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  1. Lucky, I guess it's just when you ask for a hug it filters.

  2. Yes, I wear it for myself to look more alive so i can stare back at myself when the screen goes blank and not look depressed

  3. Art is better than ai art because it captures the emotions

  4. Well how has your love life been? I find that wings on a baby can be seen as symbolism for " the end path" u know what I mean? Have you been longing for a relationship or is the dream helping you remember the feeling of purpose or real pure happiness? Which is what I'd imagine beyond the confusion of a baby with wings lol

  5. Are you a man or a woman? Are you in a relationship at this time? Just realized "giving birth" my apologies, just answer the 2nd question lol

  6. I'd take away my stars down to 1 if Google would let me 😔

  7. As a person with Borderline Personality Disorder i'd suggest to get it diagnosed professionaly before you search up what you believe on the internet because there's a chance you'd believe something applies to you so it's better to be 100% honest. Continue on, it'll get better. I haven't been on bpd loved ones for a while after reading many complaints we can't help ourselves with our emotions

  8. That if i threw ice cubes into a puddle, it'd end global warming

  9. I've seen people CURSING in the chats and yet roblox is here reporting users using the words "yeah" and "go"?!

  10. I was chilling in my front yard when 2 people pulled up in a van to "kidnap me" eventually they letted me go because "i annoying the heck out of them" by talking about raid shadow legends, sad loss for them

  11. Please update us on your opinions once you finish chapter 16, there's a reason many if us doesn't like that chapter 🤣

  12. Lol I just imagine him clinging on your back or something as you exhaustedly get some water 😂

  13. That's actually what happened right after! I held his hand exhausted just to go get a water bottle 🤣🤣

  14. Lol they broke into my room through the window as a joke

  15. If she's THAT addicted she should also participate in it, she's gone through many years without it she should be fine with 25 more days

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