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  1. most of our ancestors were forced off their ancestral land through engineered wars & famine

  2. I think youre just mental and you know it already. Ego maniac doesnt know when to admit hes an idiot.

  3. What even is the obvious thing? What your saying is wrong you are so stupid it’s remarkable

  4. ask yourself--would a mother agree to bury her husband on her son's birthday

  5. no you call 911 when you have an emergency. 911 doesnt have this much power it cant be used for all of these things. far stretch. prayer it still works try it God is still in control

  6. ok. look the deeper you study this conspiracy stuff the worse it gets. just try not to get to hung up on it. i have studied for ten years or longer. john todd fritz spingmeyer , illuminati masons. some of it is just a little far fetched

  7. the vaccine was only meant to slow down the incidence of hospitalizations--so the hospitals werent overwhelmed

  8. Yeah, I was wondering how 10-13 gets you to 33 as well...

  9. So you just choose whatever operator to fit what you want? Add these digits together, flip those two around, multiply those....

  10. i dont choose anything the number 33 is in your face everywhere you dont want to see it thats your problem WHO declared the pandemic on Mar 11 2020 Mar 11= 11-3=33 JFK shot Nov 22= 11-22=33 (33 days before Christmas) Nukes were dropped by Truman 33rd prez 1968 construction began on the Twin Towers--demolished 33 yrs later 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant 'accident' Mar 11= 3-11= 33 astrazeneca= letters add to 113= 11-3= 33 Xi= 24+9=33 Kim= 11+9+13=33 McAfee= M-C-A-F-E-E = 13+3+1+6+5+5=33 2016 election results Trump 62,984,828 votes Hillary 65,853,514 votes Total= 128838342 Average 128838342 ÷ 2= 64,419,171 6+4+4+1+9+1+7+1= 33 On March 11 2011- 2 beams of blue light 'illuminated' the New York skyline--for 33 days-- to mark 11th anniv of 911 attacks (Mar 11=3-11=33) Bezos rocket--New Shepard= NS= 14 + 19= 33 21 Dec= 21+12=33 Climate Change= CC= 33

  11. its just a theory--but I believe they use horse cells or microbes in various vaccines they are injecting people with

  12. Makes sense, but it could also be a red herring - that the special juice in the injections might actually be the inert part, while the adjuvants, being claimed to be inert, are actually the only active ingredients. Trojan horse for sure.

  13. there's also something about horses and longevity so Globalists could be experimenting with horse cells in their Life Extension therapies--which they test on the aged as guinea pigs One of the side effects of their Life extension therapies is it produces cancer

  14. haha, dude the US spends a fuck ton of money to spread anti china propaganda. there's no way that any part of the US is helping out china in any shape way or form that doesn't help themselves out.

  15. I have no control over what reddit does... And this conversation isn't collapsed when I view it, are you sure that's not a setting you have in your profile or something?

  16. if you wanted info you wouldnt have falsely claimed that the 2 triangles are not on opposite sides of the world

  17. I did it anyways for you, in hopes you'll respond. Since it seems like you weren't talking about antipodal points when you said "The Bermuda triangle is supposed to be on the opposite side of the globe as the Dragon Triangle", and instead meant that it was 180 degrees around the earth at the same latitude, I drew the maps up that way. Like I said earlier, the true "opposite side of the globe from the Bermuda triangle would be near Perth, Australia.

  18. the number 23 should tell you that they arent going to pay out anything

  19. numerology is the cover story for Globalists using numbers to communicate with their minions

  20. As I thought. What do you think of the Windsors being German?

  21. Damn you were right the Stock Market totally crashed today.

  22. notice how the announcement of omicron was timed for the Thanksgiving weekend

  23. So does the government pay the rent for me on my house they sieze? I'm not being a dick, just trying to understand the mental gymnastics for this to be feasible? Also, the concentration camps - surely they are bloody expensive to work out?

  24. I completely agree with you. Without the bottom of the pyramid; it all falls down. We don’t even need to fight in terms of actual warfare, because no way we could win that. We just need to stop. Stop eating their genetically modified food. Stop going into their fake realities. Stop listening to their propaganda. Stop working our whole life’s away for a couple of coins while they take our whole soul. If everyone were to just stop, then they’re done. They need us. Without us, they’ll just start eating each other, there won’t be none of us to prey on. We just need to stop and leave.

  25. That what it’s all leading upto. One world government, it’s pretty much already that, check if the UN is doing anything good. They’re just not ready to tell all the people yet, so they’ll come up with a fake situation they’re gonna invent, and say all of the governments of the world will have to combine together to defeat that situation, it’ll be a whole play.

  26. Ex military, I wasn't hiding anything from you mate, Uk infantry, Left in 2004 and like a lot of guys who come from British council estates, Left to homelessness

  27. Your powers of induction are 2nd 2 none

  28. In a way I agree with you. Humans are meant for more than mindless tasks that they don't wana do. It does feel like slavery. Slavery with extra steps. I'm concerned about what will happen when they do automate everything, and no one has even a chance to earn a paycheck. Then what. We all go homeless? We can't, their has to be some middle ground. Massive reforms are gonna have to be made. I feel like , the government will step in, offer to help, and then we will really be owned by them even more than we are now. Civil chaos, rioting in the streets? I truly feel like this is the end times , I don't see much of an out for any of the common man. And it's very depressing. The rich must feel like they're on the verge of a victory , even if we are not in their machine, the will quite literally build a new machine. All we can do is not buy what they're selling, or kill them all. It's a shit scenario.

  29. They already created the Beast system when they invented the credit card

  30. Now this is the shit I love to see in this sub! But will probably be 2/2/22 when it happens, is my guess. And will clearly have something to do with something off world effecting us. Alien invasion, mega solar flare, major impact from an asteroid knocked off course maybe...?

  31. the numbers 86 & 13 is a dead give away that the figures are fake

  32. Are you assuming the bacteria are causing harm? Why would they, in your view? Could it be the bacteria are there to handle waste that is in fact causing the damage? Or could it be the waste product of the bacteria doing their job is harmful which is why cleaning the mouth helps?

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