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  1. Meanwhile it was a republican president that did the last amnesty for undocumented immigrants. Bush also tried to get another one through but it was killed

  2. Wish granted. But should you change they won't appreciate nor love you anymore.

  3. You don’t usually put good weed in blunts.

  4. Idk i smell a little bs everytime someone say that they use anti aging cream because that shit is not working. The only way to not have any wrinkles is to do hardcore surgeries 🤷🏼‍♀️ or to live in a place with no sun and no gravity.

  5. Two of my favourite litrpgs, DoF and Azarinth Healer have this rhythm to them. It goes something like...

  6. Honestly, that’s a tough situation when you’re speeding up to merge and then your lane suddenly slows down. This happens all the time in heavy california traffic. I’ve had a few close calls.

  7. Wichita Kansas has a few short on/off merges like this where the onramp is short, traffic is flowing very fast, and the offramp often is backed up halfway to the onramp. This is a deadly design, not a fan.

  8. Strangely the video starts way too late to see this, so all we see paints the dashcammer in a very bad way as well. I bet he didn't even realize, what makes him a double idiot as well.

  9. Half the videos on this subreddit give 30 seconds of useless driving backstory, but when it is actually needed the footage is missing /sigh

  10. I think that all the talk of state x or state y seceding is pretty crazy. But sometimes...idk. I don't know what to do with this. Like, it probably only exists as a trial balloon to go to the SC. But...this isn't some back water dude ranting about how "the blacks keep marrying our women." This isn't even some little backwards ass city that passed a law. This is a fucking state wide house of government. I just...idk. I struggle to see how that can possibly be under the same roof as the culture I come from. It breaks my heart, and I don't know what to do with this.

  11. The problem is that there aren't really red states and blue states. In "blue states" the rural areas still tend to be red and In "red states" the cities still tend to be blue. The only difference between many of the states is the ratio of voters who live in the city vs in the country. So if you let them secede all you are doing is consigning all the city dwellers to be forever held backwards thanks to an unlucky quirk of geography (and often gerrymandering). If anyone should secede, it's the urban areas from the rural.

  12. this is why I dont use reddit.

  13. IIRC she was offline for all of 2020 working on The Scout Mindset so best case scenario she comes back with a vengeance after dropping a new book. Though I don't know why she would clear out the podcast website if that were the case.

  14. If you can't afford the tip, you can't afford the rent. It's that simple.

  15. Who wouldn’t take this job? It pays a fat check and they don’t even have to do any real police work. If I didn’t hate cops on principal I would take it in a heart beat. Easy money

  16. Idk this sub is full of boot licking apologists who disagree with me. Why don’t any of them quit their tech jobs and join up?

  17. This sub is not representative of SF as a whole. If it were SF would look more like Tokyo or Paris by now.

  18. He listed all kinds of stuff that make of a small portion of the debt. But alot od the money the government spends is subsidies and funding for corporations. Our pills from private companies almost always are researched and helped developed by the government and then the corporations just take the pubically funded information and sell it as proprietary.

  19. Housing prices are impacted by material and labor costs. Those were a big driver of the recent appreciation and will continue to rise in the future. We cannot export housing construction to low wage countries.

  20. The biggest driver of housing cost is the cost of land, not materials or labor. That's why it is still incredibly cheap to rent out in the boonies vs in a city.

  21. I think you are misunderstanding what I’m saying. Obviously land is the biggest cost, but even with a LVT housing prices will still naturally appreciate due to rising material and wage costs. This is not a bad thing. The notion that a LVT will do away with property appreciation is inaccurate.

  22. SF is a very nice place to be a wealthy tourist. Living there is another thing

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