1. i got it! and it applies really smoothly on my nails. but i bite my nails so i know subconciously im going to be chipping it away tomorrow lol

  2. Painting my nails is actually my way of avoiding bad nail biting/finger picking habits-just cuz I don’t want to ruin the polish haha~

  3. My routine is to push back the cuticles first before applying. This formula was super easy to work with too. Often times I get paint on my fingers, but I just remove it after a warm soak in water or a shower~

  4. Bag: January’s double lined bag is so soft, simple, and cute. It has a lime-green interior with pink zip and pull. I received a card with my personalized products, all correct.

  5. Looks like Ipsy is having a poll on their Instagram stories for 4 October bag designs. Really digging the red bag one-gives off vampire vibes which I LOVE. (I blocked out the results as I had already voted) Which bag is your favorite? Thoughts?

  6. I received this bundle in a bag before. I like the spray, but the shampoo and conditioner are not high quality. The hair spray smells fantastic, however I don’t see a difference in my hair. Also the spray’s tubing is too long for the container, so I had to snip it to the right length. The shampoo and conditioner have a LOT of water in them, as if they were diluted formulas. It felt like I had to use a lot more product than needed. Conditioner especially was not softening enough and I needed globs of it for my straight, past-the shoulder-length hair. The quality of the bottles themselves aren’t anything special as they are labeled with wraparound stickers. Great scents! Just not worth the quality nor does it do the job with its “wateriness.”

  7. Great review! I'm sad to hear about the Bella Pierre palette because I've been so looking forward to it. I use fingers to apply my makeup because I like bold color and those are weak swatches dangit

  8. I’ve been with Ipsy officially for a year! It was a first time introduction to tons of new brands and products. Being on an annual plan, I never had issues or an “Ipsy Oopsie,” so I’m going on ahead with another year.

  9. Always appreciate your in depth reviews and descriptive details! All your tidbits never go unnoticed-thank you!

  10. First off, the bag is super interesting and tactile. The faux leather surface is etched in a way that follows the cheetah print fur pattern. The sporty orange stripe also only goes along the front of the bag. The zipper is gold and the inside is felt-like. I like that all my products are fall colored. Immediately what caught my eye was the Barefoot Venus body cream. It is macadamia & sweet almond oil based, but the scent is a wonderful sweet grapefruit scent. No nuttiness at all. Goes on smoothly and absorbs fast, not greasy. Next is the Lottie black eyeliner. It is a felt tip, nothing special, but I love to be stocked on these. The Goldfaden serum glided on my face smoothly, and claims to help with uneven and dull skin tones. Quite small at 10mL. Unexpectedly what is even tinier is the Fieldtrip lip mask. It is a clear formula with no fragrance and smooth texture. Finally, I received an eyeshadow by Naked Cosmetics, which is a nice bronze shimmer. It is a full size, but I would prefer the Lottie foil I got in my previous bag. The Naked Cosmetics shadow is nearly the same shade, but is a lot lighter in application and probably needs some layering whereas the Lottie needs just one swipe. Great bag! I’ll be using everything except for the eyeshadow. Hope you get your bag soon and have a great Thanksgiving!

  11. Quick question, did your barefoot Venus body cream have a safety seal on it? I mean under the cap. I received mine without one and was just wondering if all of them came like that or if I should be contacting IpsyCare about it. TIA!

  12. Hi! Mine did not come with a safety seal~

  13. November's GB design is pretty cool, It has a sporty edge with the fall orange stripe and cheetah print pattern. My choice for this bag is the Lottie London Eyeliner. After receiving their eye glitter, I thought the brand was high quality. I have gotten 3 eyeliners before this (some out of choice) and I'm not mad since I go through them a lot! Excited to try the Barefoot Venus Body Cream, which has vintage packaging. I've heard it smells nice. I have not heard of Fieldtrip before, but I do enjoy Lip Masks. I also received another skincare item (my bags tend to be skincare-leaning), a Serum by Goldfaden MD. Finally, I got Naked Cosmetic's Eye Shadow in Sierra Nevada 03. I have a lot of shadows in this color and I don't need more, so I think I will change my profile again. Time to stay hydrated this Fall. Overall, a solid bag!

  14. Where is your plushie from?????!? I need one!! 🎃🎃🎃🎃

  15. It was gifted by my friend, she got it from Anirollz "[SPECIAL EDITION] Halloween Kittiroll Blanket Plush" :)

  16. Nice bag! I love everything I've tried by FAB. Is the eyebrow gel clear?

  17. Hi, I provide honest personal reviews for the products received from my glam bags. I’m not a mua, just a casual sub-box enjoyer! Today I’ll be talking about this lip look I created with products from my GB.

  18. The zipper threading in mine has a little defect in the middle, so I have to pull it harder to get unstuck 😩

  19. I got that same Lottie eyeshadow and it came with this weird piece of white plastic in it. Does anyone know what it is? It’s a white circle with a little peg coming off

  20. Ah yes! It’s common in a lot of packaging actually, especially in loose powder products. You’re supposed to use that plastic piece to press down and compact the shimmer if it’s too loose.

