1. kc5 says:

    Do you think Spell will go up in the future or do you want $1 value rewards?

  2. I just started TRT and have been advised to stay away from my legs due to vein exposure. From my research and the guidance that has been provided the best injection spot is ventro gluteal. Good luck on your journey TRT has changed my life….

  3. Why don’t you guys strike? Why have a union, why pay into, if they can’t protect you with a situation a serious as this?

  4. Just curious, did your doctor ever suggested trying out levo without TRT to see if that will fix your testosterone?? That sort of the protocol for those in your shoes.

  5. @North-Put3020 What are the negatives of finasteride/propecia in correlation with TRT? Thanks

  6. If you are and or clinically diagnosed as having low t then you should be able to run through your insurance (if in u.s. and if you have). Many clinics don’t deal (in u.s.) with insurance providers because of the hassle. But now that your established you should be able to get in to see a urologist and or research, clinic that does. My TRT clinic does and I pay around $9 per month for my TC and that’s with needles.

  7. Gable ends? Put some vents there. If you can get the soffit opened and gable vents there should be plenty of airflow.

  8. Kind of funny, I have one but it’s decorative 🤦‍♂️ Was considering as an option to have installed. The home has vinyl siding so assuming this was the reason the builder bypassed.

  9. I would think about spray foam and insulation against your roof deck. Then you can seal up your attic.

  10. Completely agree! Love that when it’s done on homes. Very pricy but definitely worth it from what your have researched.

  11. Don’t be surprised when your girl friend grows a beard. Oh, your married, never mind.

  12. I had the same concern when I bought my house and removed all the excess overgrown landscaping. I hired a contractor who sold me on masonry board. Very very happy with the results.

  13. I only recently cashed out my GUSD before Gemini/Genesis goes the way of 3AC, Celsius, and Voyager.

  14. If you are really worried go to the us treasury website. You can purchase ibonds at a max contribution of 10k annually and at an apy of 9.6%. The “only” negative is your capital is trapped (if you want the interest rate payout) for 12 months.

  15. I take this as a sign of strength and gives me confidence as an investor. Many in this thread site workflow reduction as a negative while in reality this is just a right size for a new growth organization. If cash flow and or liquidity were in question you would see further reduction in the earn payout yields. Of course just my personal view and I will allocating more capital here.

  16. It depends on your goals. If you want testosterone replacement therapy, then you take exogenous testosterone. Anything else isn't replacement therapy. The old thinking was estrogen needed to to kept low, but as TRT providers have gained experience, it's clear that when testosterone levels go up, E2 must follow. This sub is filled with men who block their estrogen but complain about symptoms like ED and low libido. I'm with a TRT clinic with thousands of patients and exactly 0% of them take an estrogen blocker.

  17. I avoid estrogen blockers at all costs unless my ratio is over 8%. Take all the other basic supplementation one should if they care about health. I am currently adding in 400mg of primo to try to maintain lean mass while I cut down a to a BF% level I have never been close to.

  18. Thanks, is this a standard measurement (estrogen) on your blood tests or do you have to request specifically? Thanks again for the reply.

  19. @technicianOk1533 Iyo, Is is better to restake earned BSGG on Betswap.gg or to swap earned BSGG for more WMEMO on Wonderland? Just curious as the APY’s fluctuate.

  20. Thank you all for your responses. I was just curious to the impact on statins to testosterone levels while on TRT. In addition too any negative side effects experienced. I am 47, have high cholesterol, considering TRT and concerned about the long term cardiovascular impact.

  21. Thank you, any plans to start? Nice service provided Amazon… Thanks again.

  22. Just curious, would you (this thread) consider LUNA a buy opportunity?

  23. Thank you all for the input as I am a new user to both Wonderland and Defi. Appreciate all the help, patience and direction.

  24. You cannot swap memo directly for stable as memo is a receipt for staking $time. There are 2 options:

  25. Just curious what’s the advantage of swapping for mim? Was thinking about unstaking to time, swapping time for wmemo and farming for bsgg.

  26. Farming APR decreases when more wMEMO gets staked (meaning that the farming rewards need to be divided into smaller parts per wMEMO by the % of additional wMEMO staked in relation to the previous amount of wMEMO staked), however APR will increase when more coins will be added to the farm.

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