1. It used to be that our politics was prety clustered around the center.

  2. If you're calling the person's employer and trying to ruin their life it's not a legitimate expression of opposition.

  3. Thats not how education works. Many teachers dont know what they're going to teach until the day before school starts in many cases

  4. I have a lot of relatives who teach, they know what classes several weeks before the semester starts.

  5. And it's still during the time of year when they're not getting paid. Catch my ass doing hours of free labor lmao

  6. It’s all different shades of gray. Is a ticket scalper who sells a product for twice as much as they paid for it automatically worse than you just because they owned it for less than you did? Most people would say so.

  7. If I get though seven stratight days and no really impressive spawns then I don't see the point. I may use it here and there but not as a "I should do this"

  8. One big difference is the goal of BLM was police reform and the goal of 1/6 rioters was to help a president steal power.

  9. Those kinds of protests and riots have long predated the BLM organization. It was more about George Floyd and everything else than whatever is on the BLM web site that almost no one reads.

  10. Okay, be prepared to defend it. Because with SCOTUS and a “Conservative” President (let’s say DeSantis) I believe they will be happy to demolish that right.

  11. Funny I see the threats against speech and through as coming from the left, not the right.

  12. You’re referring to non whites complaining too much and not being grateful?

  13. Why not embrace like some on the right and wish for those days again? Why feel guilty about?

  14. Not enough video there for me to really know what the heck is going on.

  15. You realize everything worldwide has been exacerbated by the russian invasion of ukraine and that isnt Biden's fault?

  16. This is just like when Trump scribbled on an NOAA map to change the course of a hurricane. Except in this case it's far more impactful.

  17. I thought the texas law was wrong, this one is plain stupid. How childish do lawmakers have to be to pass a bill like this and have it repealed if an unrelated bill in a different state get repealed?

  18. Actually, you'd have to explain this one to me. Unless you're specifically arguing masks for safety protocols (i.e. eyewear in a chem lab or doctor surgical masks).

  19. I'm saying that depending on the disease, the treatment available, the knowledge of it, and the transmissibility that requiring masks in public areas is not an infringement on constitutional rights.

  20. I'd call you a one-trick pony, but that would be an insult to one trick ponys

  21. You said " but there is literally no situation where someone would pay 30% less income tax by leaving a state"

  22. I get your point, but there is literally no situation where someone would pay 30% less income tax by leaving a state (especially someone who can only afford a studio). Studio apt vs 3000ft2 home is certainly legitimate though.

  23. What’s your issue with that. Is it hurting you right now? Do our first amendment rights not apply?

  24. LOL Jesus died before Christianity was even a thing....and he was Jewish.

  25. I feel like there is a place for it, these are after all "universities" (meaning talk all things). My only issue is that these things are less and less niche odd classes that some small sample of kids take and more and more the social discourse of the campus at large.

  26. Are you gay? If you aren't you have nothing to worry about.

  27. The vast majority of the cases right now is being spread by homosexuals. You can only get it by close, prolonged contact. It's endemic in countries where people share beds not necessarily for sex. Even if someone who had it just hugged you, you more than likely would not get it. And even if you did, it's rarely fatal.

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