1. I retracted the antenna on my car, i listen to my playlists and podcasts only. Maltese radio and tv are garbage imo

  2. It isn't supported in my country :(

  3. hey, download fine lock from the play store and sideload the modules and good lock (although you won't need to use it as you can just use the modules directly from fine lock, good lock is a dependancy)

  4. If you took the receipt sure go when the attendants are in and they'll give you the change.

  5. makes sense it would draw that much power considering tiktok constantly runs un the background (got notification from battery guardian about cpu usage) even if you put the app into deep sleep

  6. Sorry for the late comment. I own a 2 week old S21 FE, i googled regarding the stutter in the recents menu and i stumbled on this post.

  7. Get a smooth case (like spigen thin fit) and apply a magsafe ring at back of it.

  8. I tried that, and it doesn't work. The phone will fall off the magsafe charger / adapter.

  9. Why do you change your phone so often? Most people will go into significant troubles to KEEP the phone number.

  10. It's not the phone number mate, it's the app that's the issue, if you reinstall the app you have to re-register the app otherwise it won't work and say 'communication problems'

  11. I have no idea never had business with them but tbh i don't expect much better

  12. My battery life on OOS11 is very bad so I'll eventually have to update.

  13. The battery life on Android 12 improved in my experience but not by much, used to get approx 3hrs of screen on tike on A11 now i get 3hrs 30mins on A12

  14. What is that Skull with blue flame ?

  15. It's a wallpaper from wallpaper engine, transferred it from my pc to my phone with their app

  16. It’ll do. I’ve got a Legion 5 with Ryzen 4600H and 1650Ti as well but only 8GB RAM and I get by pretty well with modern AAA titles at high. Just keep your expectations checked out…medium to high settings will do you as long as you’re fine with 60-80fps

  17. Thanks so much mate this is the real world comment i needed i posted this on at least 10 other subreddits and got no answer thanks so much

  18. Should be fine for those games since they are easier to run

  19. Sorry for asking a non related question and if it is too personal don’t feel like you need to answer it but why would you move from the USA to here, it’s my dream to live in the US

  20. Don't know why this is getting downvoted it's a perfectly reasonable question

  21. My 2 cents, I'd go with 1080p 27". More budget for other features, not too hard on your laptop. Plus down the line if you upgrade it could be a second monitor (above primary or to the side in vertical)

  22. The short answer is yes, you'll be able to play them. Might just need to adjust in-game settings to get them running at the FPS you want.

  23. you'll be extremely gpu limited at that res, i'm still running into gpu bottlenecks with a 3090 sometimes, was pretty annoying with my old 1080ti as not even min settings ran that well in some games

  24. i have only had it 2 days but i have the monoprice 49 inch on my laptop (it also works on my work provided laptop wit hthe "iris" graphics)

  25. Thanks for the quick reply, I'm assuming you don't game on iris graphics tho tight?

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