1. If by gently you mean a way that doesn’t mKe you feel Like crap then I would say

  2. I found this out yesterday after I stuck 71 grams of mango in my mouth WTH.... sticking to raspberries, strawberries and blackberries now.

  3. How weird. I can’t see the comments of the person you replied to. Says deleted.

  4. Oh nah their comments were deleted by an admin here. They were just being INCREDIBLY aggressive, calling us idiots, and being unnecessarily hostile because the guy wanted information. Was saying shit like "it's not rocket science it's OMAD FUCKING IDIOTS". I think someone else even asked why he was so worked up lol

  5. Just when you think she’s getting better, she throws a book 🫣

  6. OMG yes!!! That is another thing I learned in these threads. DO NOT EAT BACK YOUR CALORIESSSS! I was also doing that on days that I did work out, on top of meeting fat macros and going over on calories some days because I was told calories don't matter on keto.

  7. If Calories in = Calories out; you won't lose weight no matter how strict your macros are. I think you've fallen into the trap that a lot of people have in thinking the Fat Macro is a goal instead of a limit. If you feel full eating less fat, you don't need to force a glass of heavy cream down your gullet.

  8. YESSSSSSS I read this in another thread and it made sense as to why I may not be loosing weight. I was making sure to hit my fat macros. I was also told calories don't matter if I am on keto. I was not working out consistently so no wonder I wasn't seeing the scale move anymore.

  9. Off topic but have you watched The Fosters before this show? This is a sequel series so I figured it could be worth mentioning in case you’re wondering who some of the family members are and for backstory 😊

  10. I watched good trouble first and watched the fosters after too! I actually think the reverse order the fosters a little better!

  11. I’m on season 1 episode 3. I like it. Reminds me somewhat of my home. My ex partner and I raised 4 kids. Now I’m a little nostalgic ☺️ I like the show very much. It’s nice to see how Callie and Marianas relationship blossomed.

  12. I knew someone who lived in a loft in Downtown and they had rooftop pool that was pretty busy on weekends. But as far as the classic "kinda depressing pool in the center of a mediocre apartment complex where everyone can see you and hear every word you say," those seem to get a little bit less action as far as I can tell.

  13. Reason why I don’t use mine. To have the chicken hawks eyes on me. I’m gooood!!! I live in the studio part of my apartment complex which = a lot of single men. I don’t want to lay out and have all eyes on me. I’ve been here 3 years and never once used the pool. Sad but true.

  14. From now until about mid-november I will have a perpetually orange tongue. It's candy corn season.

  15. Going on my annual vacay - it's my xmas and new years and birthday put together!!!

  16. Congrats. Just got back from vacation and on say 2 of keto 🥰

  17. I was stuck on it for 45 min and saw the white sheet. Tears fail because I knew it was someone jumping over the bridge by the way the car and body were positioned. Sad. May he/she Rest In Peace

  18. I love that plate. My stepmother used to have that set. And those eggs look yummy.

  19. My mom had those. Recently saw them at an antique shop in Cambria. Should have purchase them.

  20. KCRW Summer Nights! I loved going to these when I lived in LA. Such fun nights.

  21. the new ones moved to rowland height diamond bar and next step is chino and pomona....

  22. I started by starting my fast between 7 and 8pm. I then fasted longer each day. Took about 1 week to stay at 16/8. I’m training my body now to go 18/6 eventually would love to do 20/4.

  23. I work in Beverly Hills and use to feel safe walking to Starbucks, the bank or to my car in underground parking. Now I don’t. I have my phone on record just in case and watching my back. I don’t know if there is a safe city right now. This sucks. I am a woman and could just be overreacting. I know that I can’t live like this either. Maybe if you buy something like pepper spray to protect while on your walk. Unfortunately crime is happening during the day also.

  24. Stay home and enjoy your 21st bday with family and friends. The safest 🙏🏼

  25. Yes, I was drugged and had my phone stolen at The Abbey.

  26. Phone goes in my bra. I could hide a pint in there. This sucks though. Spreading the word.

  27. My mama had those plates. I recently seen them in Cambria at an antique shop. I should have bought them. Nostalgic moment ❤️❤️

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