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  1. The Wargaming/World of Tanks model

  2. Can always secure the camera and then snag the Poe adapter later.

  3. That's really been my question: how the hell are you supposed to use the PoE adapter in a code compliant way?

  4. I just reserved my Steam Deck a couple of weeks ago. Perfect timing. So long and thanks for all the fish!

  5. Display is composite. Yes. by that I mean the output from Display to the LCD screen is using composite. It makes no sense. This is, as the kids say today I think, a big oof. Not only that, but both devices suffer from a poor encoder and video noise. It's also the wrong aspect ratio, as it's stretched horizontally quite a bit. It's strange seeing people praise the screen clarity.

  6. I'd like to see some hyper-endgame content where you activate the gates and have to deal with some big-bads that have wiped out the rest of the universe as gates are reactivated

  7. I own one, and while it does what I need (provides me a wireless option for a third doorbell), this thing is about as barebones as it gets in terms of features.

  8. But why do I need 1Gbps on my iPhone?

  9. Pretty sure for most customers it's about better performance in high density environments and not a ton of throughput to a single device

  10. Took everything in my power to not buy one... I don't NEED it, my UDM SE works fine for the few cameras I have.

  11. If buying new, get the UDM SE instead since the WAN1 port is 2.5Gbps instead of gigabit. That way if FIOS starts offering multigig fiber in your area, you can take advantage of it quite easily.

  12. Am I wrong that you can just buy an SFP+ transceiver that supports 2.5gbps and use the UDM Pro's SFP+ WAN port?

  13. You guys keep posting these threads as if archnemesis is a league mechanic you want them to retire like scourge and prophecy got retired, but archnemesis league is not league content anymore. It's the core rare mod pool. They want rares and their mods to matter and to require a reaction from you as the player, so that their game has some gameplay in it beyond "click once to delete whole screen then walk to next screen and click once more, repeat."

  14. Any particular reason to not use the Linux version?

  15. While I agree on the whole I would disagree that just about anything in ME2 was considered "good writing"

  16. I must have missed something, is Last to die a different version of Alva? I have not been so Lore interested until very recently.

  17. She's "the Alva he told you not to worry about"

  18. I hope we get some Tane memories at some point. Getting captured and enslaved by Oriathans, then forced to conduct dangerous experiments (Metamorphs) by his master, then

  19. A lot of the voice actors seem to either be in house or work closely with GGG so it's not out of the question. They've updated dialogue on a lot of NPCs.

  20. Passable? By a random rare drop you mean? Since their dps is SO UTTERLY TRASH.

  21. Hegemony's Era probably is not a good example for the OP

  22. Exalted orbs being more available to use on t1 phys craft is kind of a melee buff

  23. I'm pretty sure the T1 phys craft will get changed to Divine Orbs? Didn't they say basically all of the Exalt crafts are now Divines instead?

  24. The main use of the Nebula and Starliner, aside from their use as civilian fluff ships to encounter in the game, is that you can use them to transport a fairly sizeable number of crew or marines that you're not intending to deploy for battle. This is useful if you're, say, selling marines to the Luddites.

  25. I think it's also fine to just have some "bad" ships in the game.

  26. You can use white rhoa feathers for fishing

  27. It's no secret that CWDT builds are gunna recive a balance pass next league, but I really hope it brings to attention how non-viable/jank ward is as a defensive mechanic without the flask.

  28. Ward is one of the most stupid defensive layers in the game.

  29. I think you're confusing evasion and spell suppression

  30. I mean don’t get me wrong UniFi has some cool stuff, but you think I’m going to trust them to have anything to do with an elevator that I’m getting into … they are crazy.

  31. Next we're going to have UniFi car jacks and jack stands... Would trust my life to them.

  32. T1 would make for an excellent captain of a modded bounty fleet

  33. per 30k armor? That's a bit steep, and where are ANY lightning DoTs?

  34. The blue altar tentacle blobs that explode and give you an action speed boost also have a lightning damage over time degen.

  35. People can gem swap splash and multistrike, or slower proj and GMP with no problem.

  36. Minion players want to sit and let the game play itself for them, what did you expect

  37. Chris mentioned they have some "really exciting plans for Ultimatium for next league that he couldn't talk more about" on the ZiggyD interview for Sentinel.

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