1. Holy shit I was day dreaming about this like a couple hours ago

  2. Being able to use heal and reveal potions everyday with necronomicpn but not with the attack potion just doesn’t make sense. The main aspect of the role that should be improved with the necronomicron is the ability to use each potion without having to wait 3 days. Also if it’s a 3v1 with you being the pmer you have to wait 3 days after using your attack potion to attack someone else

  3. There’s a sense of anonymity and security that makes communicating online a lot more easier. Nobody knows what you look like or how you walk or what you’re wearing or whatever. It’s just you typing and occasionally your voice or face cam

  4. I sometimes see an energetic field whenever I’m derealizing. The weird thing is that when I enter this state of consiousness I believe that the energetic field around people is more visible if they are disassociating. If someone is completely in touch with reality then I’ll have a hard time seeing the energetic field but if someone is in an intense day dream state where they’re essentially ignoring everything else in reality, then I’ll be able to see the energetic field easily

  5. Literally just say “I am gamethrowing this round. Good luck town” and every evils visits you swear to god

  6. So I was playing CAA and rolled exe, mafioso leaves d1 and vet (my target) creates a very obvious vet bait, solo hypno who wanted to die suicided into vet and had a will saying “I’m going to lose I might as well confirm [whatever the number of my target was ]” CL finds me n1 as well, asks me for my target and I replied with confirmed vet, so I ask the CL to control people into vet in hopes of finding a killing role, ww comes out with an obviously fake sheriff will, I whisper them asking for help with getting vet killed/lynched, then ww proceeds to out me when they get lynched. CL continued to witch people into vet until eventually it was me, CL, PMer, and vet. Vet got lynched and both me and coven won

  7. Honestly I think VH should be a neutral role who has win conditions based around getting rid of the vampires.

  8. That’d be the easiest win ever lol, nobody likes vamps, not mafia, coven, town, jesters, even survs don’t like vamps and will easily side you

  9. VH is not only OP but is just boring. Checking people randomly and hoping you kill a vamp so you can get confirmed isn’t fun. VH should not only act as town killing but also as town protect to an extent. First, Nothing should happen if a vamp visits a VH, VH acting as a vamp veteran is the most OP shit ever, the worst that I think should happen if a vamp visits a vh is having to wait another 2 nights. I also think that a VHs target should gain basic defense from vamps for the night. If a vamp tries to bite an invest that the VH is checking, the vamp should get a “your target had defense” message and the VH will get a message saying that a vampire tried visiting your target.

  10. Schizotypal Personality Disorder is not only a personality disorder but also a neurodevelopmental disorder, if you’ve had odd thinking/beliefs, paranoia, etc. since you were a child, it’s most likely StPD

  11. I have no desire or interest to pursue new relationships except for my family. I don’t day dream or fantasize about having friends or having any sort of relationship. This has just been how I’ve been since the 6th grade. I do however pursue online friendships to an extent, even becoming obsessive with the community that I’m in at one point. However I’ve recently completely neglected the online community that was basically my only friends of 2 years. I don’t feel bad about separating myself from that group. I didn’t feel anything. If someone wants to come up to me and have a conversation and maybe even pursue a relationship with me, I will be completely fine with continuing that relationship, but I may just neglect and ghost that person after a certain amount of social interactions

  12. I think my mannerisms while standing in a group of people are probably plenty bizarre for most people. I have a really hard time with eye contact and my gaze is everywhere (I think I probably look like I am looking for something), and I am generally finding some way to fidget around or pace around. I probably look like I'm not particularly comfortable in my skin. And I'm really pretty random, like, I probably randomly seem like some kind of new character on some days because it's like there is something wrong with the way I am masking or not.

  13. Yea I can relate to this. Apart from being obviously disconnected from all social situations I find myself in, I often find myself talking to myself and acting out my day dreams, which can be very bizarre when people see me shrugging and laughing at seemingly nothing. I sometimes form emotional connections with inanimate objects that I randomly find. It’s not uncommon to see me carrying a leaf that was on the ground for hours on end. I do many things for no reason at all that people often find bizarre or sometimes annoying, pacing around a coffee table whilst carrying an unused sponge is just one example of that, or saying/doing weird things to test if my thoughts are rational or not like asking a worker at an ice cream shop if they have the “blue special” to see if they are a secret drug corporation (yes this actually happened)

  14. I usually dress in casual clothes, hoodie and sweatpants, even in more formal settings, not job interviews, though. Most of the clothes that I wear are wrinkly or stained. It isn’t that I’m too lazy to change into new clothes it’s just that I can only feel comfortable in public wearing those specific clothes

  15. Also it’s partly due to the reason that I don’t really understand matching clothes that I only wear black.

  16. This isn’t what I want to look like however, I want to wear clothes that make me feel more free and happy. But I know the styles that I want to wear will make people look/stare at me, and I cannot stand strangers looking at me

  17. Saying “I will be game throwing this round, good luck town.”

  18. not every peculiar person is similar to daniel larson. the dude looks like a minor just leave him alone

  19. Apparently, he's moving into an "independent home" that's what he replied to me saying, which probably means he's still gonna be homeless cause this guy doesn't have a job.

  20. He dine and dashed a couple of restaurants bruh chill

  21. For me, I think my odd speech comes from my thoughts being too abstract (is that the right word?) and semantically detached. There doesn’t exist a word that describes some of my thoughts that I have to put into words which makes my sentence weird looking

  22. The ICD-10 criteria for STPD includes “Obsessive ruminations without inner resistance;” these ruminations can be of homicidal nature.

  23. You can have other disorderly personality traits that differ from the diagnostic criteria without contradicting the diagnosis

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