  21. I got this bag in double bubble wrapped packaging, with the add-on Tacha’s and Ahava’s in the outer bag. The GB itself is really pretty! It’s holo with a purple zipper and hot pink interior. I was afraid the holo pattern would flake off and leave shimmer crumbs everywhere, but IPSY did a good job with this shiny faux-leather, foil-like material. Speaking of shimmer, the Lottie eyeshadow and Ciate eyeliner are GLOWING! So shiny in the right light and packed with product. I swatched them so you can see. The shadow is on the top, liner in the middle, and the bottom red swatch is the Seraphine lip stain. The lip stain is a nice red that I can wear. It’s creamy and almost has a natural berry scent to it. It stains well as I had to give the swatch a few good scrubs to remove. The Ouai scrub smells divine. The reviews aren’t wrong when they say it’s a pleasant rose. The sugary texture is nice and I’m excited to use this! The Headband fits snugly on my head and keeps my hair back, although it may be too tight for those with larger head-shapes. As for the add-on’s, I stocked up on the Ahava’s (I have previously reviewed them) and got the Tatcha rice cleanser. I just used the cleanser, and it’s a concentrated product. Super creamy and a little goes a long way. It’s scented like light herbs, but not overwhelming or lingering. Left my skin feeling clean and soft. Almost everything in this bag was full size and I’ll be using it! Hope you get your bag soon~

  22. It’s my birthday next week and this bag couldn’t be better! Ipsy’s choices for me are all full-sized products. Happy to see some makeup across the board for this one. Going from top to bottom: The bag design is interesting, I hope the shimmers don’t rub off. Excited to try a new gold color for eyeliner. I’ve mostly been using basic black my whole life and silver on my waterline, so I hope the gold works on me. The headband will be a first. I never had an issue with makeup getting in my hair, but it is cute. The Lottie eye glitter compliments the Ciate eyeliner color well. I picked the Ouai scrub and I’m excited to use it, especially for the scent-I hear people say they enjoy the fragrance. For the Seraphine lip stain, I do like their brand a lot and I love lip products. I added the Tatcha rice wash because I’m into cleansers right now, and the Ahava because it’s such a good travel size hand cream that works with my skin. Really really happy!

  23. “I’m bisexual which means I’m attracted to her friends lol I just don’t know why I didn’t want her” hahaha

  24. Oh wow! I’m surprised you got the faux-leather bag! I got the same design, but with a silky fabric exterior.

  25. I don’t mind it but if staff read this, a transparent bag please! Its most convenient for travel

  26. A transparent holographic bag! The iridescent ones aaaah

  27. How large is the bag? That was the only thing I wanted this month, so I’m hoping to buy one somewhere, but want to be sure they are not super tiny like Mays bag.

  28. It’s the same general size as the other bag: 7x5in. I also forgot to mention the inside is also a silky pink texture/color. Hopefully the shop has this bag up later, it really is cute!

  29. I was quite surprised to see this at my doorstep this morning! I was also surprised with the texture of the beautiful bag-it’s silky to the touch. The inner Hotel Paradise card also changed for me, usually it has my specific items listed with descriptions and prices, but I got a generic card this time. So far I’ve only tried the lip gloss, and it’s nice! The highlighter was dark as I predicted, so I am going to put it to the side for shimmers. I shall update in future posts of the other products when I use them~

  30. I love the monstera plant leaf design on the bag! The pull-tab as a leaf is cute too. I am interested in the Goldfaden, as I’ve heard many say it’s a good product. I picked the LCB gloss and think it has nice packaging. I don’t use face masks too often, but I will be happy to have a mask day with my significant other since there are two. As for the cleanser, I am a sucker for cleansers and am looking forward to trying out this gel-type one. So far I’ve tried foaming cleansers with micellar water, and an oil based one to remove makeup. Lastly, the YC highlighter coin shade does look like a penny. If it’s too dark to be a highlighter for me, it would make for a good eyeshadow or maybe bronzer alternative?

  31. Hi, I provide honest personal reviews for the products received from my glam bags. I’m not a mua, just a casual sub-box enjoyer! Today I’ll be talking about lip colors.

  32. Hi, I provide honest personal reviews for the products received from my glam bags. I’m not a mua, just a casual sub-box enjoyer! Today I’ll be talking about lip care products. I cycle through these three products evenly.

  33. Thanks for the reviews! As of this past month, I am no longer subbed to Ipsy anymore but I always check the reviews because people are trying so many items every month. I appreciate this. I own all 3 yet haven't reached for them yet, as I am currently using up others. I have been looking forward to trying the Kinship next. As for the many lip balms, I pass them on to my teenagers who go through them faster than I can. I'm a sharer so my items won't expire or go to waste. I give them to friends and family or resell. Wish Ipsy didn't have so many issues because I think its fun to try small versions of new items and test them. Please keep sharing reviews. I'll keep an eye out. This was very informative, love the layout, details and photo.

  34. I’m so glad you like my reviews! I hope people can live vicariously through my words, haha~ It’s great that you’re sharing your samples too. I have extra primers and I probably am going to give them away to my friends.

  35. Hi, I provide honest personal reviews for the products received from my glam bags. I’m not a mua, just a casual sub-box enjoyer! Today I’ll be talking about skincare.

  36. Love the color of the bag, it definitely reminds me of the beach. The colors of the items overall are harmonious (I love packaging design) with the complementing pastel blues and oranges.

  37. Love the matching colors of your bag!

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