1. What does it feel like? Which benzo receptors does it work on? Anxiolytic, muscle relaxing, hypnotic?

  2. Should be fine if you seal it iirc

  3. Suppressing your true self is highly unhealthy for your psyche. I hope have friends where you can be your authentic self and talk about this.

  4. Oh well if you only felt like this while being high on weed… I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  5. it's not, being high just made me unable to keep it to myself

  6. If you are aware that you are an asshole and are willing to change that it’s okay. We are the way we are, some have a psychopathic brain. The difference is the willingness to change. :)

  7. First of, thank u for reading my post and makin the effort to comment. I appreciate it. U might be right about it. I‘ll try and post it over there as well. Thanks a a lot for your kind advice! Bless u.

  8. I have had success increasing the serotogenic effects of amphetamine with stuff like rhodiola, St. John’s worth and 5-htp.

  9. Note that that’s kind dangerous as mixing serotonergic substances and especially MAOIs with Amphetamines can cause serotonin Syndrome

  10. Yeah I am very well educated about the risk. Once I took a very serotgenic drug (3-mmc if you know that) one day after taking 5mg of fluoxetine. And I didn’t get a serotonin syndrome. My temperature was one degree higher but that’s not dangerous yet. The actual problem was the noradrenaline overdose I had on the comedown, not deathly (I guess) but very uncomfortable. SSRIs are noradrenaline r-uptake inhibitors as well which most people don’t know.

  11. Haut abziehen und im Ofen trocknen. Wirkt auf GABA-B und fühlt sich ähnlich wie Alkohol an. Geht aber auch genau so auf die Leber. Aber ja, geschmacklich absolut nicht genießbar. 😂😂😅

  12. Kenner lassen den Schamanen den Pilz essen und trinken dann seinen Urin.

  13. Hello ! I've just realized I'm being punished for a passed life, and it's kinda depressing-knowing my ultimate purpose is to simply suffer & provide reparations in as many ways as possible. Which of course I will do...as I truly have no choice right ? Other than that, my life is pretty ok now. I just have a weird feelings of being locked in my own soul now.

  14. Having to go through a lot of hardship gives you many unique opportunities to learn and grow. If you’re able to overcome the suffering you’ve probably passed the test or whatever you’d like to call this.

  15. Which oil did you use? And are you supposed to drink only the oil and leave the rest?

  16. I don’t have aspirin and the pharmacy is closed today… Would ibuprofen help as well?

  17. My psychiatrist mentioned that nicotine helps with concentration and I’m diagnosed with ADD. So yeah I would try nicotine gums. Trial and error as always. ;)

  18. Slow by Brooke McAlary is also a really good one that helped me integrate mindfulness in all areas of my life when I read it. It’s written by a mother so it might be just right for her. :)

  19. I think there’s nothing wrong with abortion. And in a spiritual sense I think there is no wrong or right. Death is part of life.

  20. I find high dose shrooms with some meditation can bring you to a similar place dmt does.

  21. Yeah my bf did a lot of aco-dmt which is basically synthetic shrooms. I think I’m gonna grow some shroom now! ☺️

  22. I heard damiana is relaxing. And yeah you can smoke lavender but ideally mixed with something else because it has a strong taste.

  23. No black and white thinking. You can eat a lot of sugar today and still eat healthy tomorrow.

  24. Tbh I rarely was able to pull myself out of a bad place. It just somehow happed. With time. Or just something inside or outside of you changes.

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