PA. Almost literally started to shower in Repel. Thank God I'm not there this winter/spring.

  7. Seriously? In the Missouri Ozarks, I've literally scraped them off by the hundreds with a pocket knife. One day, I swear, I had over a thousand little red seed ticks. I stopped at a store and bought dog shampoo and flea/tick spray and spritzed down in the parking lot. When I got home, my daughters picked off about 150 more with tweezers. Then I showered with the dog shampoo. Out of all of that, I only had 2 or 3 embedded.

  8. Now work on sugar-free brownies. There are SF mixes available. The (diabetic) world will beat a path to your door.

  9. I'm a single woman who walks this path for every show the music hall has, sometimes for every show of the run since I work many of them. You'll be fine.

  10. Maybe you two could walk together? I know the logistics are difficult, but it's worth a try.

  11. I don't do ground control, but I've heard of surveyors using black and white peel-n-stick tile flooring for targets. Also, if you are using fence corners, building corners, hydrants, or power poles, remember that the photo was probably not taken from directly overhead. Try to pick the base for a more accurate location.

  12. I'm just happy to see any bearing. I just finished a survey in an old midwest lake area. There were several R/W lines that didn't even have lengths. The description just said the line, along the line, to the intersection with the other line... The line I followed also had several deflections, zero data.

  13. Third Space has legitimately good food too. Try the breakfast Bite - a bacon and egg wrap that comes with a great jalapeño jam for dipping.

  14. Back in the chain and plumb bob days (1970's) my dad made us tie nails as we drove to the job site. Needed a bunch as we were measuring 100' or less at a time. When we were staking curbs, if the I-man was talking to a contractor or in the porta-potty, we would pre-mark the stakes and string them out by pacing and eyeballing line. Got pretty good at it. I kinda miss those days.

  15. I remember probing for a 16" high pressure gas line once. I was on crutches after knee surgery, so my brother (survey partner for 35 years) got to probe the frozen ground. We used a fiberglass rod to not blow up. I also just shot a section corner 3' deep in a plowed field. Records said 5' deep, but farming operations must have displaced dirt. Fortunately there is activity nearby so Ron (thanks Ron) had left the hole open.

  16. 62YO and I sleep about 1 to 1.5 hours between pee breaks. Usually from 11:00 or midnight to 6:30am. Yes, it sucks to get old.

  17. One of the requirements for a Final Plat (admittedly not the same as your survey plat) in my state is that you have to stake and flag the outer boundary corners so neighbors CAN see them. That way if they dispute them, they have the opportunity to hire their own surveyor.

  18. Spanish Flea by Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass. The song was released in 1965. My Dad used to listen to this when we were in the car when I was little.

  19. Great choice for background music. I would have also accepted "Tequila" or "Low Rider"

  20. For future reference, when I have to type a lengthy description from an old document, (no copy/paste) I read it aloud into an email on my personal account on my phone using voice to text, and send it to my work email. If it's long, I break it up into multiple emails. You can correct capitalization and change Vince to thence a few dozen times, before or after sending. Then it's copy/paste and proofread/proofread/proofread.

  21. I'll look in my treasure chest tomorrow to see if I have one. Does it have to be new, or is good/used okay?

  22. I picked up 3 non-working CA-52Xs at an auction, including a builder grade level and aluminum tripod for about $80 total. Unit "A" fired up but didn't detect, "B" looked good, but zilch. "C" looked like someone drove over the cylinder/wand end. I tried to piece together one working unit, but that's not one of my skills. Took all 3 to my local survey shop and they were able to swap parts and give me back TWO working units for about $250. And I can sell the level/tripod to offset part of the cost. Woo hoo!

  23. If given unlimited time to memorize and recite this monologue, I would still fail

  24. I like it in space movies (cough Star Trek) when they say to lay in a course of 127. Or they are in the Delta Quadrant. That narrows it down a bunch captain. 127 in which plane?

  25. I've had a couple. At an outer corner on a subdivision I found a bar, pipe a few feet away, and an axle buried, lying horizontal. Neighbor came home as my daughter (yes, a girl) was giving me shots on all 3. Neighbor got in her face about being on HER property. I stepped in ASAP. Neighbor said line is 13' north just past that row of trees she planted. Backsighted the bar months later when staking sewer. Somehow it seemed to be 13' north of the original shot and the plastic cap was beat up. The pipe and axle were still there though. I reset it 6" deep in the proper location and set another bar and cap next to it visible at the surface. I bet they didn't pull the buried one.

  26. Two tips: (1) Sharpen the edge for cutting roots and for better digging, and (2) don't hit any underground electric lines.

  27. I'm a solo surveyor so I frequently "joke" to my family that if I'm in a rough or remote spot and break a leg, they may never find my body. I try to let them know where I'll be, but on any given day, I might be a 1/4 to 1/2 mile from my truck in any direction. I do take safety seriously and avoid risks and stupid bravado, but accidents do happen.

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