1. Is casper just writing response or you have to video record yourself for your answers?

  2. CASPer is writing response but you are video recorded while you are typing your answers (I assume to prevent cheating)

  3. Queen's health science (based on grades + supp essay) and McMaster life science (based on grades) are good programs for med school. Western medical science is also a good choice but I've heard it's crazy competitive once you are inside the program (due to limited spaces in their specialization programs). Other than those, go to a university that suits your needs (eg. social life, campus location).

  4. Take it, 3 sciences is completely manageable and I would say economics and French are both bird

  5. 3 sciences is not that manageable on top of other mandatory courses like math and English. It's best if op focuses on either bio (life/health sci) or physic (eng) and chem and only take all 3 if op does not know which path to take yet. Also french is definitely not bird there's load of French hw to do, needs a lot of time to learn the different conjugation of verbs and has listening and speaking which isn't people's cup of tea. It's only bird if you are super good in french.

  6. Hey it only gets harder if you are on university track. 5-6 courses in a semester there. Get used to work loads while young.

  7. It's good to have a few bird courses to alleviate your workload. It's smart thinking and that's what I would've done in high school and did courses I genuinely liked if I haven't taken IB. I have done the exact same thing for my university courses.

  8. You should take a bird course in your grade 11 year to boost your average and the course you listed(not grade 12 adv functions lol) are good courses. Realistically you should narrow down what field you want to do by grade 12 because eng/cs/med are still three very big fields. Also I'm not sure if you are taking french because you like french/very good, but if your intention of taking french is to be a mark booster, I recommend taking another course because from my experience, french can be a burden (I took IB though so it might be different). Overall the courses you are taking seem very good and open a lot of fields but you should pick one field by the end of grade 11/early grade 12.

  9. Thanks for the reply. I was only thinking about taking gr 12 advanced functions in gr 11 because of my science teacher, who said that it would make you feel less stressed in gr 12. but i don't think gr 12 adv functions is a good option in gr 11, especially if the workload of the other courses I have chosen is more than I thought it would be. i don't want more stress from this gr 12 course to add onto that LOL, so i think i will remove that from my options!!

  10. cs/eng/med (specifically queens and mcmaster health science) is super competitive. i know they don't take grade 11 marks but some of your safeties (schools that you are applying to in the case that you don't get into your dream program) will use grade 11 marks for early admissions. during feb/march there are also rounds for cs/eng (toronto and loo specifically) and they can use your grade 11 mark(s) depending on how many grade 12 marks you have. so in general you want to have a high average to keep your options open especially since cs/eng/med is getting more competitive by the year.

  11. M22 student here. Didn't apply to CS/CFM but knew a lot of classmates that did. 2/3 of my IB cohort ended up going to Waterloo for CS/eng and I think IB helped them get in. The mark curve is also really generous and you should check out your adjustment factor to see if your school has a low one because I also think the low adjustment factor at my school played a factor. I think you should stick it out but senior of IB is really treacherous because you will be studying for exams, doing your IAs, TOK, EE and CAS (assuming you haven't done so already) and that could potentially lower your average.

  12. Tell your sister to use the device used to access your results to access her results. I used my twin brother's tablet since I couldn't get my results on my own tablet and he could get in on his tablet.

  13. M22 Ontario student here and did the exact same thing you were planning with the same intended route. Honestly I thought physics was a huge waste of my time since it ended up not being in my top 6 anyway and not a prereq for the programs I applied to (only recommended). Use your summer to relax, do some CAS and do some research on your EE. If I remember correct you will be taking physics in uni but you can probably do a basic review after IB exams if you wish but uni will probably teach you from the beginning. Good luck, grade 12 IB is rough but you got this. DM me for any more questions :)

  14. You can't see your results until July 6. Here's the

  15. Here's a link showing the fees of the residences.

  16. M22 Ontario student here. Like the other comment said, you can switch to SAT if you are planning on studying in the US. For Canadian universities, they don't really care about IB except for transfer credits. There's a curve for OSSD marks but that's basically the "only" benefit for taking IB here. If you are planning to go to law school, any undergraduate program can get there as long as you pass LSAT and have a high GPA and from what I've seen, most law school applicants go to humanities or social science to obtain a high GPA and you only need OSSD grades to get in. You won't jeopardize your university options by dropping IB and you actually may benefit from it as it will help with your mental health and grades. DM me if you need more help I'll be happy to assist :)

  17. Really useful for any potential applicants! A suggestion for the document is to add the main link of undergraduate programs for universities (eg.

  18. The OSAP estimator overestimated how much loan and grant OSAP will give. I've done the same thing as you where I inputted the same info and got higher numbers on the estimator than what I've actually gotten. Definitely email the financial aid at the school and make sure all the info you typed in OSAP is correct (eg. you might have put another digit).

  19. Like the other comment said, I recommend not retaking it in summer school as it isn't recommended for UofT. High 80s to low 90s should be sufficient enough for the programs you listed but aim for mid 90s because UofT life science admission were pretty inconsistent this year. There are also no supp apps for the programs you listed so just focus on your marks. Good luck :)

  20. Really useful for any incoming grade 12! There are also debates about AP vs IB vs mainstream and if you should drop x program for y program to do better in university applications. I'm a graduating grade 12 IB student and know friends who are in the AP program so if any aspiring AP or IB students have any questions feel free to dm :)

  21. Know some friends who are currently doing AP courses (well used to, they finished exams) and know some schools that have AP courses available.

  22. It took almost a whole month to finally get a response regarding their troll waitlist. Signed up for the Queen's Health Sci waitlist on May 19, then 4 weeks later on June 15, the delicious rejection email arrived at last.

  23. I'm not sure if you really mean "troll waitlist" because one of my brother's friend got off the qhs waitlist and accepted it and I guess enough people on the waitlist accepted their offer.

  24. so it would still show on ouac even if i’ve already accepted a different offer?

  25. Wouldn’t it be too late to accept anyway? Universities were required to send responses May 27. Either way, I’d assume it’ll show up there and you’ll probably get an email from the university.

  26. Some people were waitlisted for certain programs and unis could've sent them offers when others rejected them. Also you are correct that it will show up on OUAC within the next few days or so and check the uni's portal and your email.

  27. I originally wanted to do an EE on Greek mythology as well and after discussing with my EE adviser, she strongly encouraged me to do something related to Ancient Greece rather than Greek mythology as there is not a lot of academic papers that discuss Greek mythology and does not anchor on facts but rather fiction. I ended up writing my EE on the Peloponnesian War and got a lot of books from academics relating to that topic. If you want any more guidance, feel free to dm :)

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