my woodland inspired garden this year

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  1. Any update on your lawn? lol I live in Las Vegas also and I just ordered Dutch clover and creeping thyme. I'm starting to wonder if I made a mistake.

  2. Yes. The birds ate the clover once it started to come in. The thyme is still around though

  3. Thank you! I'm getting tired of reading these kinds of posts that make out people with Dyslexia or ADHD have some kind of super power or ability that different to the normal person, like we have a different way to see the world or a gift!

  4. Yes! I can read letters and words. I was only recently diagnosed when undergoing therapy for other things, I’m an adult. No treatment. Older brother was diagnosed as a child.

  5. There was a recent article in Newsweek, about the evolutionary advantage behind dyslexia. Dyslexic brains encourage new information, discovery, and ‘exploration of new knowledge’ as opposed to ‘exploitation of existing knowledge.’

  6. I tell people we’re out of almost any hot drink. It’s a chain restaurant that has horrible tea and coffee, doesn’t carry honey, often we’re out of sweeteners, and legit have to microwave the water for single use each time and only have 3 mugs in the building on a good day so we cant refill hot drinks either. I had a table order three coffees at once, probably the most coffee ordered on a day in the entire time I’ve worked here. I told them we don’t really do coffee and we’re waiting on new mugs so we might not even have enough.

  7. We only have one smoker in our 5 cook kitchen. Every single FOH smokes though. It evens out.

  8. I didn’t realize until you said that… our BOH doesn’t smoke at all. About 30-40% of the adult FOH does. Luckily none of the teenagers smoke or vape. They’re the ones always telling the 30-50 year olds we need to quit

  9. Thank you for sharing! I recently had a similar experience with lactose that made a huge improvement. Yet, after eating no dairy for about 3/4 weeks now, and eating a bunch of guacamole, or tomatoes and avocado in other regulars dishes, was just wondering why I felt so similar- then saw this! Thank you. I am regularly taking antihistamines for seasonal and pet allergies. Gonna give a low histamine diet a try now. Best of luck to you!

  10. This is YOUR garden? It’s so gorgeous!!!! Ugh I can’t grow anything like that in Vegas

  11. Lol I use it for them when I’m about to throw it out for a new sponge. Pretty much subscribe to the Jill Taylor sponge theory. Dishes sponge gets downgraded to kitchen counter sponge gets downgraded to nasty project sponge then trash. With ‘disinfecting’ sponge in between

  12. Is there any way we can also protest not on weekend nights? I really want to protest, but I cannot afford to lose my job. I am at the point of considering saying fuck the job, but maybe we can protest all the time? In shifts? Like day shifts and night shifts?

  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CfPVcxFvAQb/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  14. That’s ok if it’s evening during the week! Thank you so much I’ll check it out!

  15. Lol the irony in posting baseless conjecture and then writing me off as a conspiracy theorist when I call it out as such. Why would these positions be filled by men all of a sudden? If women are having unplanned children, they don't have the option to leave work.

  16. Yeah, and then it's right back to work. Unless their job allows them maternity leave, in which case it's usually like 12 weeks maximum.

  17. But their jobs don’t pay them enough to afford childcare. Working when 80% or more of your income is going to pay for someone else to care for your child, then gas to commute and clothing for work, makes the work part pointless. So someone who’s not ready financially to have a child, being forced to have one, will force them economically into this situation unless there are other people supporting them.

  18. I have nothing against AOC. I’d love a woman in the White House. Though I think as far as real action goes, I think I’d vote for Gavin Newsom.

  19. The new anti abortion laws regarding women who they want to persecute for traveling out of their state to have the procedure performed makes me think of how runaway slaves were tracked down.

  20. Don't forget that gay marriage was legalized by a SCOTUS decision!

  21. And it’s going to be taken away just as easily as Roe v Wade was if we don’t stand up to it now! Don’t lecture on checks and balances when they’re reversing decades old decisions and going out of their way to take away right that Americans were born with before Friday. And why even bother with them if they’re not going to do their checks and balances? They’re sending decisions back to the states, and ignoring their responsibility of the checks and balances system in doing so.

  22. Im white, and I’ve heard these stereotypes in restaurants. As other commenters said though, I think the bias truly shows through when you have that mindset. I have no problem with the race of my tables. I’ve had just as many white tables be dicks, complain, and tip me less or not at all. The only thing I can notice in my specific work place is that I truly go in with the mindset of do whatever I can for my table, whoever they are, and in comparison to coworkers who I know don’t have the same mindset and are prejudiced or racist, I have way less complaints, way less refires/recooks, and usually more money.

  23. I got a ‘just a suggestion… but maybe less foam for the beer… this had a lot’

  24. jokes on you. I haven't salted fries in months. apparently salt is expensive and they will just add some anyway

  25. The Decatur and Elkhorn one isn’t bad for the drive from what I remembered. First we exited the parking lot, went north on Decatur, left on a side street with a lower speed limit, another left a few blocks down on Jones I believe, then another left to get back near Deer Springs, and then back north to Decatur and the dmv.

  26. I worked FOH restaurant in a hotel and we wore them. So yeah it sends those vibes to me.

  27. Wow your situation sounds incredibly similar to mine! Comorbidities and all. I get silent and pain though, mostly pain. Right now I’m in a haze of ‘is this a silent migraine’ or ‘anxiety/depression’ because I had the first two weeks in years that I felt happy and good and pain free and active and was able to function. This week is like idk what’s wrong with me again but no pain yet.

  28. You show up and I’m out of seats, now we have an issue. You show up later than you said and your food is cold, now we have an issue. You don’t show up at all, and now we have an issue. I have to control the pace and tempo of the floor and food orders but you have bypassed all of that, now we have an issue. I have to prioritize a potentially lengthy phone call over guests physically present and needing service, now we have an issue. This great idea of yours catches on and we are constantly juggling the above mentioned issues, now we have an issue.

  29. ‘This great idea of yours catches on…. and now we have an issue’ this.

  30. Because the dine in tables are intended for dine in customers and for the servers to make money. Tipping the to go person is not tipping the server. There is also a rotation at a lot of places which helps ensure the server of the section can timely greet and service the guests they have.

  31. I don’t remember getting a test. However I had some difficulty growing up and I asked my parents and they said no and that they don’t believe in it, but then they said that my older brother got a test when he was younger and they said he was, but also that my parents didn’t believe it. So I guess, my brother had a similar experience to you, but he remembered a teacher bringing it up so he kinda knew but wasn’t able to get help. I just got brushed off with no test even though it’s more likely if my older brother has it lol

  32. Going to maintain and decorate my altar, plant some new growth, clean and run my water fountain and also my fire out for prayer ceremony

  33. Technically different type of thyme than usually found in grocery- but still has the same smell when you step on it or water it

  34. If he really likes busses, there’s a double decker bus that runs downtown and the strip.

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