1. The "sailing" videos are quite telling to me in that nothing even remotely like a tack or even the beginning or end of one was shown.

  2. Not a sailor here- does "lee helm" mean a boat that tends to get its bow blown downwind, not having enough steering authority to maintain its course?

  3. This one isn't uncommon at all. Cross table cspine on the other hand...

  4. I got cross table spine during a myelogram, I've actually seen a few of them. But the school wants a Danelius-Miller view for trauma hip and everyone does Nakayama. I have two signatures because the rad was OK with us doing it even though the patient could do a frogleg, but no comp yet.

  5. What is the idea of doing a nakayama if they can move the opposite leg and the Pelvis didn't show an obvious break?

  6. …that’s the best name I’ve seen for him so far. I’d give you an award if I had one!

  7. I think it was Colin Mochrie who said that "Donald Trump" was an anagram of "Lord Dampnut".

  8. A lot of simple things. Rice with a couple handfuls of frozen veggies thrown in, and a chicken thigh. Things like that. Some kind of bottled sauce. Crockpot pot roast, throw it together in the morning and eat it over the next few days. Fun cooking time is typically for the weekend, and I'll often make a big batch of something that can be portioned out and frozen, like chili or pasta sauce and meatballs. Then they become weekday foods as well.

  9. I have a DeAtramentis Document Black tattoo on my thumb from clicking the wrong end of a Decimo.

  10. The left one, but with the...loop...thickness... of the center one.

  11. Dumb, not necessarily. Gullible, yes. There are very smart people who believe the craziest of conspiracy theories.

  12. That's similar to the way my local shop does it. I got my betta there. He's blue, white, and red. His name is Pierre.

  13. I put shimmer ink in my Kaweco Sport, and it caught fire and exploded, taking out half my house and opening a hole into the sewer in the street outside. But not before drinking all my beer, eating all my snacky snacks, letting my cat out, and not flushing the toilet. Maybe that guy was just trying to help.

  14. It was thought to give an off flavor to the beer. I figure this comes from sugar wash used in distilling, which does give a particular flavor to the resultant liquor. In the quantities we're talking though, it doesn't matter. I just use whatever regular white sugar I have around the kitchen.

  15. Yes, if you make lots of rice. I had one, and it worked pretty well for large batches, but when only making a little bit- one meal for one person- it was more trouble than it was worth. There was always a layer of cooked-on rice on the bottom that needed soaking or scraping off, which doesn't happen nearly as badly with a little saucepan. I traded it and my crock pot out for an instant pot. Granted, it may have been a lousy rice cooker- it was an Aroma from Costco. But 1:1 rice to water in a pot, bring to simmer, then cover, heat to low, and set a 20 minute timer. Done. Easy.

  16. "Gadolinium is the most neurotoxic and foreign substance ever injected into the human body."

  17. The local hospital here will train you in IR on the job, no special license needed. You're always working with a rad or a PA.

  18. Just about the whitest person possible from the suburbs of the American Midwest, it's Gnocchi. Gnocchis is something a six year old would say.

  19. It might be, bit you're rolling the dice. You're better off avoiding no-name Amazon-grade junk on things that have the potential for causing real problems if they fail. Aqueon is a good brand, as is Eheim. For a filter or light, sure, try the cheap one. If they fail the worst thing that happens is you mutter some curse words and go get another one. But the heater can cook the fishies when it goes, so it's better to get a known reliable product and not run the risk.

  20. Just cook with it. Don't put it in the dishwasher. It'll never be nonstick like a teflon pan, but once it builds up some seasoning it'll be close. You want to use oil still. You can wash it with regular dish soap, just don't let it sit around wet.

  21. Of the beers that are available pretty much anywhere, I would say Sierra Nevada or Sam Adams. If you want a macro lager (honestly, Sierra Nevada and Sam Adams are probably macros now if you think about it, but...) Hamms, PBR, or High Life are solid picks.

  22. Most of the time I don't preheat the oven. I just stick stuff in there cold and add ten minutes or so to the time.

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