1. Sorry to hear about your mental sickness.. hope you get better soon! I know it's hard to admit being a sociopath but you can do anything once you set your mind to it. Get well ❤️‍🩹

  2. Don't do that shit. Just enjoy your beer. You'll feel better next morning.

  3. Ailurophobia, fear of cats. Love those kitties like you wouldn't believe. Ok, I get it if you're more a dog person, but fear of cats..?

  4. "Women are not exactly lining up to catch my pokemon, if you know what I mean."

  5. And what has changed in 2023? You basically said nothing but the obvious, war is not an issue but what comes because of one. a person with better judgement would see it as an opportunity to address the more urgent problems like the insufficiency of food or work places

  6. Imagine aliens visiting us. They travelled thousands of lightyears to get here. And then have a good, long look at us. Finally saying to eachother; 'Nah, we come back later, when they don't bash each others heads in for hate and money anymore'

  7. Why would anyone bother about such trivialities? Life is too short to notice it.

  8. I'd say that it's a whole lot different for you though it doesn't matter in your case cause replying honestly is far too hard when you can just talk about hair all day :)

  9. Powerplants would shut down. People would start to rip solar panels from other peoples houses

  10. I would worry all the time. I don't know how parents do it, seems a very though job.

  11. I know, right.. you wouldn't get it because you have too much time on your hand and too small of an idea what to do with it

  12. Hairloss. Duh. You don't get laid without hair. Hair is important, it frames your face. Enjoy those thick curly locks while you can..!

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