1. I know. I am using an Hbg now. I hope pierce ammo 1 is good enough because it is the best I could make.

  2. It’s useless on most monsters. For HBG if it’s less then lvl 3 raw ammo then it’s not worth it you’d be better off going LBG for rapid fire lvl 2 or even rapid fire level one like the Izuchi LBG.

  3. Angbat videos he’s in my opinion kinda the main HBG/LBG reference and guide guy

  4. New defiance skill it’s just a lvl one slot and I think gives way better defense then defense boost

  5. Yeah it happens quite a bit you just have to be there at the right time to see it. You can actually see it happen on the map if you aren’t there so it’s probably happened during your hunts a lot you just weren’t there to see it

  6. Yeah beat him without carting just wait till you see the big boy version at MR 50

  7. Didn’t you beat rajang in High rank?

  8. Faster and stronger with an amazingly cool move set including some old moves they brought back and some new ones that are crazy cool

  9. Yeah for the reason you said in the end garingolm makes a better shield build you can fit more skills in for comfort and not lose much damage for tentranodon HBG I use it for a no shield build for max DPS. But back to your build it’s pretty good but drop the barioth chest piece you don’t need max might on a shield build as you are constantly loosing it by shielding and there are much better options for the chest Otherwise it looks pretty good honestly I mean any other adjustments would be semantics

  10. The problem is dereliction, not the switch skills. I gain a damage boost in blue.

  11. Yes and at the start of a hunt it takes a split second to switch to blue

  12. Attack the monster can’t cart you if it’s dead

  13. Same way you learn anything from experience you make a mistake and learn not to make it again it may take a few times but eventually it becomes muscle memory connected to your moves and the monsters cues.

  14. Depends one time I went to “help” capture a monster but accidentally killed it cause I was too powerful and it only lasted a minute I just didn’t expect it so he failed the quest cause I was a capture only one. So it may be good to at least have less powered MR gear if you go help or less optimized builds so you can help without messing them up

  15. Yeah that’s what I do almost all the time ever since they released hover packs once o had them I couldn’t stand building without it

  16. For final story boss fight agreed gaisamgorm is my favorite for final boss like game complete boss beyond story complete fatalis

  17. Yeah like what others have said in sunbreak it’s a bit more balanced than in rise so all weapons are actually pretty good I feel right now and for the most part it seems everybody is finally happy with the balancing of this game and there’s not really a definitive oh man this weapon is definitely the best. In base rise now and LBG and to a degree LS were all kinda broken but everything’s kinda been equalized now.

  18. For LS wex and crit boost I am also a big fan of the dereliction resentment bloodlust combo for damage and bloodright to balance it out with super dango recovery.

  19. Evade window is very weak in Rise. Too many attacks with lingering hitboxes against which i-frames can become irrelevant. I'd recommend evade extender since many hitboxes are hard to get out of without it.

  20. I was wondering why I preferred evade extender over evade window in sunbreak. in world it was the opposite that explains it.

  21. Gaismagagorm was so much more enjoyable to me then narwa fighting narwa was never very fun for me. I didn’t hate it but it wasn’t an enjoyable final boss fight probably my least favorite to date of the 3 games I’ve played. And all mother was even worse. Ibushi wasn’t too bad but narwa was just kinda meh and the armor was cool and unique but underwhelming so there wasn’t really a reason to farm them. Their weapons were decent but for me not worth farm all mother for. Meanwhile gaismagorm was a cinematic experience the first time I fought it. The sounds the scale of it was truly an amazing fight that had me on the edge of my seat. And he’s a joy to farm as once you get his moves down he’s not very hard or tedious to fight and we’ll worth it as his armor is incredible as are his weapons. I have already played him far more than I ever hunted allmother.

  22. Cast screws is a life saver for several late game production lines, dramatically reduces the number of constructors you need for anything with that requires screws.

  23. Actually cast screw are one of the best early game recipes once you get steel steel screws are the way to go you get 260 Per min and uses 1/3 of the buildings and energy total of cast screws to make the same amount. Still cast screw are an excellent alternative if you don’t have the steel screws yet.

  24. Shaggy is Pierce. Use Espinas for Spread if you’re allergic to abyssal.

  25. I have all three and shaggy is good but it can’t quite compete with narga and malzeno although its definitely close for Pierce so it is definitely viable i do prefer its spread 3 capabilities though. And espinas is great for rapid fire spread 2 and shrapnel ammo so it too is very powerful just depends on if you prefer rapid fire on spread or not. And I do know it does more damage than spread 3 but I prefer the comfort when I’m that close to the monster of normal fire spread 3 so it depends on play style and end goal I suppose.

  26. Spread 3 should be doing more damage than RF spread 2.

  27. No rapid fire has always done more damage than the level above it that’s how it’s designed especially if you add in the rapid fire skill it’s very powerful that’s why in base rise the narga LBG rapid fire Pierce 2 was more powerful than even HBG Pierce 3. Also why LBG can compete or surpass HBG for elemental damage because even though it has less raw elemental ammo doesn’t have different levels and rapid fire is a straight upgrade that HBG can’t do. The trade off being you are stuck in the fire animation a little longer per shot which is why with rapid fire it’s especially crucial to get down to low recoil than it is with other fire types or you lose out a lot on DPS and comfort.

  28. It’s not shameful just depends. For some people to learn the mechanics they may need to slow it down and that’s fine. I personally feel like drizzle doesn’t really teach you anything and you are better off sticking to rainstorm. And you’ve only been playing 2 hours many people don’t beat their first run for 10-20 or more hours outside of drizzle that is. The point is just have fun with it and do what you need to do.

  29. Maybe ask the magic conch shell

  30. Ehh I just use sticky’s on him he dies quick to that. Otherwise I wouldn’t enjoy it.

  31. Yeah that happens to me all the time if the cat can’t find a path to the spot really annoying

  32. Well it’s true you get those in the after game it can be before a lot of the bigger fights like alatreon and fatalis and most of the tougher tempered GL fights for augments.

  33. I agree with what others have said is like to add I enjoy having evade extender 2 or 3. Makes keeping up with spread 3 really easy

  34. We only got lighting recently in game because of how hard it was for them to make it and not crash the game and even now lighting is pretty taxing. I’m sure they’ll add more as they figure out ways of making it easier on our systems but for now we are stuck with what we have which is a lot better than it used to be

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