1. Don't quote me but I'm pretty sure in the newest cutscene sage reloads after shooting exactly 30 bullets like the phantom mag in game, idk how you'll turn that into a question tho

  2. riot also did this with shattered (ep 5 cinematic) where neon shot 13 bullets with her frenzy and then she surrendered. super cool details and consistent with the game :)

  3. high 80s, but admissions were super scuffed last year where some people with mid high 90s were rejected, including myself.

  4. i have no idea, im not an admissions officer but hopefully it wont

  5. They wont know like other people have said, but 2/3 of my ib cohort ended up going into waterloo's top program (think cs, se). I agree with the full slander of ib but the mark curve is crazy good to bring student's marks to high 90s

  6. I have a predicted 97% in Gr. 11 IB rn, but I've seen statistics from Waterloo that say that kids with a 97% average only have a 25% chance of admission into SE. Even a 99% average only has a 65% chance of admission. Everything's too competitive. If I stay in IB, I really don't think I can get any higher than my average rn. Would you recommend I stay in IB or drop it?

  7. It's mostly about ur ecs and interview to get into se. IB also prepares for uni exams and ur work ethic. It's really up to u but if ur still in grade 11 first sem (thought u were in grade 12 first sem) then ig u can drop and focus on ecs more since u have more free time that's not taken up by ee, ias, cas, etc.

  8. I got accepted early Dec, applied thru OUAC mid Nov. Didnt do aif

  9. if you don't mind me asking, what are your marks looking like?

  10. if u wanna go into pharmacy, have u considered applying for

  11. correct me if im wrong, but its only a recommendation. definitely dont submit it unless u are 100% happy with it. also just curious but science/cap and eng are like two ends of the spectrum for majors, why apply to both? is one just a backup for another or u are interested in both majors?

  12. i dont think so, i think midterms for second sem are due around mid april so they would look at prereqs for that program + ur grade 12 sem 1 finals to fill the rest of ur top 6

  13. Oooh maybe it’s different for 101 but I’m in bc and we get report cards (2/3) before our March break

  14. yea when i was mentioning offer dates, i meant those for 101s. 105 offers tend to be a bit earlier (for visas and stuff)

  15. Mls is about 93, Queens should be high 80s low 90s.

  16. It's a mix of both, but comparing health science and biomedical sciences, health science is more social based while biomedical sciences is more science based.

  17. me and my brother both applied to this program so i'd figure i offer some tips my brother got accepted i didnt but we had differences in our apps thats why

  18. congrats! just wondering if this is your safety and if yes, what is your main program?

  19. hey i also got in! this was one of my safeties but i'm applying for cap status on top of life sci which would make this one of my reach programs. main program is mac health sci LOL

  20. heard that both programs are tough to get into, good luck on ur supp apps <3

  21. This is amazing, wonder if you considered selling this gun buddies and future gun buddies you are planning to make. Would totally consider buying for a friend's bday present. Also just wondering but what was the gun buddy made out of?

  22. I currently go to honours science at Waterloo and know about the science programs here, so I'll provide my input:

  23. Hey, out of the ones OP listed, which two are good safety schools you would say?

  24. probably laurier health sci (they already released some offers to some applicants), guelph biomed (last year some offers were released around early dec) and waterloo sciences (I got my honours sci offer early dec).

  25. I swear this question has been posted multiple times. There is a search bar on top of the sub. To answer your question, I'm just gonna post what I wrote from another post asking pretty much this exact question

  26. if you are planinng to apply to cap, yes you would need pharmacy experience to be competitive enough.

  27. Waterloo does have a climbing wall but I personally haven't gone to look at it myself. Looked pretty nice with one tall wall for more seasoned rock climbers and one for beginners. They also have a rock climbing club if you are interested.

  28. got in last year around early Dec with ~ 95, dont stress about it im sure you will get in :)

  29. I’m worried because mid to high 80s is what the websites say but due to the grade inflation I feel like everyone around me is at at least a 90 while I’m only at an 85.

  30. U still have lots of time to bring up ur mark. Also even if u dont get into the top "pre mer" programs (mhs, qhs) u can still go into programs that are just general sciences, which should have lower averages like i stated in my original comment.

  31. Yep! This is true. Some IB kids were rejected from UofT life science with high 90s last year (Well technically they were deferred from UTSG to UTSC). There were many theories floating around as to why UofT life science admission were like that last year. One of which was that applicants were all sorted randomly into groups and every third Thursday of each month (Because that is when UofT life sci offers come out each month) and they would pick the kids with the top grades in each group and give out offers to them. However, that is just a theory so take it with a grain of salt.

  32. can personally vouch for this. i got deferred to utsc life sci with a ~95 (ib ontario). half of my ib cohort got into utsg life sci and the other half didnt and we all had mid 90s to high 90s.

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