1. When even PostMedia is calling you out, you know you done goofed. This is the home of Rex Murphy, and even they don't even agree with this essay.

  2. Note: This Minister was on the judging panel that ultimately awarded this essay 3rd place...

  3. A society in which too few babies are born to replace parents, because of careerism of mothers, and which has high immigration will see the native population replaced. This is simply math. It’s possible that if it happens slowly the newcomers adopt the ways of the natives and there is no discontinuity, but that’s not what’s happening here.

  4. So to be clear - you are supporting this essay's stance on demographic replacement theory?

  5. Oh yes, the she was asking for it argument. Riders have to dress like highlighters or they get what they deserve. I bet you feel that way about girls going out to the club.

  6. I'm saying if this particular rider wants to modify their vehicle so as to disturb everyone in a 2 mile radius for "safety" , they should be sure to also be wearing proper gear.

  7. Loud pipes save lives. The wife rides a bike and I’ve seen with my own eyes how cracking it gets someone right back into their lane. The horn is a joke.

  8. Just call 911 with their location and license plate number. The offender will not know it is you and they will hopefully get stopped.

  9. If you have a long history of shopping at Co-Op, you get a larger cheque back once a year.

  10. Teachers in public schools sexually abuse children at exponentially higher rates than at Christian schools.

  11. So paying for lunch supervision is a thing? Wow we really do nickel and dime school fees here. Was going to say in BC everything was included and you just brought your school supplies, but looks like they just added a fee for school busses a few years ago like here. Taxes only go so far these days

  12. Alternative: profitable corporations should purchase passes for their employees at regular price as part of compensation.

  13. Going to point it it would be a taxable benefit for employees and they would need to employee would need to pay income tax on it.

  14. While this timed price changing is based on maximizing returns for the station owners and is perfectly legal, the simple solution to this problem is to never, ever visit the station again - regardless of price. It won't take long before ownership changes and the prices stabilize.

  15. Sure - but if even a third of people went elsewhere, it wouldn't take long to change. No idea if that will happen, of course.

  16. There is nothing that Trudeau can do except to wait for the economy to fix itself just like everything else. Real issues require real solutions and he has none. (edit: typo)

  17. When the opposition's only plan is "defeat Trudeau", I'm not sure what else people expect in terms of alternative.

  18. I hope this individual pays a very large fine - something that will have an effect on his life and happiness for years to come. There was no excuse for this.

  19. That would work too but there has to be a punitive financial consequence for sure.

  20. You’re awesome! I just had my first loading dose yesterday. I’ve been looking for others to talk to about it. Thanks for doing this!

  21. That's... wow. Ridiculous, and even more ridiculous that it's being rewarded by our government.

  22. They're not missing the specifics at all, considering that you wrote;

  23. You are right - I should have been more specific in that list. Fair enough. I have clarified this issue since though.

  24. Right the social cons are in charge. That makes total sense when the leading candidate is pro-choice and pro-lgbt. Keep living in that echo chamber of yours

  25. Weird - I did use my credit card at Little Rock a few months back, and then I did have a bunch of Apple gift cards fraudulently purchased about six weeks later. Never connected the two until seeing this. Huh.

  26. A lot of people I've talked to have experienced the same thing. I haven't had my credit card stolen once in 5 years and immediately after using Little Rock my number was comprimised. Haven't used them since and my new number is totally fine.

  27. Good thing to note. I've used the several times in the past but have only had this happen once. I do know they changed payment methods between March and June, as the invoice item on my credit card is different (looks like they are using Square payments now). The "breach" would have been connected to the March purchase for me.

  28. Temporary oil prices.... Has nothing to do with anything we did.

  29. The narrative is that the Liberals, under Mr. Trudeau, have "killed" oil and gas. Instead, we see the opposite.

  30. Trudeau has nothing to do with the prices of oil. And yes, he had not been helpful to the oil and gas industry and we would be doing even better if not for him.

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