1. Homoflexible is what it sounds like to me from is other comments. (Aka he’s gay but shit happens. Straight equivalent is heteroflexible is ofc)

  2. That account name and profile picture wtf stay safe sibling

  3. Bruh. Her school in the preview is named after fucking Pearson

  4. Isn't that the textbook thing the teachers used, or am I just stupid? I mean, it's school related, I guess?

  5. The gym shirt said Lester B. Pearson elementary but yeah that too.

  6. Actually, we did just get NuLite on the peace and security. Apparently the UN has to say it alongside the Pope/other religious leaders or something like that and people actually have to believe them on it. My PIMI family hasn’t mentioned it so far so… idk.

  7. Physically: muscles, nice hair, good face structure and just generally good personal care. Not to sound shallow but height helps loads too.

  8. This but put muscles at the end or the physical traits list for me lol

  9. It is confirmed by God only. 🙄 Supposedly, if you are anointed, you just KNOW. And no one else can attest to it, either way. Officially, anyway. 😏

  10. But then tell them you’re gay and suddenly it’s a *claim* and you’re just *confused*

  11. Yeah....try telling Kenneth Cook that his Bethel canteen anointing is "just a phase" ; )

  12. Why are these kinds of letter always so stream-of-consciousness? It really bugs me that after two years of writing, a lot of JWs are still unable to properly write a letter.

  13. Vous dites vrai, ce n’est pire que le français de mes camarades, qui parlent probablement le français depuis plus longtemps.

  14. I mean, there was a left-wing protest of some sort that was planned last summer that tried and failed to jump the legal hoops to block even just one street so….

  15. Tonight we will be discussing how the daughters of Lot showed courage and faith in Jah by carrying out their weighty assignment of banging the shit out of their own father. What an encouraging meeting we have to look forward to this evening brothers and sisters

  16. I must’ve missed the meeting where we covered that

  17. Lmao yep. I remember being like 12 and doing this reading. Damn the visuals I got while reading 🤣

  18. Even better: I had to give the Bible reading on Phinehas recently. We have a lot of young children in our hall and I’m just naturally very fruity expressive, whether or not I want to be and so I can imagine some were scarred.

  19. Honestly if I were to meet a nice exjw guy I’d snatch him up in a heartbeat. It would be so good to have a partner understand the trauma and mind-control and fear of it all, instead of telling you that you should just explode on your family and make a huge scene.

  20. From one PIMO gay kid to another, stay strong sister, you can get through this.

  21. The TNG references makes a lot of sense. Threats and gaslighting are Jehovah's way, just like the Cardasians!

  22. and we have 2+2=5 to illustrate their inability to use the correct date for the fall of Jerusalem, courtesy of 1984

  23. Oh the joys of being the gay kid in the PiMI family.

  24. I’m so so so sorry to hear all these terrible things you’re going through. I really hope life gets better for you soon.

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