1. I got both the tiger & liberty fabrics and both were charged at ¥3,500. I can’t wait to get them!

  2. We don’t allow requests for friends, I’m sorry. Please read our rules.

  3. That’s unfortunate. I don’t have a ton of family, so my friends are my family. It’s sad that I can’t ask for this help on her behalf just because we don’t share DNA.

  4. I started reading Jane Austen, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mary Shelley, and other classic novels at her age. There isn’t a lot of very descriptive violence or sex because Victorian society and previous would have been scandalized by it, so they’re content safe, and you should be able to find them easily in your local library and/or any used book or thrift store.

  5. I haven’t been plus sized my whole life. Even when I was half the size I am now, I would trip over my own shadow, crash into stuff… I even dislocated my knee just walking down a hallway. Sometimes people are just a little bit clumsy. I have a friend who was a professional ballerina for a while, and she’s literally the most clumsy person I’ve ever met in my life. Worse than me… until she gets her pointe shoes on, then it’s a totally different story.

  6. I'll never stop wearing my skinny jeans, you can pry them from my cold, dead hands. Any other cut is super unflattering on me, and IMO the silhouette of a skinny jean is timeless.

  7. This!! Audrey Hepburn wore skinny leg pants. If it’s good enough for Audrey, then it’s good enough for me. Skinnies and jeggings are just what I’m comfortable in at this point. I like the stretch, and the fact that they’re basically just upgraded leggings.

  8. Omg ahahah those are hideous. The length of them is hilarious in contrast to the width

  9. Thank you!! I used to get a lot of clothing second-hand in the 90’s/00’s and they never fit right. I had pants like this and I hated it. I can’t imagine ever choosing them on purpose!! It looks like the model is waiting for a flood.

  10. I was just gonna say Leuchtturm! Also Midori MD, and Oddyssey Notebooks Tomoe River.

  11. Oh good to know! I’ve also found the Scribbles that Matter notebooks and Leuchtturm 120gsm ones fill the covers out well. :)

  12. I only really insert one side of the Leuchtturm so far but maybe I’ll do both… >_> lol

  13. It’s a story all of us women know - rejecting a man can be scary and hard especially when there are horror stories of how they react.

  14. Unfortunately this is a tale as old as time. I’m so sorry he was like this to you. There is a reason this jerk is single, and it’s because of this kind of behaviour. Nobody likes a big baby man.

  15. It reminds me of BLM's opening to EXU Calamity, where everyone got a but of a spotlight during an important "time period"

  16. This campaign so far (and especially recent episodes) have been really cool as someone who watches and loves both CR and D20. I can see where Matt is picking up bits and pieces from how Aabria and Brennan DM and I’m loving it.

  17. When I worked in an office, I lived in black leggings and tunic-length sweaters in the autumn & winter. Add some ankle booties or knee-height boots (like the riding boot style ones) and you’re both comfy and professional at the same time. If you’re like me (I’m 5’7” and have longer legs than torso), I’ve had great luck at Old Navy online - any of their regular length tops that come in a “long” are automatically tunic length on me. Their Jeggings and pixie pants are good too. Very stretchy and not terribly expensive.

  18. That’s a buddy! You can change them out by going into your inventory, clicking “fashion” and then find the little animal paw print (🐾). If you feed a wild animal twice, it gets added to your list of possible companion animals. ☺️

  19. Honestly I find Mother Gothel way too real of a villain- her behaviors are far too realistically cruel to be comfortable in an escapism game- and actually ended up trailing off playing the game after I unlocked her. Wasn’t a conscious decision, but every time she made a snarky comment, it was really “triggering” (overused word but means something to me…) as a child of a narc mom. Over time I played less and less and now I’ve just kinda trailed off playing entirely… I know I’m not the only player with this complaint either.

  20. This. She’s just too on the nose for me. I also hate that she effectively spoiled the entire plot of the game SO soon after I started. I really wish they would have drawn that out more. Now that I know what she knows, I don’t feel like there’s any mystery left to it, which sucks because it made for a really interesting and compelling game.

  21. It was pretty obvious from super early on....you're told by multiple characters that you seem 'familiar', if you couldn't guess it by that point then idk what to tell you honestly

  22. Yeah I had figured it out by the time I unlocked her, but I was still disappointed with the reveal. I think from a storytelling standpoint it could have been done better.

  23. When this happens, watch your fruit bushes/trees. Mine duplicated everything, then later randomized what stuff it deleted and changed the plants around. (So raspberry where it was blueberry, etc)

  24. So far I haven’t had any issue with the fruit bushes and trees moving themselves around after that first time. I’ve logged out and back in three or more times since and they seem to have stayed put!

  25. My game may just have a weird glitch then… this morning it changed some of my forest flower bushes into glade flower bushes

  26. Oh that is weird! Are you on console or PC? I’ve been playing via steam and it seems there are different bugs depending on how you chose to access the game, it seems like. There was a bug fix in the patch from a few days ago that was specific to the epic games store, for example.

  27. Absofuckinglutely not. A rational, sane person would have foreseen this “embarrassment” when they were planning their “kidnapping.” She wasted time, resources, empathy…. I hope the judge puts her away as long as possible, and throws away the key.

  28. Have a look at the ingredients in your foundation and primer. If your primer is silicone based (any ingredients ending in “one” are most likely silicones), and your foundation is water or oil based, they may be repelling each other, instead of layering nicely. I try and get my primer and foundation from the same brand, because brands typically formulate their foundations and primers to work well together.

  29. I don’t know what the law is specifically in your area, but any work over 40 hours in a week is definitely overtime. In my area, you’d be paid 2.5x your regular hourly rate for the last 10 hours of your 50 hour work week.

  30. I think being the parent of a criminal is a very difficult position to find yourself in. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to feel unconditional parental love for someone who has done such morally reprehensible things. I am sure there is a lot of self-blaming and heavy self-criticism that they might go through, not to mention the media and court of public opinion combing through their family history looking for a moment when the parents messed up and turned their child into a monster.

  31. I’m a size 22/24. I have gotten massages before and I felt weird about it at first too. I was worried the table wouldn’t hold me up, but it was way stronger than I anticipated! I had a great experience and have gone back several times!

  32. I was complaining to my boyfriend about this. Goofy screaming good morning to me at 9pm is not the vibe. I’m gonna need some more character voice lines in future patches… preferably ones that don’t specify time 🤦‍♀️

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