1. Unpopular opinion, but if he's getting triple teamed, I don't want him forcing it. Bigger issue on offense today was not hitting open shots, and getting out worked on rebounds

  2. Our only issue on offense was turnovers. We shot 50.7% from the field which is incredible. But we havw had a major issue giving the other team like 10+ possessions to turnovers. Missing our FTs was another issue.

  3. Is this the first time he’s ever come off the bench his whole career?

  4. Are you joking? Of COURSE you take this team over pre-deadline team. I’m triggered by this post.

  5. When se need Clippees to play, then Leonard scores 5p on 2-8 shooting. WB is -20 and sucks

  6. I would have liked for Malik to see the court again before the half

  7. There’s no catch, Vegas / the books have the odds set based off the probability of the event occurring. The lower the probability the higher the payout and vice versa.

  8. The catch is that it’s not the next game like OP thinks. It’s the championship.

  9. I'm thinking the same. Let's be real, the seed doesn't mean shit (as long as we are in the top 10) if he's still struggling with the injury going into playoffs.

  10. 7th or 8th seed definitely means a whole lot more than 9th or 10th. 9th or 10th is way too risky imo with the play-in format.

  11. Didn't we lose one of the first two games in every single round even in 2020? I can't recall if it was 2 0 against the heat but you get the idea, can't assume you're going to win two in a row.

  12. Which is why I’m saying 9th or 10th seed is way too risky.

  13. This isn’t on blackmagicfuckery and it would be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen there. Can anyone explain how this works? I’m legit mind blown.

  14. LeBron James returns to the Lakers lineup at age 38, as he averages 30-10-8 on 50/40/90 shooting in the playoffs. First against the 2x MVP Jokic, then the super team of Kyrie and Luka, finally he beats KD’s 60 win caliber roster to advance to the finals where he faces his ultimate enemy, the Boston Celtics. The league then realizes that they will never be good enough to stop the one and only LBJ, no matter how many super teams they create. LeBron wins his 5th Finals MVP but out of respect, he donates it to a local charity, proving that he is the true GOAT of professional basketball.

  15. If this was 50/30/70 and didn't call Kyrie/Luka a super team I think you'd be on to something.

  16. This is not a knock against Denver's strength, I just think the Lakers roster matches up very well with Denver in particular. I'd trust Denver to put a lot of teams away 4-1, but I think the Lakers are the rock to Denver's scissors.

  17. It's really difficult to say when he hasn't played with our "1st guy" yet to truly be the "3rd" option. So far he's been asked to be the 2a/2b guy behind AD.

  18. Why not Clippers losing? If we want to catch the 6th seed , we need them to lose

  19. Before the stupid Rockets/Mavs losses I had this mentality. Our first priority needs to be making the play-in. We are there as of today so our priority should be keeping the lead on those behind us. Next our priority should be 8th seed or better so we don't have to win b2b games in the play-in. We need the thunder to lose in order to do this. From there we can worry about 6th or better.

  20. Before the Rockets loss? No. Today, yes. We need to take care of business and worry about play-in first, then at least 8th seed.

  21. How the hell is Reaves averaging 13 FTs per game over the last 4 games lolllllllllll

  22. It's been 4 out of the last 5 games. That's not reactionary.

  23. Blanks are available online for home, road and alt online too. Not sure what they have in the team shop, but I do know fanatics controls their online shop, so they have limited control like all MLB teams

  24. By blanks does it mean I can put a custom name on there? AKA pick any player I want. Or it's legit blank?

  25. I love Alex, and I don’t want to tear someone down for the sake of building someone else up, but at this point the comparisons may need to stop.

  26. What is this non stop crying every single day. Standings will literally shift daily. If the team takes care of their business they will make the play in at minimum.

  27. The complaint and reality though is that this team has shown it won't take care of business.

  28. If you want to equate expressing frustration to the community about the team's poor performance to "crying about it everyday" I guess you can do that, but it seems like a wild exaggeration to me and not what's really going on here.

  29. Daily reminder the organization needs to stock the team store so I can buy a damn jersey.

  30. People got spoiled. Whenever a good / great team against a lottery team they expect them to blow them out in todays NBA no lead is safe regardless of the opponent and btw Orlando is a not as bad as their record.

  31. This is not it. The problem is two years in the making. We found the recipe for success in 2020 and the FO just purposely blew it up. Then 2021 injuries happened which was bad luck, but instead of trying to run it back the whole organization overreacted and traded for brick and no solid role players which led to 1.5 seasons of some of the worst professional basketball I’ve ever seen.

  32. No matter how bad things get always remember we have a top 5 player on the team + Lebron and AD

  33. And if hadn’t blown the last two games we’d be the 6th seed.

  34. Yea but they lost a needed game so who cares? Nobody cares about that. They needed THAT freethrow. Davis misses a key freethrow and then overplays the paint for a wide open three.

  35. Getting upset for him missing the FT is valid, but why hone in on that when his foul on a 3 point shooter and lack of defense are way more egregious.

  36. BRO AND AD WAS JUST STANDING THERE. he's in the middle of the paint doing nothing and then closes out when he saw the pass. WHY ARE YOU NOT LOOKING FOR OPEN SHOOTERS ON THE PERIMETER AND GUARDING THEM FROM THE START???

  37. Honestly fuck it just foul. Kyrie is wayyyyyyy too fucking hot. I don't trust him shooting a 3 at all. Foul, pray they miss one. If they hit both we will have 5 seconds to try to hit a buzzer beater. I honestly believe it's a better scenario than letting Kyrie fuck us.

  38. Not watching. Not supporting a FO that doesnt doesnt care about winning at all. Yes that Rockets game broke me. Yes I’m hella salty.

  39. Just another day of wanting to spend my money on an authentic blue or red kwan/jose jersey and the team wont take my fucking money.

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