1. I stopped using that cancer site years ago. It’s heavily manipulated and fragrances are hyped because the brands pay.

  2. Ok maybe I will get downvoted or deleted but isn’t it highly Eastern European owned or Russian owned even? I use it a lot and can’t help to feel those vibes . Not gonna go into a political rabbit hole here but yea

  3. hey 🫂 I have the same problem as you, did tear trough 2 years ago (I'm 24). You already live 6 years with it... oh my 😔 I'm so sorry...

  4. Same here. Searching for ways. I read that if you do surgery they can remove them. Maybe practicing lymphatic drainage can help, the issue isn’t so much the filler but the water that keeps accumulating there bc this area has such poor drainage e

  5. There a guy in Tampa who is supposedly the best , I will go to him next

  6. This is why I only wear vintage nowadays. I don’t want to smell like any run of the mill GenZ wearing Glossier or Cloud or Good Girl. I wear all the scents of my youth and make them great again. Poeme, Angel, Hot Couture, Deep Red, Gucci Rush, Play Intense, Tommy Girl, and get tons of compliments bc I don’t smell like everyone else. They used to be basic back in the day, but they shine like diamonds in 2023

  7. If those 80% are unhappy they can close their companies and leave the UAE. Simple as that.

  8. They’re just jealous of your great country. It’s normal and necessary that imaratis enter the labor force more, especially in the private sector. But at the same time if all expat labor left, the economy would not work well.

  9. On l’utilise beaucoup pour décrire une personne très gâtée, capricieuse, qui se comporte comme si lui était dû sans produire aucun effort/ travail. Pas facile à traduire— mais le sens y est Ex: gen z kids are more entitled than millennials

  10. Since moving to the Midwest I have become invisible and only attract ethnic men or black guys. I have analyzed white women on my area and they all are thin, blonde, with pink undertones and tend to be taller with no curves… yet get tons of attention from Blake’s and Kyles … in Florida, it’s the opposite… carlies and Ashley’s don’t really get as much attention as exotic or Mediterranean women

  11. So like, the international dining scene is amazing and there are so many cuisines.

  12. I’ve been dying for a real ceviche for years… but we have great rubens here… you’re welcome to visit

  13. From the Midwest you're probably used to a lot of privacy. There's not a lot of that out here. Wherever you go there are people and sometimes you really have to work to find a piece of nature that doesn't already have 50 people doing the same thing as you.

  14. I’m in Omaha. We have some good Kansas City style bbq but drive down to KC often for the real thing

  15. The 5D dreams come and go don't worry. I always go sometime in between dreams

  16. Do you think these dreams are telepathy or unconscious ? Of a bit of both ? They’re so unsettling

  17. Read at 11:36 For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.

  18. Ah ça, souvenir d'un pote qui après une prépa dans notre sud de la France natal monte à Paris pour faire une année de plus dans une prépa huppée, et qui se reçoit un "par contre, pour les concours, votre accent là, il va falloir faire quelque chose hein ?".

  19. Incroyable...Bourdieu parle d'ailleurs de la violence symbolique qu'il a vecu en "montant" a Paris pour ses etudes apres avoir grandi dans le Bearn...

  20. Sorry but I’m pretty sure your 60 year old aunt doesn’t look 35.. 😅

  21. Before she let her hair grey and stopped dying her hair she would get asked if she was my cousin’s sister. Now she looks older just because her hair is white. But her skin, face structure and plump healthy feminine face makes her look less than 40

  22. That’s essentially how my family eats too. We love fruits, vegetables and mushrooms but mostly eat animal based. I take liver and the only negative I found so far has been the price (raw liver is inexpensive in comparison but I am not a fan of the taste. 😅) My skin looks amazing, I no longer have debilitatingly long and heavy periods, I no longer have pms, I can see at night without glasses, overall I feel way more energetic and vibrant. I had been taking a slew of traditional vitamin supplements, but now I take the ancestral liver, fish eggs, and their bone & marrow.

  23. We should be best friends and have dinner parties haha! I eat ancestral too! Sardines, herring, oysters, chicken liver, chicken with the skin, beef liver capsules, red meat, eggs… the only thing I can’t drink is milk because it DOES NOT agree with me. But I’m still looking for a farm while milk t hay may do the trick. The beef liver pills do cause some constipation and joint pain for me I’m afraid at some parts of my cycle, but I don’t drink enough water. My fears with this diet and supplementation is very high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol

  24. You can bite into a piece of cardboard and measure the intermolar space , the distance between your last molars on the inside of the arch

  25. Yup ! When I used retin a , my eyelashes and brows would fall . I don’t use this anymore unless I have an active acne lesion

  26. Shoes wise, I’d say Nike or Hoka will be good options (they’re nice and supportive so will do right by you even after this trip to the high end gym is a memory)

  27. Thanks ! Yes I need that upper class London vibe too! What do you think. The lululemon shoes?go with hoka better?

  28. also if you want to use this as an excuse to luxe out the rest of your workout stuff, get a cute water bottle and hair tie lol. i'm a big proponent of things being cute/pretty in day-to-day life so even when i work out at home I like to set up a whole ~vibe lol.

  29. Every night this week I’ve been like “put the phone down so you don’t look like shit tomorrow” and guess what? I’m still on my phone.

  30. Correction lol tons or MDs marry nurses, which is a nurse’s dream the second she starts her RN. Downvote me, I don’t care; it’s facts

  31. Logical bc they spend time together… I won’t say what I think on this sub though.

  32. Aesthetic Medical Sales/Business Development for a Fortune 500 company. It’s a grind in the beginning but quite lucrative and fun!

  33. This is the only answer. It is very rare that a wealthy or rich man marry outside his SES. Education and “prestige” is your key to enter those circles but you may look phony and fake to the family and to the friends. Your ticket to meeting a man of that caliber is an advanced degree, intellectual curiosity, and being well spoken. Engage in hobbies that are considered high SES but people can smell the social climbing from miles away. So I would advise not aiming from old money or legacy. A middle ground man is ok— doctor, lawyer, maybe a CEO or a small company. If you want to bag a Rockefeller, a Walton, or a Trump, it’s not realistic. And finally, what I’ve learned over the years is that one must keep ones nails short or just a couple of mm long. I’ve never been into the long nails but wealthy, sophisticated men find it “ratchet”, trashy and basically hate them.

  34. Came to the US and all those notions about "inflation is everywhere" is a plain fat lie

  35. I mean sure but the dollar menu is no longer a dollar, got a mcchicken for like 1.79 ( tax included but still) , but I agree with you that the UAE shad become unaffordable for many. Even locals are feeling the burn

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