1. 2 Martial arts and the 3rd will unlock in half way through the game.

  2. This isn't confirmed. No point making things up just for people to be disappointed if it doesn't come true.

  3. I don’t think any souls players will find the rhythm game thing to be a huge issue as I feel that’s always been the case for souls games in general. Of course that said, I did hear from a

  4. Thanks for the link! Reading through the article and something people need to understand: " Players are coming from Nioh and playing it like it was Nioh. Instead, it’s important to play it as Wo Long. It’s very important to learn what kind of game this is and the mechanics."

  5. I just recently went through Blighttown so I feel this. At least you can deflect Satyr attacks, remedy is very close by and they're not 10 stories high in the pitch black. Fuck Blighttown man.

  6. Yes but Straight Sword, Curved Sword and Straight-Curved-Sword are officially counted as 3 different weapon types by Team Ninja.

  7. Where are you finding this information? The latest IGN article confirms the straight sabre and sword as two separate weapon types. No mention of straight-curved-sword.

  8. Kinda bummed that three of the seven are functionally the same

  9. There are 13 confirmed weapon types so although straight sabre and sword are relatively similar, at least the other 11 will play different in a lot of ways. They also mention that each weapon type will have variety in style, stats, passive effects and martial arts which will differentiate the weapons even more.

  10. Noticed that no matter which weapon we use, we have only 1 animation for death blow or whatever it's called. I mean the move you execute when an enemy has run out of stamina. Shame. In Nioh every weapon type has unique animation :(

  11. Honestly the animation is so clean looking I don't even mind that much. But I agree, variety with weapon deathblows would be nice.

  12. The player was either not good at the game or they played badly on purpose so we could see enemy attacks more. Thats what i disliked the most.

  13. I agree it was lame that the player never used wizardry spells, especially when you could see new ones!

  14. Weirdly enough, I just picked up Stranger of Paradise from Xbox's Countdown sale few days ago. Really, REALLY enjoying the gameplay. I hope we have a huge ass battle axe in Wo-Long too, because I'm really enjoying my time with Marauder job in SoP lol

  15. Hell yeah! Axe was confirmed in the latest

  16. Nioh 2 for the overall progression, loot and some mechanics but Sekiro for the parry focused combat. Wo Long is kind of a hybrid of both games in my opinion.

  17. Yeah it's basically a motorcycle in the shape of a horse. I don't dislike it though as it looks like a very fast, aggressive fight. It just doesn't have that realistic slower horse weight movement like Elden Ring.

  18. Can you block and unga bunga your way through the game? Definitely. Will it make it more challenging and difficult? Definitely.

  19. Wait is poise even confirmed? I can’t remember it being in the demo.

  20. The spirit gauge is kind of like a poise meter. Enemies that go all the way into the negative will stagger and be open for a crit. Same thing for the player.

  21. Crouch hasn't been confirmed and I don't think it will be included. It wasn't in the demo. The best way to stealth behind enemies is to hold block, you'll slow walk and they won't hear you. It's the exact same "stealth" as crouching, just not as immersive.

  22. I mean Im glad its doable but there is no reason not to include such a simple thing. Just slowly walking is really inelegant, and not including it is lazy imo. If you are gonna have stealth, you need to flesh out the stealth system, not cut corners.

  23. For sure, I just don't know where they would even add the button to be honest. The controller scheme is pretty busy as it is. L stick is for running, B for deflect/dodge, A is jump, X is attack, Y is spirit attack, LT is wizardry, LB is block, RB is martial arts and RT is interact. The difference with Sekiro is run was binded to B so L stick was open for crouch.

  24. Nope. Did you play the demo? It has influence from Nioh because it's by the same developers (possibly the same engine) but that shouldn't even be considered a bad thing. If you liked Nioh, wouldn't you WANT their games to carry over some influence? It doesn't play the same whatsoever though, it's a deflect centric combat with martial art influence. Nioh is not a deflect centric combat with martial art influence. The spirit bar is a great take on stamina/posture. There's nothing quick about creating and developing a game. It takes years of hard work and dedication, it's the furthest from a "quick cash grab".

  25. It's a pretty buggy game, it crashed when I tried opening the options menu and hasn't opened for me since. Try uninstalling and reinstalling?

  26. You'll want to apply 2 different status effects. Lightning, Water, Fire, Corruption or Purity. Keep in mind Purity and Corruption cancel each other out. Once 2 different status effects are applied, the enemy will have a new status symbol (Confusion) and have purple-ish smoke come out of them. They'll be a lot easier to kill afterwards. Also, if you haven't already, try getting 6pc Benzai Grace with your gear. The Versatility buff is powerful and helps a lot.

  27. I have 6pc Benzai but how do i apply 2 status effects

  28. Omnyo magic, ninjutsu, talismans on your weapon, any soulcore that applies a status effect, oni-bi is cheap and quick to use.

  29. I've had this issue come up a few times with my Xbox controller. Unplugging and plugging the controller back in (or disconnecting if you're using Bluetooth) usually does the trick. Question; are you playing with batteries in your controller? I found my batteries would somehow interfere so I took them out and have a wired connection to my PC. No issues since.

  30. No mention of Lord Voldemort? My guy was literally wizard Hitler.

  31. We don't know for sure, there hasn't been any confirmation that Martial Arts will be randomly assigned to weapon drops. I personally hope we can learn them and assign them as we want to mix and match playstyle/combos.

  32. No thanks I finished it. it’s so easy

  33. Haha what the hell you ask for help then mention it's so easy...?

  34. Turn off motion blur, makes a world of difference.

  35. Based on the demo it's easier and more streamlined than Souls games. You still need to use a consumable item to co-op but you can use it at any flags (checkpoints) and you can revive your teammate opposed to them dying once and having to go back.

  36. I need more Wo Long in my life goddamn.

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