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  1. It's probably a fall streak hole, a natural cloud phenomenon, or a lens flare caused by the light beam in the bottom right. If it was a moving object it would make lines as evidenced by the satellite in your pics. When you take a photo with those settings any moving object would show up like that. It seems to be more of a glitch than a uap. But it could be stationary of course. But if it was mid flight when you took the picture it would not look like that.

  2. Definitely plausible. See I watch too much skinwalker ranch, it's funner to think it's a portal or some type of UAP lol

  3. Thank you :) these were some other ones I took last night as well 🤗 .. didn't capture anything crazy in these ones though lol

  4. So does anyone believe it could have all started from the government trying to wipe out the gays? I know they had mentioned that as a theory in the beginning.. wondering if anyone thinks that's how it actually could of started

  5. Personally, I just reply with satanic imagery and they have since stopped texting or calling me.

  6. Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but next Saturday Oct 1 is Barktoberfest at the Summit in south reno. It's a fundraiser for nv spca. Beer and dogs. Should be a good time.

  7. Went to andelin farms last year for their Halloween event and had a good time. They have a few things going on, like the haunted corn field and shooting paintballs at zombies.

  8. I’m 10 minutes in and the raccoons looked so fake I wanted to find somebody else to validate me. So far I think it’s terrible, I don’t think I’ll make it through the first episode

  9. Stick through to atleast episode 3, I do admit episode 1 almost lost me too. But it gets better! You just have to watch it with your full attention as it can get confusing if you don't pay attention. But I loved it! It's only 7 episodes, give it a try :)

  10. Not a bad guy at all in my opinion, but I love this quote.. "Life's not short, you just gotta do more" - Logan Paul

  11. There is no white ink. You just need to use a color printer that can print any color. Edit: apparently, Epson does sell white ink for select printers. It would still be easier to find a color printer.

  12. That's why I came to trusty Reddit to help me figure out the problem lol .. thanks anyways! :)

  13. I'd start at a printshop like Pitch Black Printing or similar and ask about using custom card stock. Another option might be to design it to be printed on white paper with a cardstock to simulate black paper.

  14. Thanks, yeah I couldn’t find anything either. The closest one I could find was “vintage cowhide priest chair” but it’s not really close. I agree it might be custom. The button is unusual—was thinking it could be a makers signature of some sort.

  15. I have them on ebay for now as a set.. here's the link if you want to check it out :)

  16. $20? That had to be a final day markdown, who cares though 🤷🏾‍♂️ that's a fantastic score

  17. Correct! Originally marked $45, got it for $20. Funny thing is, when I was leaving one of the guys working told me to come back in an hour and everything is free, they need to get rid of it all 🤣

  18. The mirror accents might be constructed of plaster, similar to a picture frame. The buildup could be a wash of white gouache or other ink/ paint as a spanishing accent to the plaster form. There may be a sealer over it.

  19. Let's say there's not a sealer of the corner parts, do you know if there's a way to remove the white gouache if that's what it is?

  20. Can you describe the material and if this is an antique or something more modern?

  21. It's on old mirror, I would call it vintage. Maybe from the 40s-60s .. I'm not sure the material, it's not lightweight but not super heavy. Maybe it's a type of resin or painted burwood

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