[OC] got my master sword tattoo

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  1. Wow! Your butt is so cute in the fourth picture. Keep up the good work, Evie! 😊

  2. If you win all 7 and don't lose anything you should be ranking up though. Winning 7 games in OW1 in a row you could see progress. if you do the same in OW2 it just keeps some of us at the same rank apparently.

  3. It’s bugged I won 14 straight games averaging 8-11k heals and damage as moira still in bronze my friend who has never played won 3 out of 7 and got silver and is ok but only averages 4-6k heals and damage

  4. It's literally not though. you probably just are bronze. I placed bronze 5 on dps and quickly got back into gold and then plat.

  5. I mean did you read my comment? Won 14 straight bronze to bronze with the ruff stats 8k-11k heals 8k-11k damage each game and friend who is new to game loses 3-7 with far less heals/damage and is silver? How is that not bugged I’m not saying I’m diamond or anything but I’m not bronze lol it’s bugged.

  6. So far I am 14 and 0 and got placed in B5 for both placements. Was gold in OW1. So I would say it’s broken

  7. Glitch I think happened to me too now I’m stuck with all the bronze 5 players who just run in there and die it’s so fun.

  8. Omg Vivi is so cute you have done an amazing job

  9. Lol I hope people are not buying this shit if everyone avoids they will definitely drop the price of everything

  10. Ohhh I’d skip and keep hoping for a 60fps release

  11. Well it won’t be my girl moira she never gets a skin

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