1. Alright, so not Knuckles' Chaotic or Tails Sky Patrol. We're narrowing it down!

  2. I refuse to do triples. But one of my biggest mistakes when I first started was accepting “blindly” and it would end up that the batch was set to shop at a store 15-20 mins away (as opposed to the same store which I was in the parking lot of). Now I read very carefully 😂

  3. If it’s the same store, you can still shop there without having to drive out of your way. The app would show you a warning message, which you’d just hit ok and then begin shopping normally.

  4. Yes. Notice how when you moved the analog stick to the right, Sonic began running in that direction.

  5. This is my preference for how sonic should control. I never cared much for the drifting around turns in newer games….

  6. when running down a hill at max speed, sonic should keep most of his forward momentum, and turn gradually over time, in a way more closely related to how such a manoeuvre would occur in real life

  7. If the game was designed that way, there’d be no way to make such a sharp 90 degree turn. They’d have to redo the road to make it curve more gradually

  8. They’re good games, but they were designed specifically to run on the DS so I feel like putting it on other systems would be hard to do. Especially since the special stages utilize the touch screen.

  9. Yup, it’s totally overrated. I don’t think I’d have as much of a problem with it if the gimmicks from colors didn’t start appearing in other games afterward. Same with “classic sonic” from generations… cool idea for that particular game, but not something they should be adding to future titles.

  10. .....but how is it still overrated? Something can't be overrated if that's the GENERAL CONSENSUS. I think you're just equivalating "overrated" with "I don't like it".

  11. I don’t think it’s the general consensus that it’s overrated. If that were true, it wouldn’t have gotten a remaster.

  12. Sonic Rush is the only boost game that I actually enjoy. For 3D Sonic Games, I prefer the adventure playstyle with multiple playable characters and intertwined stories.

  13. Knuckles spin-off title. Fully 3D, similar gameplay style to the way he was in the adventure games.

  14. I prefer just having a good old fashioned spindash, to be honest… never liked the boost in any game except sonic rush. Sonic rush is the exception.

  15. bruh, this on you… why would you accept it and do it to yourself

  16. I mean, you can see the tip from the start, but they couldn’t have known about the location for the delivery until it was too late

  17. Unions are still around. My workplace is unionized actually. Part of the problem though, is that we’re competing with foreign labor which oftentimes will do the same work for a lot less money. That, and automation. Especially with AI becoming more sophisticated, I wouldn’t be surprised if more people lose their jobs to machines. And of course, machines don’t unionize…

  18. I heard somewhere that it’s a lot more smooth of a ride than an airplane, too. Won’t feel turbulence quite so much.

  19. Hay bails are softer than pavement. In real life, they’d still be badly hurt if not killed, but this is movie logic.

  20. It’s a franchise with a lot of potential, which is unfortunately being badly mismanaged

  21. If they were going to completely butcher a game, I’m just glad they did it with colors and not any of my beloved adventure titles….

  22. Nah they already butchered Sa1 but at least DX doesn’t need a photosensitivity warning

  23. I played sonic adventure dx and while I did find a few glitches here and there, it was nothing like what we’re seeing with colors ultimate. Did you hear some people had their games crash so badly that it actually corrupted the save file and they had to start all over? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t even think 06 was that bad.

  24. I've had good luck with hand feeding. What I did was to put a baby carrot in my palm, with my hand flat in the cage. This way he gets used to associating smelling me as well as the carrot. Usually takes about a week, then he's fine with you.

  25. What worries me is that they’ll accidentally bite my hand. Has that ever happened to you?

  26. CD hasn't seen that many ports besides the Gems, PC and 2011 version. I'd be glad to try it again on modern consoles.

  27. Oh yeah, I agree, it’s a good game and it’s great that they’re releasing it on modern consoles. The point of my post though is that Mega Collection on the GameCube had more content. If I remember, it had 7 games plus bonus unlockable content. This compilation won’t have as much… I would have liked to see all the genesis games as a minimum requirement, maybe some gamegear titles thrown in as unlockables, some Archie comic stuff….. I just wanted more.

  28. It stops people from shipping via a third country to avoid tariffs.

  29. Has a large dog ever run up at you ? Happened to me yesterday the scariest thing that’s happened to me

  30. Yes. I think dogs by their very nature like to investigate unfamiliar people. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dog not come up to me, at least to sniff me.

  31. After a month or two of practically no income, I was forced to find a different job. I currently make over $22 an hour consistently, and an $80 promotion won’t be enough to get me to come back. If you value my work, offer something better.

  32. Yeah, but you can attack the omochao if he gets too annoying. That makes him better.

  33. Picking orders in a warehouse is so much easier. The scanner tells you exactly where to look, the exact shelf, the exact locatuon

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