Men of Reddit: what’s the creepiest thing a woman has ever said to you?

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  1. I was wondering why an emo chick eating razor blades with an AR is brave

  2. If only that were true. I think it's actually benzocaine.

  3. same family of drugs though, I guess. (cocaine, benzocaine, lidocaine, novocaine, MichaelCaine, etc)

  4. If he loves Disney? If he has to wear special underwear? If he has eleven wives?

  5. Shoot it, it will polish itself. Then it'll be fine. My 15 year old WASR is still sticky enough that if I pull it back gently it has a friction based bolt hold-open. I view it as a feature.

  6. I have a 1911 I had built using a Caspian frame and slide. I would love to pass it down to my son but NY’s permit rules, specifically in the county I live in make it all but impossible for him to get a permit. So when I pass it will get sold.

  7. I've got an old MAC 1935s that my Grandpa bought like, in the 60s back before they stopped making 7.65 French Long ammo. The last time I saw him alive he travelled to Michigan from Florida, and made a point to bring it with him and give it to me in person, rather than have me inherit it when he was gone. I treasure that thing.

  8. Gotta tourque the absolute fuck out of it and use red locktite

  9. Last time I put a bolt-on charging handle on one of my AKs I JB welded that bitch on. It's part of the gun now.

  10. ГП-25. Already in restoration process and already "sold" to proper bois in the Zaporozhye trenches. At least some parts of it....

  11. She told me she would rather kill me and then herself than see me with someone else

  12. Pull all the triggers at once and you can cross the English Channel

  13. It looks unfinished. Like... it needs some tiger stripes or something. throw some rhodie-green and forest green splotches on there for a MARPAT look... something. This is just kind of a "y tho?" in my book.

  14. Nothing but steel here, go collect brass somewhere else, range goblin.

  15. Doesn't the ace have that spring loaded tilting dust cover thing like the ak5

  16. Yeah we've just given a different meaning to the word. But this is the correct use for it. Same in automotive timing we would say "need to retard the timings."

  17. Actually I bet that's the where the word as it's commonly used in the US kind of came from, only in the 'schools' context.

  18. Unparalleled intellect in the streets, retard strength in the sheets

  19. Probably Stalin killing even more people than Hitler which gets mostly overlooked because 'ally'

  20. We should ban all guns to stop gun violence. That's how we got rid of drugs and murder.

  21. Military assault rifles haven't been able to be sold to the general public since 1986

  22. You know if these can take normal ak gas tubes by chance? Noticed above the handguard it has some insanely fat gas tube connecting to the gas block. Looks like it's the same one it was imported with.

  23. I've never tried, but I'm sure someone here knows. I know I've seen Saigas with normal looking furniture

  24. He also egged Nicholas II into fighting Japan in the early 1900s by implicitly promising his support and claiming Nicholas was defender of the white race against the "yellow peril" and then when Russia fought Japan he went completely quiet.

  25. To be fair, there were a lot of guys who did WWI.

  26. My OCD ass doesn’t understand how can women wear non-matching underwear

  27. Lol. Money. Have you ever shopped for a bra that fits? And then tried to match it?

  28. One of the ways I keep the lady happy is when we're out shopping for bras and she finds a good fitting comfortable one, I'll buy three or four of them cost be damned. It's a worthy investment with noticeable returns.

  29. Hey buddy, about to blow your mind but you can just change it in the settings to download images without crediting the OP, no cropping required lol

  30. No, wait, please don't. There are some of us that aren't fuckwits. Or at least give some heads up because I'd rather unsub from there than get banned here.

  31. The franchise owners were stupid cheap, so they didnt offer even free desserts on your birthday. All they ever got was embarrassed lol.

  32. I used to work at a seafood restaurant, let's call it Jim's Lobster House, where they would make you do the most embarrassing shit if it was your birthday. It was always the biggest waste of time, because no one ever wanted to actually participate, but the managers would throw a shit fit and write you up if you didn't do it. After a while, I just had to commit and would embarrass the shit out of people to the point where they would never want to mention it was their birthday at a restaurant ever again.

  33. I wonder if they embarrass customers on purpose, just so that they can claim 'you get a free dessert' but discourage anybody from actually wanting to take advantage of it to save money.

  34. Do you have and source that louder pipes are safer?

  35. What kind of source do you want? This should be something you have experience with just from being human long enough. Are you more likely to notice something if it's loud or silent? It's the same reason police sirens, fire alarms, tornado alarms, alarm clocks, and the backup beepers on trucks and large equipment are loud.

  36. If the safety of being noticed is the primary goal of riders with loud pipes, than why do so many of them wear flat black clothes?

  37. And many of them also don't. Because I didn't say that everyone is the same. People are individuals believe it or not. I never even said that some bikers don't like to annoy people. I just said that there is some utility in loud pipes and that some bikers use them for that purpose.

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