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  1. That is absolutely amazing! How did you find it? Eveve2 :D?

  2. Really? That is not very nice of you if true, but i think you are joking :D!

  3. The people you've seen link their insta may have put it as their website in the profile settings.

  4. i also posted one almost identical to the one you have on the right. The only difference is that mine doesn't have the yellow text below the graphic on the back. Seems like it's guns n roses season :D

  5. Amazing shirt bro is it single stitch?

  6. Damn! Such a great tee! Thanks anyways, I’ll peep your trailer if you got a link!

  7. really glad with the transaction and didnt expect it to get sold that fast

  8. any idea what it costs because i have one too

  9. Unfortunately like everyone said. It's fake, I hope you didn't spend much on this.

  10. nah i saw them online fairly close to where i live and just wondered if i was lucky or not

  11. glad i didnt get them you are all life saviors

  12. някой случайно да е намерил цялото видео?

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